Muslim Gold Rush

20170605_184046Housing Syrian refugees might be your additional revenue stream, if the proposed 2018 budget passes. With a little unused living space and minimal qualms about being beheaded in your sleep, you could soon be up to your armpits in military-age, Muslim males and a monthly check from Uncle Sugar.

As much as I like Donald Trump, his record on taking in Syrian refugees is only slightly better than Barack Obama’s. Trump has resettled a little over 15,000 refugees since taking office, and Obama resettled 23,000 the previous year.

There are fewer Syrian refugees being admitted because most of them have already left Syria.

With so many Syrian refugees gaining admittance to the United States, the question becomes where to put them all. Europeans might not have learned to avoid putting people into camps, but after the generations of bad press from our little experiment with putting Japanese into internment camps, Americans cringe at masses of people milling about behind barbed wire fences.

A year and a half ago, Michael Moore, of Bowling for Columbine and Roger and Me fame, published an open letter offering any Syrian refugees to live rent free in his Traverse City, Michigan apartment for up to a year.

It’s a 700-square-foot apartment, so I’m going to call Michael Moore a skin-flint for offering such paltry accommodations. He has enough money to be far more generous.

Cheapskate Socialist Michael Moore has even established a website with a registry to allow his guilt-ridden minions to pony up their abodes for Syrian squatters to get on their feet, while acclimating to their new surrounds, such as flushing toilets, functioning governments, and the lack of sectarian violence.

Make no mistake. There is big money to be had. All told, there is about half a billion dollars proposed to flow toward resettling Syrian refugees into communities all across the United States. That might not be big money in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a halal gravy train to the residents of rural America.

IMG_20170507_154002178Like a lot of government services, the job of relocating Syrian refugees into America is administered by government contract; meaning the work is parceled out to organizations who have won a competitive bidding process to do the work. They take a cut of money off the top for the privilege and perform the task. Of course, the more refugees there are to resettle, the more money they make.

If you don’t believe these companies exist, take a look at this list of them:

There are a few more bit-players, but this is the oligarchy of federal contractors in the realm of the US Refugee Admissions Program.

Why not sharecrop some Syrian refugees?

I’m always interested in a new revenue stream for the farm and I have a few acres tucked away in the back of my property that are timber. My plans to log the timber were accelerated by the fire last November, so we wound up clearing the standing deadwood and the trees that were worth harvesting. The younger trees now have plenty of room to grow, but that will still be a decade or so wait, since white oak has a slow growth curve.

There are wide tracks between the remaining trees that can easily accommodate FEMA-type trailers and access trails. For a couple thousand dollars of bulldozer work to clear the stumps out, that back ten acres can be a veritable Shady Oaks Syrian Refugee Mobile Estates.

The rural area I live in might not have all the urban amenities of Michael Moore’s Michigan apartment, but having to been to areas of the world comparable to Syria, I can say with confidence that phone and internet service out here are on par with places like Afghanistan. The big benefit would be lower population density, bucolic living, and very few people interesting in killing you. What better place for a Syrian refugee family to de-stress and gather their thoughts before embarking on a new life in America?

The difficulty I encountered as I made my telephonic rounds to these benevolent organizations was the nature of my livestock. They were thrilled at the variety and unusual choices. They even thought it wonderful that, as one of many working farms in the area, there are seasonal work opportunities for the newly arriving refugees that easily compliment the assimilation timetable.

I took that to mean unskilled labor that is not impacted by high turnover.

20170409_090325Where things came to a screeching halt with each phone call was a laundry list of questions regarding the property. It seems having swine on the property is a no-go for bellying up to the trough of federal government largess. It didn’t matter the three hogs (magnificent examples of the breed, if you can overlook my bias) are at the opposite end of the property. As a matter of fact, any bordering properties having swine would have disqualified me, as well.

I’m not your average redneck. I’m an extraordinary redneck.

Being marginally smarter than the average bear, I pointed out that according Pew Research Muslims were definitely the majority religious affiliation of Syrian refugees, but Christians were not too far behind, on a percentage basis. Why not just send me Christians, who presumably wouldn’t give a pig’s tail that the rest of the hog was nearby?

After the person on the other end of the phone line stopped laughing, each time I was given a response along the lines of “the Christians don’t have trouble finding people to take them in, you racist redneck.”

20170419_162228So, as a result of my affinity of homegrown bacon, sausage, and craklin, I will not be beneficiary of Uncle Sam’s Syrian refugee money. My aspirations have been crushed like a bucket of eggs under a tractor tire.

However, I have been talking to some of my neighbors who have unused portions of their property and no deuterocanonical violations. They are interested in getting in on the act. There’s quite a bit of land clearing going on in preparation of the government inspections to establish the number of temporary housing trailers the land can support.

Hopefully, the certification process will be sufficiently stringent to keep the acceptance rate low enough to keep this county from becoming a Muslim ghetto. Unfortunately, the lure of easy money is creating a bit of a Muslim Gold Rush.

When I talked to the relocation organizations, the numbers they put out were two trailers per acre of cleared land or one trailer per acre of woodland with undergrowth cleared. They weren’t real specific about dollar amounts, but they mentioned a monthly stipend of four figures per trailer plus an occupancy per capita rate.

Word of my experience must have gotten around because the local pig market has been flooded with supply, and you can’t find an idle Bush Hog anywhere along my street. I suspect the county knows what’s coming, too. They resurfaced the road for the first time in I don’t know how long, and did a much more thorough job of it than in times past.

What could possibly go wrong?


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Mail-Order Jihad

1farook2Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, both devout adherents to the Religion of Peace, are a glimpse into the future of America. I’ve written about the unchecked flood of refugees poised to pour into the United States and the willful blindness of those who ignore the stated intention of those who would do the nation harm to infiltrate that mass of humanity with the intent to cause havoc. And now, it has begun.

Of course, regardless of whether Syrian refugees are allowed in or not, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook would have committed the San Bernardino shooting. Farook was born an American, and Malik was a Pakistani with a K-1 visa; essentially, a mail-order bride.

Fiancée visas were bad enough when it was just war brides and gold diggers from the former-Soviet Union countries, but now these bitches are trying to kill people.

The ISIS claim of responsibility for the San Bernardino shooting is definitely iffy. Terrorists aren’t known for being the most honest sorts and would claim a tornado tearing through an Oklahoma trailer park as their doing, if they could find the Sooner State on a map.

Having said that, we live in a world where people believe Jews, Free Masons, Corporations, the Illuminati, or OPEC (take your pick) pretty much rule our lives from behind the scenes, and don’t have to leave an evidentiary trail to exert their influence on the world stage.

1farook3I imagine the State Department will exercise the same sort of diligence and care in vetting all the Syrian refugees as was giving to Tashfeen Malik. We only have every person who ever came into contact with her saying Malik was a hard-core ideologue with Jihad tendencies. Attending Al-Huda International Seminary wasn’t a tip that she might not be terribly friendly to the United States?

Al-Huda is basically post-graduate school for those who hate the great Satan, America. Oh, by the way, there are campuses in the United States and Canada. And they offer convenient internet classes for those who would like to learn jihad from the comfort of their own homes.

Neither the Saudis nor the Pakistanis want to claim this chick. Both are pointing at the other and saying, “She went rogue on your watch.” That’s saying a lot for two countries that are absolutely lousy with terrorists and terrorism to the point it is, at least, their number two export.

1Farook1If Malik and Farook didn’t have jihad on their minds when she immigrated to the United States, they developed the plan very rapidly. It’s coming out now that they planned the San Bernardino attack for over a year, took out $28,500 loan shortly before the attack, and attempted to provide financially for their daughter and Farook’s mother by making multiple deposits of slightly less than $5,000 into the daughter’s bank account.

Us investigative types call that activity “Smurfing.” Bad guys always think we’re not smart enough to notice patterns.

As the investigation deepens, it’s coming out that these two were Jihadis long before ISIS came to anyone’s attention. In the aftermath, there is a litany of friends and family, associates and acquaintances, who had distanced themselves from the Muslim Bonnie and Clyde and did absolutely nothing to tip off the rest of the world that Farook and Malik were becoming dangerous.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that nobody likes a snitch. Despite much of my career having been based on exploiting informants, I still find the people and the act itself to be distasteful. Maybe it’s the duplicitous nature of how they gain the information. There isn’t honor among thieves, but there should be.

I’m not talking about the “See something. Say something” type of stuff. I mean the sort of pattern of behavior that is essentially spying on somebody. If you’re dirty enough for me to tell the cops about you, I’m sure as hell not going to associate with you of my own will.

In the weeks and months to come, I predict a long line of people who knew what was going on. Not just the neighbors, who harbored strong suspicions, but didn’t say anything because they were scared to death of the Liberal Social Justice Warriors letting slip the social media dogs of war against them for being Islamophobes, racists, and all around bigots.

What I’m talking about are fellow Muslims, who knew damn well they were killers-in-waiting.

As I write this, the FBI is putting together enough evidence to arrest Farook’s father. No doubt, his mother will be occupying a jail cell in short order, too. Regardless one’s opinion on laws imposing the duty to report certain crimes, being arrested for failure to report a pending terror attack tells me there is probable cause to believe they possessed the information.

1Farook4Just where is this vast majority of Muslims who abhor what Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik did in San Bernardino? You know, the ones who supposedly love America and her freedoms.

A few representatives of mosques and lawyers for the family have been condemning their act in the week since the shooting spree, but what about the rank-and-file sorts who actually knew them? Neither was on any sort of watch list or under investigation. The government had no reason to be keeping tabs on them. Yet, the very people who were in positions to point them out did nothing.

To say “Not all Muslims are terrorists,” is like saying, “Not all Fords explode.” A true statement on its face, but losing sight of the fact that an identifiable sub-group of Fords exploded under the right circumstances.

Readers who remember voting for Ronald Reagan at least once probably also remember the fuel tank controversy involving the Ford Pinto. If you don’t, Google it out because I’m not your History professor, and you won’t understand what I’m about to say.

There were about 2.7 million Pintos in the United States when Ford initiated their recall in the fall of 1978. Eventually, 27 deaths that would not have otherwise occurred were attributed to fires subsequent to low-speed, rear-end collisions. Every model of Ford since has borne the stigma of the Fiery Ford. I know a guy who still says he drives a “Ford Exploder.”

Not all Fords explode. Not all Ford Pintos explode. Not all Ford Pintos of an identifiable body type explode; it specifically requires addition of a low-speed, rear-ending that also breaches the integrity of the gas tank, along with a spark to ignite the whole mess. And it helps for the body panels to crumple in just the right way to prevent the doors from opening and trapping the occupants inside.

So, tell me again why we are unable to pick out the dangerous Muslims?

As coincidence would have it, there are about 2.77 million Muslims in the United States with fourteen dead and twenty-one wounded just last week in San Bernardino. Is twenty-seven dead bodies the magic number before somebody says, “You know, there seems to be an awful lot of people dying when Muslims are around. Maybe we should stop letting them come here until we get a handle on this problem?”

Muslim Sleeper Agents

1mercer4President Barack Obama plans to import the Republic’s doom in the form of Syrian refugees. Ten thousand of them, to be specific. Ten thousand destitute, selfish, future-Democrat voters who stood by doing nothing while their country because an even worse Hellhole around them.

Generations of school children have been taught that America is the land of freedom and opportunity (which it largely still is) and welcomeer of the world’s welfare cases (which it wasn’t until 1970).

For the first nearly two hundred years of our existence, America was selective about whom it let into the country.

The plaque on the Statue of Liberty may invite the tired, poor, and huddled masses yearning to be free, but even taken at face value, it is not an invitation for the retched refuse to suckle at the teat of a welfare state. The last line of New Colossus, the poem inscribed on the plaque, says, “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Whose heart doesn’t melt at the idea of persecuted people arriving in a land where they are freed from whatever it was in the Old Country that kept them from achieving their full potential? Mine certainly does.

Let’s not forget that The New Colossus was specifically inspired by Emma Lazarus’ charitable work with Eastern European Jews fleeing pogroms in their homelands. If you don’t know what a pogrom is, look no further than the riots in Baltimore or Ferguson, except replace the black faces angry at “The Man” with gentile faces angry at “The Jew.”

1mercer5The poem is a wonderful sentiment that is suitably vague, so as to gain approval from all readers. Of course, people at the time understood innately, and enforced, the concept that those allowed into the country would bring with them some skill necessary to build the country, even if that skill was simply a work ethic.

Put another way, Emma Lazarus wrote an invitation to those who wanted to live in peace and build their adopted nation, not bleed it white and destroy it from the inside, like tapeworms.

In a time of little mechanization, the nation needed raw, physical muscle power, so it mattered little if groups of immigrants refused to assimilate. A shovel and wheelbarrow don’t care what language you speak or how American you decide to become.

In a world lacking social welfare programs, about a third to half of the immigrants eventually decided that America was not the place for them and returned to their native land. It was a system that was beautiful in its simplicity. The immigrant exchanged labor for money, which was exchanged for life’s needs. It was a self-sustaining and self-regulating cycle that always produced a net gain for society.

It also reinforced the first rule of manhood; create more than you consume.

America has changed in the century since placement of “The New Colossus” on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. American infrastructure is largely constructed, and what remains to be built has the benefit of mechanization. Westward expansion has reached its limit. A sufficient amount of the wide-open American landscape has been converted to usable spaces; cities, towns, roads, and farmland.

The most menial of service jobs, that cannot be performed better, faster, and more reliably by a machine, now require a level of technical computer and mechanical skills that didn’t exist a century ago. The illiterate, poorly educated, non-English speaker who serves as a human beast of burden and can be communicated with through pantomime will find very few opportunities in the current America. By the same token, illiterate, poorly educated English speaking American citizens face the same predicament.

1mercer6Freedom, as it is understood and taken for granted in the Western world, was hard-won over the centuries by men rising up against the leader under whose yoke they chafed. Looking at footage of the Syrian refugees battering down the gates of European Union Nations, there is a shocking number of fighting-age men among them. Even excluding children, which for the sake of argument, I’ll say is sixteen, a random sampling of any people would yield about a fifty-fifty division of men to women.

A nation that recently sent its army to war can be expected to have a higher percentage of women in a random sampling, due to casualties depleting the number of men. However, since the war is taking place in Syria, that effect would be tempered somewhat, since the casualties are not distributed almost entirely among men, as with sending an army outside its national borders to fight.

I’m not a statistician, so how all these factors play into one another is a bit of a mystery to me. Perhaps my perception of the male-to-female ratio is skewed because of sample error or the media intentionally photographing fewer Syrian refugee women than men, despite images of sobbing women carrying babies holding far more emotional and communicative appeal than photos of dejected men.

I’m sure the real reason is that I’m an anti-Muslim bigot who is not culturally sensitive.

For the sake of argument, let’s say the images of refugees are skewed and my impression of the man-to-woman ration is completely out of whack with reality. I just happen to have seen photos of every male Syrian refugee in existence to the exclusion of the vast tidal wave of female Syrian refugees, and I am fantastically out of touch with the reality on the ground. It wouldn’t be the first time my impression of the world is off base. However, I have a question that does not rely on the exact ratio of men-to-women.

Why are there any male Syrian refugees at all, in the first place?

I understand the desire of a man to get women, children, and the elderly out of harm’s way, so the fight can continue unimpeded. Only having yourself to worry about in a combat zone makes for a far more effective fighter. It’s one of the benefits of taking the fight to the enemy. They now how the additional pressure of worrying about and providing for wives, children, sick parents, etc.

1mercer7I won’t go so far as to call them cowards because I’m not certain they are. They certainly show enough guts to load up into rickety barges to cross into Greece and make the trek to northern Europe. They also show enough gumption to riot in the streets of the countries generous enough to allow them entry, so they don’t seem terribly put off at the prospect of facing down an armed, organized force with minimal weapons of their own.

These men won’t stand and fight the Assad regime, despite having spent their entire lives watching their country become a bigger and bigger cesspool. I guess it took the really bad men, in the form of ISIS, showing up to convince them that Syria isn’t worth fighting for.

The rational course of putting differences aside and joining forces with the Russian-backed Assad to defeat the common enemy does not occur to these nit-wits.

Assad may be a bastard, but he was clearly a tolerable enough bastard for the refugees to remain in their homeland. Otherwise, they would have been attempting to escape Syria before now.

On second thought, maybe the Syrian refugees aren’t such nit-wits.

America has allowed Islam to recruit among the prison population in the form of the Nation of Islam and other black supremacist groups for at least fifty years. If their racial hatred could be confined to “kill Whitey,” they might be tolerable, but after release, many of these ex-cons begin to associate with immigrant Muslims, who have managed to sneak in under the radar. The next wave being Syrian refugee men between the ages of sixteen and sixty. I remember a time and place when that combined with an Kalashnikov meant you would be sent a rocket.

We need only look to England to understand the future of America. Pakistani Muslims have effectively wrestled away control of entire neighborhoods and established “no-go” zones for non-Muslims. Police will not respond to calls for service, at direction of their leadership passing on instructions from local Imams. Woe be to any non-Muslim found in the Muslim Zones, for they will be harassed out of the area like a fox found in the chicken coop.

Relatively well-off, socialized, welfare societies across Europe have been deluged with waves of immigrants from peasant societies who bring their backward, barbaric notions of honor and proselyting with them. Unable to follow the first command of their prophet to spread their retrograde religion by the sword, they follow the backup command to spread it by infiltrating the target society and corrupting it. Europe, suffering from its colonialism hangover, and Germany, having the additional societal guilt-trip of the Nazis, are having trouble finding the stones to turn away refugees.

After Charlie Hebdo, the Paris Train Attack, the July 7 Bombing in London, the public beheading of a British solider, the murder of Theo Van Gosh, and the Paris Riots, just to name a few literally off the top of my head, you would think Europe would say, “You know, these Muslims seem to cause a lot of trouble. Maybe we shouldn’t let them in.”

If you’re male and between the age of sixteen and sixty, you have no business being a refugee. Get your ass back where you belong and fight to make your country habitable again, so we can send back your women and children.

Closer to home, terrorist attacks at Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, two military recruiting locations, and the Tyson chicken processing plant (of all places) were perpetrated by Muslims who, depending on whom you ask, radicalized in the United States or immigrated with jihad already in mind.

1MercerJust this week, we had a shooting at Umpqua Community College in Portland, Oregon committed by Chris Harper Mercer, an immigrant from England. Considering this is the first time anyone has heard of an Englishman opening fire on Americans since the Boston Massacre, what drove this young man to open fire at an Oregon community college is befuddling, at the moment.

Information is still sketchy and conflicting, but it seems Chris Harper Mercer was a 26 year old English immigrant. Reports differ widely as to how old he was when he came to the United States, but considering his self-avowed support for the IRA (as in, the Irish Republican Army that terrorized the United Kingdom and Ireland for much of the Twentieth Century), he might not have been terribly well assimilated into American culture.

The average American thinks of retirement planning when he hears “IRA,” not blowing shit up in the name of Irish Home Rule.

Early reports from several of the survivors of the shooting flat-out say that he was targeting Christians.

Before shooting people, Chris Harper Mercer asked his victims their religious affiliation. No one who claims to have been spared by proclaiming adherence to the Muslim faith has come forward, but exactly why he asked is troubling.

Despite evidence that the media will play up describing Chris Harper Mercer as “not religious, but spiritual,” I’m going to go out on a limb with one of my wild-assed theories.

Chris Harper Mercer will be discovered to be one of those self-radicalized Muslims who flew under the radar.

Just like Nidal Hasan, the Tsarnaev brothers, and all the other Muslim crazies, who through either design or luck find themselves in the United States and see a weakened society too frightened to put its collective foot down, Chris Harper Mercer will have ties to radical Islam.

Of course, the difference between radical and non-radical Islam being that non-radical Muslims haven’t actually killed anyone, just yet. Give it time. The Syrian refugees are on their way.

The bottom line for Europe, the United States, and quite frankly, the rest of the non-Muslim world is they have to stop allowing fighting-age Muslims inside their borders. England has largely been converted to a Muslim country, and is now exporting Jihad. Germany is next, with the problem they have on a low simmer set to hit a full boil and overflow.

With President Obama’s plan to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, he is adding fuel to the relatively incipient fire that threatens to become a conflagration, which will ultimately destroy the United States.