Mail-Order Jihad

1farook2Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, both devout adherents to the Religion of Peace, are a glimpse into the future of America. I’ve written about the unchecked flood of refugees poised to pour into the United States and the willful blindness of those who ignore the stated intention of those who would do the nation harm to infiltrate that mass of humanity with the intent to cause havoc. And now, it has begun.

Of course, regardless of whether Syrian refugees are allowed in or not, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook would have committed the San Bernardino shooting. Farook was born an American, and Malik was a Pakistani with a K-1 visa; essentially, a mail-order bride.

Fiancée visas were bad enough when it was just war brides and gold diggers from the former-Soviet Union countries, but now these bitches are trying to kill people.

The ISIS claim of responsibility for the San Bernardino shooting is definitely iffy. Terrorists aren’t known for being the most honest sorts and would claim a tornado tearing through an Oklahoma trailer park as their doing, if they could find the Sooner State on a map.

Having said that, we live in a world where people believe Jews, Free Masons, Corporations, the Illuminati, or OPEC (take your pick) pretty much rule our lives from behind the scenes, and don’t have to leave an evidentiary trail to exert their influence on the world stage.

1farook3I imagine the State Department will exercise the same sort of diligence and care in vetting all the Syrian refugees as was giving to Tashfeen Malik. We only have every person who ever came into contact with her saying Malik was a hard-core ideologue with Jihad tendencies. Attending Al-Huda International Seminary wasn’t a tip that she might not be terribly friendly to the United States?

Al-Huda is basically post-graduate school for those who hate the great Satan, America. Oh, by the way, there are campuses in the United States and Canada. And they offer convenient internet classes for those who would like to learn jihad from the comfort of their own homes.

Neither the Saudis nor the Pakistanis want to claim this chick. Both are pointing at the other and saying, “She went rogue on your watch.” That’s saying a lot for two countries that are absolutely lousy with terrorists and terrorism to the point it is, at least, their number two export.

1Farook1If Malik and Farook didn’t have jihad on their minds when she immigrated to the United States, they developed the plan very rapidly. It’s coming out now that they planned the San Bernardino attack for over a year, took out $28,500 loan shortly before the attack, and attempted to provide financially for their daughter and Farook’s mother by making multiple deposits of slightly less than $5,000 into the daughter’s bank account.

Us investigative types call that activity “Smurfing.” Bad guys always think we’re not smart enough to notice patterns.

As the investigation deepens, it’s coming out that these two were Jihadis long before ISIS came to anyone’s attention. In the aftermath, there is a litany of friends and family, associates and acquaintances, who had distanced themselves from the Muslim Bonnie and Clyde and did absolutely nothing to tip off the rest of the world that Farook and Malik were becoming dangerous.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that nobody likes a snitch. Despite much of my career having been based on exploiting informants, I still find the people and the act itself to be distasteful. Maybe it’s the duplicitous nature of how they gain the information. There isn’t honor among thieves, but there should be.

I’m not talking about the “See something. Say something” type of stuff. I mean the sort of pattern of behavior that is essentially spying on somebody. If you’re dirty enough for me to tell the cops about you, I’m sure as hell not going to associate with you of my own will.

In the weeks and months to come, I predict a long line of people who knew what was going on. Not just the neighbors, who harbored strong suspicions, but didn’t say anything because they were scared to death of the Liberal Social Justice Warriors letting slip the social media dogs of war against them for being Islamophobes, racists, and all around bigots.

What I’m talking about are fellow Muslims, who knew damn well they were killers-in-waiting.

As I write this, the FBI is putting together enough evidence to arrest Farook’s father. No doubt, his mother will be occupying a jail cell in short order, too. Regardless one’s opinion on laws imposing the duty to report certain crimes, being arrested for failure to report a pending terror attack tells me there is probable cause to believe they possessed the information.

1Farook4Just where is this vast majority of Muslims who abhor what Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik did in San Bernardino? You know, the ones who supposedly love America and her freedoms.

A few representatives of mosques and lawyers for the family have been condemning their act in the week since the shooting spree, but what about the rank-and-file sorts who actually knew them? Neither was on any sort of watch list or under investigation. The government had no reason to be keeping tabs on them. Yet, the very people who were in positions to point them out did nothing.

To say “Not all Muslims are terrorists,” is like saying, “Not all Fords explode.” A true statement on its face, but losing sight of the fact that an identifiable sub-group of Fords exploded under the right circumstances.

Readers who remember voting for Ronald Reagan at least once probably also remember the fuel tank controversy involving the Ford Pinto. If you don’t, Google it out because I’m not your History professor, and you won’t understand what I’m about to say.

There were about 2.7 million Pintos in the United States when Ford initiated their recall in the fall of 1978. Eventually, 27 deaths that would not have otherwise occurred were attributed to fires subsequent to low-speed, rear-end collisions. Every model of Ford since has borne the stigma of the Fiery Ford. I know a guy who still says he drives a “Ford Exploder.”

Not all Fords explode. Not all Ford Pintos explode. Not all Ford Pintos of an identifiable body type explode; it specifically requires addition of a low-speed, rear-ending that also breaches the integrity of the gas tank, along with a spark to ignite the whole mess. And it helps for the body panels to crumple in just the right way to prevent the doors from opening and trapping the occupants inside.

So, tell me again why we are unable to pick out the dangerous Muslims?

As coincidence would have it, there are about 2.77 million Muslims in the United States with fourteen dead and twenty-one wounded just last week in San Bernardino. Is twenty-seven dead bodies the magic number before somebody says, “You know, there seems to be an awful lot of people dying when Muslims are around. Maybe we should stop letting them come here until we get a handle on this problem?”


Bangladesh, USA

1immigrants2Fifty years of unfettered immigration has turned the United States into the welfare provider of choice for degenerate cultures to dump their human refuse upon. A decade or two moratorium on all immigration is the only hope of retaining America in any sort of recognizable form.

Back when I was moderate and lacked understating of the world, I considered immigration, even the illegal type, as a perfectly natural state of affairs. The rest of the non-Western world being such a horrible place to live, it was no wonder immigrants braved scorching deserts and choppy seas to reach the land of Walmarts and white women.

Allowing hardworking, little brown people into the country was, as Jeb Bush states it, an act of compassion and love.

Being the son and grandson of immigrants myself, I had heard the stories of how miserable life was in the Azores, which was still technically part of the Western world, so it only made sense for hardworking, ambitious people to yearn for escape from places that were surely even worse.

My awakening began in my late teens when I asked my mother why Grandpa always talked about moving back to Portugal one day, a dream that appeared more and more silly every year, considering he retired in 1983.

The response from my mother was that Portugal had changed since they left. The Monarchy had been replaced by the Socialists, or the Communists, as she and my aunts like to call the ruling party. All the Portagees with any ambition left long ago. The ones that remained considered men like my grandfather an absolute fool to have abandoned a country that provides subsidies for just about all of life’s needs for a land where you work seven days a week, are responsible for maintaining your own health insurance, and worry about what crops you are going to plant every year.

Oh, the horror of having more work than you know what to do with, being able to pick your own health insurance, and being free to chose your own fate.

Those were the precise reasons Grandpa immigrated; legally, I might add.

He waited quite a long time for his turn to come up, and I’m glad it happened when it did. As arduous as it was, and with the benefit of an ancestor who became a US citizen during the California gold rush, it still took nearly a decade to do what a typical illegal immigrant accomplishes with a midnight troll through the desert and a refreshing swim.

Clearly, Grandpa was the idiot for not being born Mexican and having the benefit of a land border with the United States.

The full profundity of the explanation eluded me at a time in my life I spent being asked to leave several institutions of higher learning for what my guidance counselors called “lack of application, disruption of the learning environment, and outright belligerence toward authority,” but I called refusal to buy into their faggoty bullshit.

1mercer7Even though I partially bought into their self-loathing, sociological nihilism of the United States having become a salad bowl, discrete ingredients from one another to make up the whole, asking the professor how well forced association of disparate ethnic groups and a lack of national identity was working out for Czechoslovakia, the Baltic states, the Middle East, and Yugoslavia was not the sort of question he was prepared to answer at that moment.

The last thing I heard, as the professor ejected me from the class, was Diversity is our strength! I cut my losses and withdrew from that Chemistry class.

What I learned to my astonishment was that college professors will take it out on your class grade for expressing dissent and the colleges themselves will eventually kick you out over the matter, despite having been paid full tuition for the semester.

It wasn’t until I lived in San Diego and work (at a university, the name of which I guarantee you would recognize) entailed contact with elements of the Mexican government that I began to understand what a failed culture, complete with endemic bureaucracy and institutionalized graft, looked like. The American school system can only aspire to be as thorough and efficient in their corruption as the Mexican government. Working along the Southwest border only deepened that conviction.

Then came work in Southwest Asia, where you are more likely to find a heard of wild unicorns that a government official who is not on the take. It’s a region of the world where farm animals, foreign aid workers, and any child left unattended are all equally vulnerable to forced buggery by Mohammed-loving, Allah-fearing, upstanding pillars of the community.

You’ll have to excuse me for believing in the superiority of any religion whose most exalted prophet would get, at least, a little bit upset at the prospect of one of his followers forcibly sodomizing anybody.

Even ignoring the religious aspect, which is a near impossibility for huge swaths of the world, let’s concentrate on culture, as defined by national boundaries, since that is what immigration is defined by.

In the Americas, I challenge you to find a country based less on Socialist rhetoric than the United States. They are all generally far poorer by any measure than America, but if Latin American nations had the kind of money we did and lived up to their Socialist, utopian rhetoric, they would make America look like Scrooge McDuck.

1immigrants5However, the reality is there isn’t enough money in existence to live up to those sorts of promises, despite whatever the financial-Down-Syndrome stricken Bernie Sanders thinks.

The nearest country to America in the Western Hemisphere is Canada, and last I heard, Canadians were still lining up to become Americans. Why they don’t just walk across the border like everybody else baffles me. It still is the world’s longest undefended border. Isn’t it? They would certainly have an easier time blending in than the assorted Spanish-speaking, brown people coming up from the southern border.

Aside from following a Canadian spouse home or fleeing law enforcement, the last time Americans fled to Canada in any appreciable numbers, both the draft and the Vietnam War were going on.

If the United States are so horrible, why are we worried about immigration instead of emigration? Except for the odd spoiled celebrity throwing an election-season temper tantrum, I don’t see too many people ditching America.

It speaks volumes to the politeness of the Canadian people and our commonality of culture (both formerly British, you know), that they go through the trouble and expense to immigrate through the established procedures.

As a quick aside, Britain did not invent western concepts such as representative governments, limits on those governments, property rights, human rights, free speech, and abolishment of slavery. Where she excelled was in spreading these ideas around the world. Every place that Britain has been came out far better in the bargain than their neighbors who did not have the benefit of learning how to be civilized while under British colonialism.

I understand the difficulty of locating illegals once they cross the border and blend in with all the other illegals already here. It’s a lot of work to go to the nearest Home Depot at six am and look for the people standing around not buying construction materials.

At least, the Mexicans and Latin American illegals usually work while they bleed American social services dry. They want to keep the host alive. Whereas the vast majority of the immigrants who must fly across water not only immediately avail themselves of social services, but begin actively tearing at the fabric of the society that just invited them in. And most of these fuckers aren’t even Christian.

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin railed against how German immigrants in Pennsylvania insulated themselves and refused to Americanize. Historians point to the War of Northern Aggression as the proving ground for Irish immigrants and their effort to join American society. Every Liberal I’ve ever met loves to make the point that all immigrant groups “take their turn” being looked down upon and accused of resisting assimilation.

Well, Franklin was right. At the beginning of the twentieth century, even with their large degree of assimilation, German bunds supported both the Kaiser in World War One, and Adolph Hitler in the Second World War, with a sizable population repatriating to the Fatherland.

During the interwar years, ostensibly Americanized Irish funded and supplied weapons to the rebels in the civil war in their homeland. Predominately Irish Catholic churches organized collections to support the overthrow of British rule in Ireland, and in later years, directly supported the IRA with money.

For Pete’s sake, Joseph Kennedy (you know, father of the thirty-fifth President of the United States) was recalled as Ambassador to Britain because, besides being an anti-Semite and general racist, he supported Hitler and Irish terrorism to drive the British out of Northern Ireland.

1immigrants4There was a twenty year moratorium on immigration in the United States during the early 1900’s specifically to give the immigrants that were already here time to become American, and we still had a residue of immigrants who refused. What hope do we have to assimilate immigrants, if we continue to let them cling to their peasant ways?

With decades to become American enough to not give a shit about the politics of the nation from which their family originated, enough people of German and Irish descent failed to become Americans that they rate a mention in history books and a half-literate, Portagee hillbilly, who was not alive to see it happen, knows they existed.

It was only the ability of society at the time to stand up to the wayward thinking immigrants and force them to join their brethren in assimilating to American ways that ultimately turned the Irish, Germans, and other groups from backward, ethnic enclave dwellers into fully participating citizens.

Thankfully, these ethnic groups’ terrorist support activities were directed outward. The current generation of immigrants direct their activities inward, led by the Democrat party and Liberals whose aim is to bankrupt the United States and reduce her to the same level of cowering wimp-hood as Europe.

The entire point of immigration is to improve a country, but the immigration policies of the past fifty years have drawn immigrants that bring the average down.

Rather than bringing in exclusively well educated, job-creating, entrepreneurs from compatible cultures (that is, Judeo-Christian), we compound the problems of the last fifty years of encouraging Latin American, peasant riff-raff by aggressively recruiting immigrants from the rest of the world’s failed cultures, who not only do not understand America or her freedoms, but actively despise and attempt to subvert them.

1immigrants3Not happy with large populations of Muslims from the third world, places that have absolutely no concept of freedom, liberty, or the sit-down toilet, the Obama administration has thrown open the doors to the dregs of humanity from armpits all over the world.

Eighty percent of mosques in the United States preach in favor of Sharia law. Most days, I refuse to use statistics because I know from experience how easy they are to manipulate to reflect whatever conclusion is preferred. So, I fully expect this statistic be poo-poo’ed, and present it to set up a point.

There should be zero-point-zero percent of mosques in the United States preaching for imposition of Sharia law.

Sharia is anathema to not only the founding and current principles of the United States, but also to the principles of any civilized nation. Nobody in any sort of leadership position within any Muslim organization repudiates terrorism, Sharia, or Jihad. If Muslims want to live like barbarians, they can do it anywhere they like besides here.

According to the Pew Research Center, Muslims, both immigrant and US born, make up less than one percent of the population (as of 2010).

The population of men with a third nipple is higher than the percentage of Muslims in the US (5.5% vs 1%), so until someone comes up with statistics showing the number of terrorists with third nipples exceeds that of the general population, I’m going to continue saying Islam has a bit of a correlation to terrorism.

I don’t think Donald Trump will make a good President. The problem is that he is the best of a bad lot. And he has it right on the single most important issue; immigration.

1immigrants5Since 1965, immigration has been the wellspring of replenishment for the Democrat party. They are brought in and given goodies as payment for voting Democrat. It’s a modernized and streamlined reboot of the Tammany Hall political machine. Just instead of Democrat political operatives meeting new immigrants at the docks and walking them to the Registrar office that happened to be located next door to a soup kitchen and job center, newly arrived immigrants are directed to a kiosk that dispenses EBT & WIC cards, AFDC applications in one-hundred-seven languages, and SSDI quick reference pamphlets immediately after clearing customs.

The ones that do decide to work don’t make enough to actually pay any federal income taxes once, all their deductions and exemptions are calculated. Oh and by the way, with the Earned Income Credit, they not only zero out any tax liability, they get additional money back from the government as a gift for being poor and an encouragement to keep crapping out children as often as possible.

Native born poor participate in this scam, as well, but at least, they are not being radicalized in large numbers at their local mosques or otherwise trying to turn America into the same sort of shit-hole they left. However, the trend has been to drag down what was once the best nation on earth, so until the immigrants already here get their collective act together, there should be a complete immigration moratorium for at least ten years, and more realistically, twenty years.

Otherwise, the United States will wind up just another failed culture, like Mexico, most of Africa, and virtually every Muslim county in the world.

Welcome to Bangladesh, U-S-of-A.