Muslim Gold Rush

20170605_184046Housing Syrian refugees might be your additional revenue stream, if the proposed 2018 budget passes. With a little unused living space and minimal qualms about being beheaded in your sleep, you could soon be up to your armpits in military-age, Muslim males and a monthly check from Uncle Sugar.

As much as I like Donald Trump, his record on taking in Syrian refugees is only slightly better than Barack Obama’s. Trump has resettled a little over 15,000 refugees since taking office, and Obama resettled 23,000 the previous year.

There are fewer Syrian refugees being admitted because most of them have already left Syria.

With so many Syrian refugees gaining admittance to the United States, the question becomes where to put them all. Europeans might not have learned to avoid putting people into camps, but after the generations of bad press from our little experiment with putting Japanese into internment camps, Americans cringe at masses of people milling about behind barbed wire fences.

A year and a half ago, Michael Moore, of Bowling for Columbine and Roger and Me fame, published an open letter offering any Syrian refugees to live rent free in his Traverse City, Michigan apartment for up to a year.

It’s a 700-square-foot apartment, so I’m going to call Michael Moore a skin-flint for offering such paltry accommodations. He has enough money to be far more generous.

Cheapskate Socialist Michael Moore has even established a website with a registry to allow his guilt-ridden minions to pony up their abodes for Syrian squatters to get on their feet, while acclimating to their new surrounds, such as flushing toilets, functioning governments, and the lack of sectarian violence.

Make no mistake. There is big money to be had. All told, there is about half a billion dollars proposed to flow toward resettling Syrian refugees into communities all across the United States. That might not be big money in the grand scheme of things, but it’s a halal gravy train to the residents of rural America.

IMG_20170507_154002178Like a lot of government services, the job of relocating Syrian refugees into America is administered by government contract; meaning the work is parceled out to organizations who have won a competitive bidding process to do the work. They take a cut of money off the top for the privilege and perform the task. Of course, the more refugees there are to resettle, the more money they make.

If you don’t believe these companies exist, take a look at this list of them:

There are a few more bit-players, but this is the oligarchy of federal contractors in the realm of the US Refugee Admissions Program.

Why not sharecrop some Syrian refugees?

I’m always interested in a new revenue stream for the farm and I have a few acres tucked away in the back of my property that are timber. My plans to log the timber were accelerated by the fire last November, so we wound up clearing the standing deadwood and the trees that were worth harvesting. The younger trees now have plenty of room to grow, but that will still be a decade or so wait, since white oak has a slow growth curve.

There are wide tracks between the remaining trees that can easily accommodate FEMA-type trailers and access trails. For a couple thousand dollars of bulldozer work to clear the stumps out, that back ten acres can be a veritable Shady Oaks Syrian Refugee Mobile Estates.

The rural area I live in might not have all the urban amenities of Michael Moore’s Michigan apartment, but having to been to areas of the world comparable to Syria, I can say with confidence that phone and internet service out here are on par with places like Afghanistan. The big benefit would be lower population density, bucolic living, and very few people interesting in killing you. What better place for a Syrian refugee family to de-stress and gather their thoughts before embarking on a new life in America?

The difficulty I encountered as I made my telephonic rounds to these benevolent organizations was the nature of my livestock. They were thrilled at the variety and unusual choices. They even thought it wonderful that, as one of many working farms in the area, there are seasonal work opportunities for the newly arriving refugees that easily compliment the assimilation timetable.

I took that to mean unskilled labor that is not impacted by high turnover.

20170409_090325Where things came to a screeching halt with each phone call was a laundry list of questions regarding the property. It seems having swine on the property is a no-go for bellying up to the trough of federal government largess. It didn’t matter the three hogs (magnificent examples of the breed, if you can overlook my bias) are at the opposite end of the property. As a matter of fact, any bordering properties having swine would have disqualified me, as well.

I’m not your average redneck. I’m an extraordinary redneck.

Being marginally smarter than the average bear, I pointed out that according Pew Research Muslims were definitely the majority religious affiliation of Syrian refugees, but Christians were not too far behind, on a percentage basis. Why not just send me Christians, who presumably wouldn’t give a pig’s tail that the rest of the hog was nearby?

After the person on the other end of the phone line stopped laughing, each time I was given a response along the lines of “the Christians don’t have trouble finding people to take them in, you racist redneck.”

20170419_162228So, as a result of my affinity of homegrown bacon, sausage, and craklin, I will not be beneficiary of Uncle Sam’s Syrian refugee money. My aspirations have been crushed like a bucket of eggs under a tractor tire.

However, I have been talking to some of my neighbors who have unused portions of their property and no deuterocanonical violations. They are interested in getting in on the act. There’s quite a bit of land clearing going on in preparation of the government inspections to establish the number of temporary housing trailers the land can support.

Hopefully, the certification process will be sufficiently stringent to keep the acceptance rate low enough to keep this county from becoming a Muslim ghetto. Unfortunately, the lure of easy money is creating a bit of a Muslim Gold Rush.

When I talked to the relocation organizations, the numbers they put out were two trailers per acre of cleared land or one trailer per acre of woodland with undergrowth cleared. They weren’t real specific about dollar amounts, but they mentioned a monthly stipend of four figures per trailer plus an occupancy per capita rate.

Word of my experience must have gotten around because the local pig market has been flooded with supply, and you can’t find an idle Bush Hog anywhere along my street. I suspect the county knows what’s coming, too. They resurfaced the road for the first time in I don’t know how long, and did a much more thorough job of it than in times past.

What could possibly go wrong?


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Retarded ISIS Truckers Deliver Peace to Your Door

Inbred2Fifty generations of divinely encouraged Muslim incest has created a raft of retarded Jihadi truck drivers, too dumb to use firearms, who favor Islamic Frogger over the traditional cargo of explosives.

The tried and true method of mayhem, where a young Muslim loser loads a vehicle full of explosives and detonates it in a crowd, seems to have fallen out of fashion in Europe. The current trend is much more personal in that it involves mowing victims down in the name of Allah instead of smiting them with concussive force and shrapnel.

Despite a few close calls, I’ve never run over someone with a vehicle of any sort. However, I suspect it takes a special kind of zealotry to bear down on another human being in a Kenworth.

Maybe it’s the continent’s strict gun control that pushes Muhammed toward a Mack truck instead of a Mac-10 to punish infidels. Despite an instance or two in the beginning of the decade, America’s Islamic terrorists still seem to prefer firearms and the occasional homemade explosive device.

American terrorists at least have the stones to risk a gunfight.

This past November, one of the many ISIS media publications Rumiyah, extolled would-be lone wolves to plow into crowds with large vehicles. The bigger the vehicle the better.

Rumiyah seems to be a mixture of People Magazine and Mother Earth News for Muslim terrorists. It features martyr profiles, how-to tips and tricks, and what can only be described as Jihad of Dummies articles.

ISIS is known for its media savvy and ability to disseminate its message. Starbucks and Nike are second to the Islamic State in this ability. Coca-Cola would sell John Pemberton’s remains for the ability to filch a Pepsi die-hard as easily as ISIS radicalizes middle-class Muslim kids.

Europe is lost to ISIS and should be abandoned, in the absence of a second Reconquista to push them back into the Mediterranean.

A huge part of the Islamic State message is to kill infidels, but where does a socially awkward, Muslim Millennial from the suburbs learn the trade-craft necessary to create orphans and earn his place in the Virgin Valhalla?

Before the internet, anyone interested in subversive mayhem creation had to skulk around gun shows, pay cash to a sketchy, one-armed Vietnam veteran wearing mirrored Aviator-style sunglasses for a tattered copy of The Anarchist Cookbook, and risk several fingers in experimentation, as about half the stuff in the book was complete bullshit.

…Or, so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know.

Much was made a few years ago that human intelligence across the board was in decline, losing just shy of two points each generation since the Victorian era. In true Leftist fashion, much of the decline was attributed to smarter women figuring out ways to have fewer children. Nobody came out and said it like that, but that was definitely the message between the lines.

So, in my left handed way of looking at the world, a whole bunch of studies in the last decade discovered three things:

  1. Intelligence is heritable.
  2. Patriarchy keeps society smart.
  3. Women voting, pursuing careers, having access to abortions, and generally demanding to be treated like men has made us all dumber.

Clearly, feminism brings the highly entertaining movie Idocracy into reality.

Every once in a while, one of my children will miss turning in a school assignment, usually through forgetting it at home or something equally absentminded. More often, the teacher flubs it and doesn’t enter the score in the school’s fancy, automated grade ciphering web portal, so I get an e-mail advising me of the fact.

I’m looking directly at you, Miss Sullivan. Maybe you should pay more attention to detail instead of regaling the class with photos of your trip to the Jack Daniels distillery, so I would not have to call you at home over the weekend for such silliness. Waste my off time because of your incompetence, and I’ll be sure to waste yours.

I’m not terribly bright. Why in the name of all that is holy am I the smartest person sitting around the table at a parent-teacher conference? Oh, yeah. That’s exactly why I’m not a public school teacher.

My disdain for public school teachers aside, the effect of “zero” on an average is catastrophic. Even a below-average score thrown in seems to have a larger negative effect than an above-average score has on improving the average. At least, it always seemed that way in school.

Edit: It seems facts don’t care about my feelings. I just spent twenty minutes proving to myself the above perception is completely divorced from the reality of mathematics. That’s what happens when you walk your daughter to school because you’re both in the same grade.

Since intelligence is heritable and smart people are having fewer children, it does stand to reason that the remaining children bring down the average. So, exactly what sane nation would import people who further tamp down their average?

On average, Muslim nations are dumb, but still smart enough not to exacerbate the situation with bad immigration policies.

All the research I can find shows the average intelligence (as measured by IQ tests) of Muslim-majority countries to hover right around eighty. When the Muslim immigrant populations in the West are separated out, the average IQ score isn’t much better, at about eighty-six.

At best, that’s a full standard deviation below the mean of 100. My friends who took statistics in college tell me that is significant. This isn’t quite Forrest Gump levels of “special” (he clocked in with an IQ of seventy-five; a shade above being technically retarded and what used to be designated a moron), but with the general two point per generation decline doubled by the tendency for close parental kinship, the average Muslim is no more than three generations from being officially retarded.

Judging by the trail of evidence left behind by these geniuses and the level of assistance they need from the likes of Rumiyah to pull off their attacks, the current crop of Jihadis are at the crest of the retardation wave.

As a Portagee who makes his home in the Tennessee Valley, I have two strikes against me when it comes to the cousin-marrying stereotype. However, the last time that occurred in my family was my parents’ generation, and even then, it was an uncommon enough occurrence to be thoroughly scandalous.

Think of it like speeding tickets. Once in a great while isn’t too big of a problem for your insurance rates, but do it consistently, and trouble comes your way pretty fast.

Believe it or not, there is actually a formula for writing a joke. It consists of starting with a realistic premise, known as “the set up,” and progressing to the absurd, the “punchline.”

For example:

Q: What’s the most common thing said during sex in Tennessee?

A: “Get off me, Dad. You’re crushing my cigarettes.”

That fits the definition of a joke, and is generally considered humorous, because the punchline is so wildly unreasonable to the average listener as to be inconceivable. It may also be in bad taste, offensive, or shocking to the conscious, which elevates it to the level of hilarious. Protests to the contrary are both irrelevant and proof of concept.

The Aristocrats is the funniest joke ever told, but requires a degree of abstract thought less common further down the IQ scale.

Despite the self-deprecating nature of Southern humor, the scenario implied by the answer is universally frowned upon and generally considered justification for a beating, as long as it does not result in death.

Muhammed, the prophet, pedophile, and perfect man according to Islam, most likely would not see the humor, since the answer does not reach his threshold for unrealistic, a tenet of absurdity.

The hypothetical of whether Muhammed would have sex with his daughter, and would therefore be acceptable behavior for a Muslim based on the “Muhammed as paragon of male behavior” theory, is not supported by the Koran. However, the revelation that Allah said it was okay-fine for Muhammed to marry his daughter-in-law, along with a whole bunch of other oddly convenient revelations in Muhammed’s favor, make Muslim mores seem quite malleable.

Allah either loved him some Muhammed, or this guy was a sex fiend masquerading as a religious prophet.

Inbred4What is most definitely condoned by the Koran, in addition to child marriage, genocide, rape, slave taking/owning/trading, and wife beating, is inbreeding.

I will be the first to admit that the Old Testament has its share of practices found abhorrent in modern culture. The difference between Islam and the rest of the civilized world is Christianity went through a reformation where the most unsavory aspects of the religion were purged. Mainstream Islam behaves as if we are still wandering the desert and talking to burning bushes.

Much like the Pharos, who incidentally were Greek (Black Lives Matter hates when I point that out), and European royalty until fairly recently, there is a price to pay when the family tree does not branch.

Despite fondly recalling the eighth grade as “my senior year,” I have continued to learn. As a farmer, I have a practical understanding of how genetics work, both good and bad.

Believe it or not, intentionally breeding related animals is a technique of selective breeding to accentuate and solidify desired traits in an animal. The downside is that it also accentuates and brings out undesirable recessive traits. The running joke among animal breeders is bringing forward the desired trait is called the respectable sounding “line-breeding,” but a screw-up that creates an undesirable trait is the dreaded “inbreeding.”

This is why different breeds of animals have specific looks, exhibit specific behavior, and display specific temperaments. This is also why the ailments of many purebred dogs are predictable; the undesirable recessive gene has been cemented in the breed’s DNA.

Of course, the answer to these genetic goofs is to cull ruthlessly. The dirty secret of animal breeders of all stripes is that we kill a lot of baby animals for no better reason than they do not look or behave the way we expected. “Keep the best and eat the rest” is my mantra…Then again, I don’t breed dogs, so this might not exactly apply to other people.

Puppies wag their tails because we kill the ones that don’t.

A civilized people does not cull defective human beings, whether still in the womb or not. There are notable exceptions, but the reason we remember them is because of their barbarity. With enough barbeque sauce and a lack of cellphone cameras, you could probably convince me and most of my buddies to try eating puppy-kabob, but none of us would snuff an Autistic because he’s a pain in the ass to take care of.

Likely as not, he’d probably wind up the designated driver. Those young men with Downs Syndrome always strike me as the responsible sort to ride herd over a gaggle of drunks. It must have something to do with the neutral expression and stern, even delivery of a rebuke.

I was only kidding. The degenerates I associate with would insist cell phones were recording while chowing down on a bowl of Sum Young Dog.

Fourteen hundred years of Mohammed-sanctioned and Allah-approved consanguineous marriage, and downright incestuous extramarital sex with virtually whomever or whatever the man desires (because the Koran says he can), has created an entire religion whose average adherent is violent, prone to mental disorders, and borderline retarded.

Is it any wonder why the United States and rest of the civilized world doesn’t want them to have access to nuclear weapons?

Inbred1And the fun doesn’t end when they escape the septic tanks from which they spawned. Every European nation desiring large amounts of unskilled labor, needing a wide tax base to support their social welfare programs, or gripped by a guilt complex over endorsing Hitler has imported these half-wits on the hope that, as a group, they possess the mental wherewithal to join the modern world.

Large numbers of them clearly don’t.

And if Muslim behavior, as seen in footage of street harassment of non-Muslims in no-go zones, riots in refugee camps over lack of cash payments for pocket money, and the oh, so cerebral, enlightened pastime of a rape game called “taharrush gamea,” is any indication of what they tolerate, the only conclusion is these countries have a collective cultural death wish.

At least, Rome put up a fight to keep the invading hordes out.

After literally creating modern civilization, if not the very concept itself, Europe has allowed the utter destruction of civilization to begin by inviting the barbarians behind the city walls.

Inbred3Well over half of Pakastani immigrants in England are married to their first cousins. Over forty percent of the patients in Denmark‘s biggest ward for clinically insane criminals are Muslim. Back home in the United States, the Somali population in Minnesota, which to no one’s surprise is exclusively Muslim, suffers from significantly higher rates of Autism, physical consanguinity-caused birth defects, and IQs below seventy.

Literal morons, by the eschewed medical terminology.

Europe is the harbinger of America. It’s only a matter of time before our Muslim terrorists find firearms too complex to operate and cars become the go-to weapon for striking down us infidels. Maybe it has something to do with the prevalence of Muslims in the transportation industries?

Bangladesh, USA

1immigrants2Fifty years of unfettered immigration has turned the United States into the welfare provider of choice for degenerate cultures to dump their human refuse upon. A decade or two moratorium on all immigration is the only hope of retaining America in any sort of recognizable form.

Back when I was moderate and lacked understating of the world, I considered immigration, even the illegal type, as a perfectly natural state of affairs. The rest of the non-Western world being such a horrible place to live, it was no wonder immigrants braved scorching deserts and choppy seas to reach the land of Walmarts and white women.

Allowing hardworking, little brown people into the country was, as Jeb Bush states it, an act of compassion and love.

Being the son and grandson of immigrants myself, I had heard the stories of how miserable life was in the Azores, which was still technically part of the Western world, so it only made sense for hardworking, ambitious people to yearn for escape from places that were surely even worse.

My awakening began in my late teens when I asked my mother why Grandpa always talked about moving back to Portugal one day, a dream that appeared more and more silly every year, considering he retired in 1983.

The response from my mother was that Portugal had changed since they left. The Monarchy had been replaced by the Socialists, or the Communists, as she and my aunts like to call the ruling party. All the Portagees with any ambition left long ago. The ones that remained considered men like my grandfather an absolute fool to have abandoned a country that provides subsidies for just about all of life’s needs for a land where you work seven days a week, are responsible for maintaining your own health insurance, and worry about what crops you are going to plant every year.

Oh, the horror of having more work than you know what to do with, being able to pick your own health insurance, and being free to chose your own fate.

Those were the precise reasons Grandpa immigrated; legally, I might add.

He waited quite a long time for his turn to come up, and I’m glad it happened when it did. As arduous as it was, and with the benefit of an ancestor who became a US citizen during the California gold rush, it still took nearly a decade to do what a typical illegal immigrant accomplishes with a midnight troll through the desert and a refreshing swim.

Clearly, Grandpa was the idiot for not being born Mexican and having the benefit of a land border with the United States.

The full profundity of the explanation eluded me at a time in my life I spent being asked to leave several institutions of higher learning for what my guidance counselors called “lack of application, disruption of the learning environment, and outright belligerence toward authority,” but I called refusal to buy into their faggoty bullshit.

1mercer7Even though I partially bought into their self-loathing, sociological nihilism of the United States having become a salad bowl, discrete ingredients from one another to make up the whole, asking the professor how well forced association of disparate ethnic groups and a lack of national identity was working out for Czechoslovakia, the Baltic states, the Middle East, and Yugoslavia was not the sort of question he was prepared to answer at that moment.

The last thing I heard, as the professor ejected me from the class, was Diversity is our strength! I cut my losses and withdrew from that Chemistry class.

What I learned to my astonishment was that college professors will take it out on your class grade for expressing dissent and the colleges themselves will eventually kick you out over the matter, despite having been paid full tuition for the semester.

It wasn’t until I lived in San Diego and work (at a university, the name of which I guarantee you would recognize) entailed contact with elements of the Mexican government that I began to understand what a failed culture, complete with endemic bureaucracy and institutionalized graft, looked like. The American school system can only aspire to be as thorough and efficient in their corruption as the Mexican government. Working along the Southwest border only deepened that conviction.

Then came work in Southwest Asia, where you are more likely to find a heard of wild unicorns that a government official who is not on the take. It’s a region of the world where farm animals, foreign aid workers, and any child left unattended are all equally vulnerable to forced buggery by Mohammed-loving, Allah-fearing, upstanding pillars of the community.

You’ll have to excuse me for believing in the superiority of any religion whose most exalted prophet would get, at least, a little bit upset at the prospect of one of his followers forcibly sodomizing anybody.

Even ignoring the religious aspect, which is a near impossibility for huge swaths of the world, let’s concentrate on culture, as defined by national boundaries, since that is what immigration is defined by.

In the Americas, I challenge you to find a country based less on Socialist rhetoric than the United States. They are all generally far poorer by any measure than America, but if Latin American nations had the kind of money we did and lived up to their Socialist, utopian rhetoric, they would make America look like Scrooge McDuck.

1immigrants5However, the reality is there isn’t enough money in existence to live up to those sorts of promises, despite whatever the financial-Down-Syndrome stricken Bernie Sanders thinks.

The nearest country to America in the Western Hemisphere is Canada, and last I heard, Canadians were still lining up to become Americans. Why they don’t just walk across the border like everybody else baffles me. It still is the world’s longest undefended border. Isn’t it? They would certainly have an easier time blending in than the assorted Spanish-speaking, brown people coming up from the southern border.

Aside from following a Canadian spouse home or fleeing law enforcement, the last time Americans fled to Canada in any appreciable numbers, both the draft and the Vietnam War were going on.

If the United States are so horrible, why are we worried about immigration instead of emigration? Except for the odd spoiled celebrity throwing an election-season temper tantrum, I don’t see too many people ditching America.

It speaks volumes to the politeness of the Canadian people and our commonality of culture (both formerly British, you know), that they go through the trouble and expense to immigrate through the established procedures.

As a quick aside, Britain did not invent western concepts such as representative governments, limits on those governments, property rights, human rights, free speech, and abolishment of slavery. Where she excelled was in spreading these ideas around the world. Every place that Britain has been came out far better in the bargain than their neighbors who did not have the benefit of learning how to be civilized while under British colonialism.

I understand the difficulty of locating illegals once they cross the border and blend in with all the other illegals already here. It’s a lot of work to go to the nearest Home Depot at six am and look for the people standing around not buying construction materials.

At least, the Mexicans and Latin American illegals usually work while they bleed American social services dry. They want to keep the host alive. Whereas the vast majority of the immigrants who must fly across water not only immediately avail themselves of social services, but begin actively tearing at the fabric of the society that just invited them in. And most of these fuckers aren’t even Christian.

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin railed against how German immigrants in Pennsylvania insulated themselves and refused to Americanize. Historians point to the War of Northern Aggression as the proving ground for Irish immigrants and their effort to join American society. Every Liberal I’ve ever met loves to make the point that all immigrant groups “take their turn” being looked down upon and accused of resisting assimilation.

Well, Franklin was right. At the beginning of the twentieth century, even with their large degree of assimilation, German bunds supported both the Kaiser in World War One, and Adolph Hitler in the Second World War, with a sizable population repatriating to the Fatherland.

During the interwar years, ostensibly Americanized Irish funded and supplied weapons to the rebels in the civil war in their homeland. Predominately Irish Catholic churches organized collections to support the overthrow of British rule in Ireland, and in later years, directly supported the IRA with money.

For Pete’s sake, Joseph Kennedy (you know, father of the thirty-fifth President of the United States) was recalled as Ambassador to Britain because, besides being an anti-Semite and general racist, he supported Hitler and Irish terrorism to drive the British out of Northern Ireland.

1immigrants4There was a twenty year moratorium on immigration in the United States during the early 1900’s specifically to give the immigrants that were already here time to become American, and we still had a residue of immigrants who refused. What hope do we have to assimilate immigrants, if we continue to let them cling to their peasant ways?

With decades to become American enough to not give a shit about the politics of the nation from which their family originated, enough people of German and Irish descent failed to become Americans that they rate a mention in history books and a half-literate, Portagee hillbilly, who was not alive to see it happen, knows they existed.

It was only the ability of society at the time to stand up to the wayward thinking immigrants and force them to join their brethren in assimilating to American ways that ultimately turned the Irish, Germans, and other groups from backward, ethnic enclave dwellers into fully participating citizens.

Thankfully, these ethnic groups’ terrorist support activities were directed outward. The current generation of immigrants direct their activities inward, led by the Democrat party and Liberals whose aim is to bankrupt the United States and reduce her to the same level of cowering wimp-hood as Europe.

The entire point of immigration is to improve a country, but the immigration policies of the past fifty years have drawn immigrants that bring the average down.

Rather than bringing in exclusively well educated, job-creating, entrepreneurs from compatible cultures (that is, Judeo-Christian), we compound the problems of the last fifty years of encouraging Latin American, peasant riff-raff by aggressively recruiting immigrants from the rest of the world’s failed cultures, who not only do not understand America or her freedoms, but actively despise and attempt to subvert them.

1immigrants3Not happy with large populations of Muslims from the third world, places that have absolutely no concept of freedom, liberty, or the sit-down toilet, the Obama administration has thrown open the doors to the dregs of humanity from armpits all over the world.

Eighty percent of mosques in the United States preach in favor of Sharia law. Most days, I refuse to use statistics because I know from experience how easy they are to manipulate to reflect whatever conclusion is preferred. So, I fully expect this statistic be poo-poo’ed, and present it to set up a point.

There should be zero-point-zero percent of mosques in the United States preaching for imposition of Sharia law.

Sharia is anathema to not only the founding and current principles of the United States, but also to the principles of any civilized nation. Nobody in any sort of leadership position within any Muslim organization repudiates terrorism, Sharia, or Jihad. If Muslims want to live like barbarians, they can do it anywhere they like besides here.

According to the Pew Research Center, Muslims, both immigrant and US born, make up less than one percent of the population (as of 2010).

The population of men with a third nipple is higher than the percentage of Muslims in the US (5.5% vs 1%), so until someone comes up with statistics showing the number of terrorists with third nipples exceeds that of the general population, I’m going to continue saying Islam has a bit of a correlation to terrorism.

I don’t think Donald Trump will make a good President. The problem is that he is the best of a bad lot. And he has it right on the single most important issue; immigration.

1immigrants5Since 1965, immigration has been the wellspring of replenishment for the Democrat party. They are brought in and given goodies as payment for voting Democrat. It’s a modernized and streamlined reboot of the Tammany Hall political machine. Just instead of Democrat political operatives meeting new immigrants at the docks and walking them to the Registrar office that happened to be located next door to a soup kitchen and job center, newly arrived immigrants are directed to a kiosk that dispenses EBT & WIC cards, AFDC applications in one-hundred-seven languages, and SSDI quick reference pamphlets immediately after clearing customs.

The ones that do decide to work don’t make enough to actually pay any federal income taxes once, all their deductions and exemptions are calculated. Oh and by the way, with the Earned Income Credit, they not only zero out any tax liability, they get additional money back from the government as a gift for being poor and an encouragement to keep crapping out children as often as possible.

Native born poor participate in this scam, as well, but at least, they are not being radicalized in large numbers at their local mosques or otherwise trying to turn America into the same sort of shit-hole they left. However, the trend has been to drag down what was once the best nation on earth, so until the immigrants already here get their collective act together, there should be a complete immigration moratorium for at least ten years, and more realistically, twenty years.

Otherwise, the United States will wind up just another failed culture, like Mexico, most of Africa, and virtually every Muslim county in the world.

Welcome to Bangladesh, U-S-of-A.