Things That Go Bump Stock in the Night

Paddock1Stephen Paddock bump fired the National Rifle Association into showing their true gun control agenda. Wayne LaPierre will gladly assist the gun-grabbers of the world, who happen to occupy both sides of the political aisle, if it means he can keep his position as King of Gun Rights and the donations flowing in from poor suckers he has bamboozled into believing he is on their side. The days of Neal Knox are long gone, and any hope of the NRA protecting the true reason for the Second Amendment died with him.

You soft-hearted types, who have trouble wrapping your heads around dispassionate after-action analyses of facts, may want to skip the next section or two. Go sit with the women and fret a while.

Listening to the audio of the Las Vegas shooting, two thing struck me. Naturally, the first was the high rate of fire. Under stress, even a moderately trained person can shoot himself dry surprising fast, but the booger hook working the bang switch tires quickly. Fatigue overtakes adrenaline with the first magazine swap, and most people come down from peak twitch pretty fast. The continued high rate of fire clued me in to a few things.

Pay attention to the pattern of fire. There were distinct pauses, but the spacing of each report sounded off. It didn’t jive with the reports of “automatic gunfire.” However, I couldn’t put my finger on the reason.

Stephen Paddock strikes me as the sort who enjoyed having his guns more than using them. Based on the crime scene photos, his firearms were pristine. Anyone who carries a gun or uses them on a regular basis knows they wear and have a tendency to get beat up. Finishes dull. They wear in a predictable pattern. Guns that are actually used also tend to carry big, ugly scratches and gouges taken out of them from being dropped occasionally. It happens. Working guns look they were dragged behind a truck and run over by a tractor. You can trust a man with a beat-to-Hell gun because it’s just a tool to him.

Stephen Paddock was a Mall Ninja, who bought his way unto being able to lay down a base of fire.

By comparison, Omar Mateen, the Pulse nightclub shooter in Orlando, killed forty-nine people versus Stephen Paddock’s fifty-eight. The vast majority of carnage in both instances occurred in the initial ten to fifteen minutes. The big differences were in the number wounded and the number of rounds expended.

In Orlando, the active shooter portion was ten to fifteen minutes, before he barricaded himself in a bathroom with hostages and didn’t fire a shot during negotiations. He initially exchanged fire with an off-duty police officer doing security duty, but things didn’t really start to turn against Omar Mateen until several more good guys showed up with guns. Funny how that works.

Pistols are for emergency use until you can get your mitts on a long-gun and get to work.

Stephen Paddock picked a great shooting position, but it was a lousy escape position. His options were through a door into a hotel hallway, down thirty-two floors, and out one of a limited number of exits on the ground floor or out a window about four hundred feet above the pavement. He definitely would not have survived option number two, but it would have been fun to watch.

Omar Mateen had a better chance of getting out of the Pulse nightclub alive. Several hours of negation was a three hour window, during which time he could have surrendered. His chances still weren’t good, but a negotiated surrender increases the odds of survival over the chaos of an assault. However, once the SWAT team initiated the rescue by blowing a hole in the bathroom wall, there weren’t many ways for the operation to end that included Mateen seeing the sun rise.

SWAT guys are the sorts who enjoy winning. They expect to come out on top in an operation, and woe be unto any who get between them and the goal. Botching the wall breach by not blowing a big enough hole to fit through is as infuriating as it is embarrassing.

Nobody may ever know how many rounds Stephen Paddock expended, but so far, the number two thousand is being thrown about. That may be a number put out by politicians to gin up public appetite to ban bump stocks, but let’s accept it, for the sake of argument.

That is some piss poor shooting. He was hosing that crowd down and relying on 22,000 people being crammed together butts-to-nuts. Stephen Paddock could have achieved a much higher death tally with a conventional firing method, or at least, some trigger control on his bump stock. He was a rank amateur.

Has anyone besides me noticed the conspicuous lack of disciplined, well-trained, mentally healthy, non-drug addled perpetrators of mass shootings?

Full-auto fire is conducted with controlled, aimed three to five round bursts. What is heard on the recordings is a man who does not have a firm grasp on how to run his weapon system. There was no skill, discipline, or commitment to craft. It seems like a last hurrah in a come-to-life game of Call of Duty by a rage-filled man bent on suicide, but who lacked the guts to do it himself absent the pressure of the police closing in on him.

By definition, the insane don’t act rationally. That can be an advantage once the shooting starts because of the gaps left to exploit by the responders. Then again, shooting up a crowd of strangers at a concert is highly irrational, in the first place. Just crazy enough to initiate the shooting is actually worse, in this case, than being nuts to the point of not being able to effectively plan and carry it out.

These shooters occupy a sweet spot on the spectrum of crazy where they are rational enough to concoct a plan and put it into action, but, luckily for everyone, not rational enough to understand the fix when their skills suck. So, just like a lot lazy, but perfectly sane and law abiding, shooters, the Stephen Paddocks of the world attempt to purchase their skill set.

You don’t improve your shooting by hanging crap off the gun. You get better by running rounds through it until parts break.

Fast is great. Accurate is greater. But living to testify in front of the Grand Jury is greatest, so I’m not too picky about how I get there. For my money, the best gunfight would more accurately be described as a “shooting” because the other guy wouldn’t get any rounds off in my direction. Hell, if I had my druthers, the other asshole wouldn’t even know the fight had begun.

Mrs. Cunha has a strict policy that I return from my adventures alive, and preferably, without any additional scars.

Based on the number of weapons in the room with him, Stephen Paddock did seem cognizant of the tendency for heat and gunk to render a weapon inoperable. I suspect the plan was to use a variant what old timers called a New York Reload; drop the gun that doesn’t go “bang” anymore and pick up one that does.

Fair fights are overrated. The objective is to win.

Some reports indicate Stephen Paddock had recently been prescribed diazepam, typically used for anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. This doesn’t mean he was taking the drug, so toxicology tests will be interesting. There is evidence to suggest that benzodiazepines, such as diazepam, can lead to aggressive behavior.

It’s also coming to light that he was a drunk and a fan of cocaine. The guy definitely liked to party and weekend-long video poker benders don’t sustain themselves. With all three of these things possibly going on inside his body at once during the shooting, it’s no wonder he sucked at his task.

Then again, bat-shit crazy is a thing, and that may be the only reason discovered. Life is full of unanswered questions.

What is not an unanswered question is what to blame in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting.

A single, solitary man named Stephen Paddock is to blame.

Bump stocks, assault rifles, and silencers are no more to blame for the loss of life in Las Vegas than tall buildings, country music concerts, or hammers. To believe otherwise is to abandon any pretense of personal accountability and turn society over to voodoo practitioners. An item’s existence neither influences its wielder nor creates an impure heart. A hammer that builds a house can just as easily be to put to use crushing a skull. It’s the workman who chooses to put the tool to use; whether that purpose be good and creative or twisted and evil.

With a moderate degree of skill and a milling machine (or a high degree of skill and access to a file and drill press), an ambitious home machinist can turn out a fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing boom stick, which is completely legal, as long as it meets AFT length requirements, is semi-auto only, does not fire from an open bolt, etc. Throw in plans downloaded from the internet, and the production process speeds up a whole bunch.

What mental defect afflicts gun grabbers?

If our ambitious machinist of moderate skill loads plans downloaded from the internet into his CNC milling machine, turns out a functioning BAR, and tests it out by shooting up the nearest grammar school, exactly what would gun grabbers want to ban?

Manufacturing a full-auto firearm is already illegal.

One option is to put firearms blueprints on par with child pornography by criminalizing its possession, dissemination, and creation. That is a moral equivalency I’m sure hoplophobes would be glad to defend and, I’m sad to say, most Americans would let pass without comment.

There are simply too few Americans hogging out their own AR receivers or having AK Bending Parties. The fact that most people reading this article have no idea what I’m talking about in the previous sentence, much less have ever participated in either activity, lends weight to the statement.

Perhaps, just like bump stocks, gun grabbers would prefer to go after the tool, instead of the man who employs it? The government could create a registry for CNC machines and license their operators. That way, they could keep tabs on every machinist in the United States and have a database from which to begin investigations on the off chance one whacked out loser out of 330 million people decided to go rogue with his weekend workshop project.

A type of bump stock called a bump board can be made with a length of board and a nail. Running a loop of 550-cord through the trigger guard and around your shoulder gets the same rate of fire as a bump stock. There is an old technique using a shooter’s thumb through the trigger guard and a belt loop that yields the same result.

Knowing how to do something is lightyears away from putting it to an evil purpose. Twisted minds and wicked hearts cannot be controlled by regulating objects.

Honestly, what surprises me is that we have so few Las Vegas type shootings.

Lawmakers, on the left in particular, but ever increasingly on the right, are more than willing to slowly suffocate every right we possess. It’s not just gun rights, but rights in general. However, firearms and any piece of gear that puts the average citizen on par with the average government actor strikes fear in politicians’ hearts because deep down in their souls, politicians know they possess the capacity to become tyrants.

As part of the Washington political establishment, organizations such as the National Rifle Association are loath to admit the Second Amendment was instituted to give the citizenry the ability change the government in the event it became tyrannical.

We are far from any such situation, and it’s a horrifying thought. However, much like mutually assured destruction through nuclear weapons during the Cold War, it kept both sides sober and honest. The prospect of having to put the threat into action encouraged everyone to keep talking to work out their differences.

The NRA long ago abdicated its mission statement of protecting firearms rights in favor of being the public relations firm for friendly, well-dressed sport shooing enthusiasts, who are too upper-middle class to entertain the notion that our descendants might possibly, one day in the distant future, run out of political options and be forced, with heavy hearts, to dismantle what our ancestors so painstakingly created.

But, hey, as long as the dues money keeps rolling, so the NRA Board of Directors don’t have to get day jobs and Wayne LaPierre continues to be invited on television and to all the Washington parties, the National Rifle Association is totally willing to play political patty-cake with our God-given rights.

To preserve their rock star lifestyles and social clout, the NRA has come out in favor of regulating bump stocks.

A small, ferocious mutt makes a better attack dog than a friendly, dopey behemoth.

As such, I would advise anyone serious about protection of the Second Amendment support more aggressive and ideologically pure champions. They are smaller organizations and may not carry the same clout in Washington, but they also aren’t buddy-buddy with those who would strip us of our rights.

Here are my favorites:

Gun Owners of America

National Association for Gun Rights

Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership

I’m not saying to quit the NRA in protest for them being pansies. They won’t care what you have to say. What I am saying is to let your membership expire and put that money where it will be used to protect your rights, instead of political deal making with people who have no qualms about marginalizing you and dictating what freedoms you may maintain.

And before some Liberal asks, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Every one of those fifty-eight lives is worth sacrificing for the right to have a bump stock. So is mine. So is yours. So is everyone’s. That’s the nature of rights. They transcend the individual.

The more important question is why aren’t you willing to protect those rights?

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Common Sense Gun Control

1Gun1Congress is currently considering the Sexual Violence Toward Women Prevention Act of 2016, which will add possession of a Y-chromosome to the category of Prohibited Firearms Possessors. Gun Control organizations, including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, and the various Bloomberg organizations, have endorsed the bill and are leading a grassroots effort to fast-track the legislation.

The bill was introduced in response to the rising levels of gun violence in recent years, combined with the inability of magazine clip capacity limits, implementation of gun-free zones, and prohibition of automatic assault weapon machine guns, to stem the tide of children’s corpses piling up faster than crunchy tube socks at an all-boys summer camp.

1gun2Citing a consensus of research scientists, the gun control organizations rightly point out that the vast majority of the prison population possesses a Y-chromosome, as do ninety percent of workers who experience workplace fatalities. Clearly, they argue, Y-chromosomes cause violent, criminal behavior which justified incarceration, as well as workplace inattention leading to fatal injuries.

“Y-chromosome possession is also the leading cause of boys pulling on girls’ pigtails and roughhousing on grammar school playgrounds across the country,” said Senator Al Franken (D – Minnesota). “Add in a gun and a few hundred-thousand Muslim, Somali refugees who refuse to assimilate, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands. We’ve got to think of the children.”

“It’s really about protecting the majority of the American population from the violent minority,” added Vice President Joe Biden. “It’s a teeny, tiny bit of liberty exchanged for an awful lot of safety and security.”

1gun3In addition to co-sponsorship from stalwart feminist legislators, who were kind enough to take a break from demanding equal workplace representation of women in the coal mining and sanitation engineering fields, the enlightened leftist of The View showed support for the bill by wearing paper X’s pinned to their lapels and declared they would here forth eschew the letter “Y,” as it is a symbol of misogyny.

When asked whether the letter would be deleted from the English alphabet or simply replaced with a similar sounding vowel, such as “women” to “womyn,” the ladies were at a loss.

As would be expected, the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action plans to mount a vigorous opposition and eventual legal battle, should the bill become law.

“The Y-gene/violence connection isn’t settled science and is bad basis for law,” tweeted the NRA-ILA account, shortly before its blue “Verified” check was rescinded and the account suspended for promoting hate speech.

History is clearly on the side of the bill’s supporters. During the beginning of the 20th century, Turkey found its Armenian population to be quite disruptive and took away their guns. As a result, when was the last time anyone heard a peep out of Armenians that didn’t involve a parade or a restaurant opening?

1gun4Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Pinochet, et al., not having the benefit of a living Constitution that changes meaning with the times, had to go about the distasteful task of persecuting and murdering their troublesome minorities to maintain political control the old fashioned way.

The Sexual Violence Toward Women Prevention Act of 2016 will protect American women against violent men with dangerous guns by preventing them from possessing them in the first place; just like the Volstead Act and the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 were such rousing successes.


This article was originally written for and appeared in the Libertarian Party of Florida newsletter The Quill. Editor Raquel Okyay graciously granted permission to re-publish.


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Why, Yes. That is a Pistol in my Pocket.

1concealed2The New York Times opinion piece, “The Concealed Carry Fantasy,” cast all gun owners as literal murders roaming the streets of America, in search of innocents to kill. According to the New York Times Editorial Board, they have the statistics to prove it, too.

I mentioned a couple of articles ago that I neither trust nor rely on statistics to prove my points. Not so much because I can’t count, but because I spent so many years in the belly of the beast manipulating numbers to prove whatever the boss wanted to show.

Statistics are the refuge of those unable to take a principled stand and unwilling to hang their enemies from the nearest light pole.

The foundation of the piece, drawn from the Concealed Carry Killers website, “a resource maintained by the Violence Policy Center that includes hundreds of examples of non-self defense (sic) killings by private citizens with permits to carry concealed, loaded handguns in public,” and their fifteen page “Analysis of Federal Bureau of Investigation and National Crime Victimization Survey Data” titled Firearm Justifiable Homicides and Non-Fatal Self-Defense Gun Use, shows the sharp critical thinking, intense intellectual rigor, and deep statistical acumen of a seventh grader banging out a Social Studies paper the night before it is due.

According to the report (and I use that term in the most generous meaning), the United States experienced 763 homicides by concealed carriers since 2008 that were not ruled self-defense. Fine. We’ll play their game with their numbers.

Here’s the problem: All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murders. Not only can the unnamed writers at the New York Times, with their fancy educations and urbane understanding of nuance, not grasp this nuance, but neither do they understand most shootings do not end in death. As a matter of fact, most don’t, so to focus solely on deaths in the attempt to discredit concealed carriers is disingenuous in its sloppiness.

These are the same assholes who make their Sunday crossword puzzle virtually unsolvable just for the sake of being elitist showoffs. Y’all can go fuck yourselves.

In the South, we have the phrase, “He needed killing.” It’s a concept that is more widespread than Liberals and Yankees want to admit.

1concealed1Every jurisdiction in the United States has the concept of justifiable homicide, called excusable homicide in some places. For the uninitiated and purposely deceptive, “homicide” is the killing of a human being. It comes in several different flavors; intentional, unintentional, justifiable, negligent, and accidental. Even murder comes has different categories, depending on the amount of premeditation and malice involved. The exact wording may vary from place to place, but the basic idea is that not all killings are equally bad or equally deserving of punishment.

I’d go so far as to say the act of killing another human being is morally neutral.

It’s neither good nor bad until assessment of the circumstances. The robber who kills a little old lady in a home invasion is by every measure the scum of the Earth. However, the little old lady who shoots the home invader dead will find herself being apologized to by the responding police officers for tracking mud across her carpet. Depending on the town, the cops might not even take her gun as evidence.

And if you live in a place where you don’t think what I just described would happen, I feel sorry you. My suggestion would be to move away from there as soon as possible. Just don’t come down South, unless you plan to conform to our ways. We’re busy enough driving out the carpetbaggers we already have.

Liberals, the group of people who love nuance and shades of gray when explaining why a fetus is not a human being prior to severing the umbilical cord, suddenly love all life when it comes to gun confiscation.

In the blatant lie pushed by the New York Times Editorial Board, the 763 killings committed by concealed carriers were wonton acts of murder perpetrated by hardened criminals possessed of an insatiable blood-lust. I call what the New York Times is doing a lie because they present their number as some sort of hard statistic. A click of the mouse and six minutes of plain old reading show the basis of the article, the report from the completely unbiased Concealed Carry Killers website, to be a manipulation of FBI statistics to fit their anti-gun agenda.

It’s magnificently clear the Violence Policy Center is simply another organization formed with the ultimate goal of complete firearm prohibition by dividing gun owners into smaller, more easily defeated groups.

I’d link to the study and the organization’s website, but I refuse to send petty tyrants the traffic. Neither do I want their stink on my web stats.

Quite honestly, the Concealed Carry Killers website is nothing more than a collection of anecdotes collected from news reports masquerading as research. The numbers, which are the furthest thing possible from statistics, are intentionally worded to double-count incidents and inflate the results to support their agenda. They disclose on the site that the data set is incomplete, but then whine about “the gun lobby” keeping the data under wraps. What a bunch of cry-babies.

1concealed4Isn’t that just like a Liberal to completely discount millions of occurrences where nothing bad happened to focus of the minuscule number sensational enough to make the papers? Commercial air travel (especially in the Western world, and double especially in the United States) is safer than it’s ever been, but if the anti-gunners magically became “anti-air travel,” the website would be called “Death in an Aeroplane” and completely omit mention that your odds of being struck by lightning next Tuesday are better than the chances of you ever dying in a commercial airplane crash.

I have neither the space nor the desire to numb my readers’ minds pointing out each instance of obfuscation and cherry picking these retards engage in. Let me just say that considering there are 11.1 million currently valid concealed carry permits, 763 deaths spread over eight years is minuscule to the point of absurdity. And once you consider that, by the website’s own admission, half of those deaths were suicides, concealed carriers come out as far less dangerous to the lives of others than choking to death on a chicken bone or passing out drunk in a hot tub.

I tried to calculate a percentage, but the calculator on my computer can’t handle a result with so many zeros between the decimal point and the first whole number.

By the way, that 11.1 million number isn’t even counting people carrying concealed in the last of the free states, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Puerto Rico (surprisingly enough), Vermont, and Wyoming, that don’t require any licensing at all.

And more are coming. All of this drives the gun grabbers bat-shit crazy.

“But Carlos, isn’t every life precious and worth saving?” No, not really. I can think of half a dozen people I know who aren’t worth shouting “look out,” if a runaway taxi was headed toward them. However, I’m willing to agree to that statement as soon as Liberals agree that life begins at conception.

I’ve always said that personalization is the last resort of a losing argument. Beat a Liberal down with facts and well-reasoned, articulate logic that appeals to any concept higher than personal avarice, and you will immediately be met with, “Well, what if it happened to you?”

This tactic reveals the Liberal mindset. At the end of the day, every policy decision is reduced to personal feelings and individual gain. It matters not what builds a self-reliant society with a strong economy. All that matters to Liberals is how they feel about themselves and what they stand to gain.

The Liberal world-view is based on three basic factors:

Mistrust of their neighbors

All Liberals are brilliant, compassionate, and sophisticated; just ask one, and he’ll tell you. They possess the answer to all of life’s questions, and a few more that could only be formulated by someone with a lot of free time on his hands.

I once worked with a Liberal jackass, a distasteful little wretch of a man who nearly got me killed on two separate occasions in two different ways, whose view on gun control was that of complete, forcible confiscation.

His reasoning? He neither trusted anyone to handle firearms without a negligent discharge that would pierce every obstacle between him and the muzzle nor be able to control the impulse to begin blasting away in a moment of anger.

Let that sink in for a minute.

According to this logic, every human being on Earth is utterly incapable of controlling his emotions. I didn’t bother to ask what he proposed be done about knives, hatchets, claw hammers, baseball bats, large rocks, or people’s fists, since the response would have been equally condescending and asinine as the first assertion.

His concern had more to do with his own lack of self-control than anything else. It was demonstrably wrong because the other seven guys who worked with him managed every day to control their own urges to throw him off a Hetco and let Hajji have at him.


There isn’t a Liberal alive who doesn’t believe he’s Albert Einstein, King Solomon, and Johnny Appleseed all rolled into one and tied with an environmentally friendly, forty percent post-consumer, recycled green bow. It’s a good thing they reject Christianity. Otherwise, they’d all claim to be Jesus Christ.

Actually, I can think of a few Liberals who already think they are Christ.

Yankee Liberals are particularly obnoxious in this regard, but West Coast Liberals aren’t much better.

I read an article about the prolonged drought in California and the unexpected side effects from the gubernatorial fiat to reduce water consumption from his Executive Highness Jerry Brown, the man who should have called his life’s work complete boinking Linda Ronstadt and was re-elected Governor after a twenty-eight year break by an electorate largely too young to remember that his first stint wearing the black top-coat with “GOV” across the back was about as enjoyable as watching a live sex show staring your grandparents and a Mexican donkey.

To the state’s credit, they have reduced their water consumption by nearly a third (assuming their numbers can be trusted, which is a suspect proposition from the start). Water is an important resource, but California is going to pay for it. An unintended consequence is there is not enough water flowing through the sewer systems to operate properly. All the nastiness is building up in the sewer pipes, corroding them prematurely, and causing sewage backups in low-lying areas.

I shit you not, if you’ll pardon the pun. California is constipated and in desperate need of an enema.

The various damage, plus reduced water bills from less use, has left the state with over a billion dollar shortfall in their budget. Not only are water-desperate trees and plants sending out roots that block and damage pipes carrying any sort of moisture that then have to be augured out by hand, but the sewers have to be flushed out in a process I will be just fine never knowing the details of. But on the bright side, there will be plenty of work for the illegal Mexicans looking to do jobs Americans don’t want to do.

Lust for Power

The biggest fear of a Liberal is the prospect of someone, somewhere doing something that the Liberal does not approve of.

Bonfires on the beach, off-roading in the desert, and hunting from the back porch, while not explicitly protected by the Constitution, are freedoms that have been hemmed in and picked away at over the years, largely by left-leaning busybodies.

It’s not that Liberals don’t like to have fun. They just don’t always know how to do it right.

My idea of fun generally involves activities that are hazardous, bad for my health, or annoying to anyone within three leagues; that’s a smidge over ten miles, if you were wondering. Hence, one of the reasons I live out in the boondocks.

Liberals hate that about me. When I lived in California, Liberal neighbors were always the first ones to call the cops because I was butchering a deer in the front yard (it was the only tree strong enough to hold it up) or skinning and fleshing a coon in the garage.

Not content to bury entrepreneurs in regulation, impose speech codes in universities, ban guns, and generally suck the fun out of everybody else’s life in their own communities, they descend like Liberal locusts on new, free areas of the country, populated by independent souls, to impose the guiding Liberal philosophy of “If I don’t like it, you can’t do it.”

Arizona and Texas, in particular, have experienced this. Waves of Liberals, after destroying the economies of their own states, look for greener economic pastures, generally in the South, where strangers wave at each other, most doors are unlocked, and “Had a deer tag to fill” is counted as an excused absence on school attendance sheets.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m one of those California transplants. The difference being that like any proper immigrant, I came to assimilate. I, like many other Adopted Sons of the South, escaped social oppression and economic despair for somewhere we fit in. None of us asks the South to change. Quite the contrary, we hope she doesn’t change. Unfortunately, there are precious few of us.

What these insidious carpetbaggers do is infiltrate positions of authority, usually starting with school boards and city councils. Then they wait. They bide their time voting on the colors for homecoming, while secretly steeling their knives, as like-minded friends are surreptitiously added around them. It’s a similar tactic as is being used by Muslims all across the Western world. And in both cases, they are winning.

Back to gun confiscation and what to do about it.

1concealed3The price of our freedoms is not fighting Nazis or Russians or ISIS. The threat is internal. It comes from family, neighbors, co-workers, and people who pretend to be your friends. These well-meaning people, who are bemused at your old fashioned adherence to concepts such as honor, American exceptionalism, and that the Founding Fathers really did mean rocket launchers, hand grenades, and machine guns when they wrote “arms,” are the same ones who are trying to disarm all of us in a slow process of weakening in preparation for slaughter by our eventual invaders, while the Liberals collaborate their way into survival.

Don’t associate with people who would see you a slave in the name of their feelings. Do not socialize with them. Do not patronize their businesses. Do not go out of your way in the slightest for them. Shun them at every opportunity. Heap scorn upon them, if you feel the urge. Consider moving out of Liberal infested areas and leaving them to rot. They will eventually collapse under their own weight like Detroit, Chicago, or the entire state of California.

It’s time to stop being the polite, friendly, welcoming group of firearms enthusiasts the NRA wants us to be. The NRA hasn’t represented gun culture since Neal Knox was forced out, anyway. They are firmly a gun control organization. Join Gun Owners of America, The Firearms Coalition, or Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, if you want to support a group that actually believes in the Second Amendment as it was written.

Deport Ian Mercer

1MercerIf Oregon shooter Christopher Harper Mercer owning fourteen firearms is responsible for the Umpqua College shooting, as his father has implied in news interviews, then Ian Mercer belongs in prison.

In a widely circulated news interview this week, Ian Mercer, not looking terribly distraught at having just lost his son, prattled on in a lower-class English accent, that only marginally disguises his Elmer Fudd-speech impediment, about how his son’s ability to amass fourteen firearms was the reason Christopher Harper Mercer went on a shooting spree at Umpqua Community College.

Grieving or not, Ian Mercer’s thought process is so fucked up and incompatible with the American ethos that he should be deported.

Liberals love to call two or more firearms under the same roof an “arsenal.” I think that’s their actual definition. It’s an intentionally misused term, like “gay rights” or “self-esteem.”

1IanMercer1Ian Mercer never mentioned if there was a magical number of allowable, heavily regulated firearms that would be just shy of the “Shoot up your school” level of crazy most recently displayed by his son. However, going back as far as I can remember, mass shooters always seem to have more than one gun with them. Even Lee Harvey Oswald had more than one with him, so perhaps Ian Mercer believes a total prohibition would have prevented Christopher Harper Mercer from going on his rampage.

We need only look to his homeland England for proof. In 1997, Britain outlawed all but seven shotguns that are loaned out to farmers for predator control, but only after the creature has killed three people (one, if it’s a Muslim because they’re more valuable) and ignored a sternly worded cease-and-desist order from the local magistrate.

Despite a prohibition so complete there is hardly a Brit left who has touched a gun, much less knows how to effectively employ one, any Englishman willing to disregard the law is able to get his hands on a firearm with less paperwork and government oversight than an American has to endure purchasing a can of spray paint in a California Home Depot.

And if tracking down the local stolen-arms dealer is too much trouble, knives, hammers, and various other bunt and heavy everyday items are an only slightly less effective and popular choice, as evidenced by the sky-high rates of knife-related crimes in England.

It seems malice was not confiscated along with the firearms in England.

1mercer3The only conclusion I can draw is Ian Mercer was a gun prohibitionist prior to Christopher Harper Mercer’s final flip out. Perhaps we should put him in touch with Andy Parker, so Ian can stand on corpses for personal gain, too. He actually strikes me as being so habitually AWOL from his son’s life, that all but the most general details escape his knowledge, and is now using the shooting to push his social agenda.

What the gun-grabbing gaylords and their ilk don’t understand is the fundamental nature of Americans.

We are a fundamentally independent minded people who chafe at being told what to do. We resent prohibitions that presume criminal intent by mere possession. And we sure as Hell feel no need to justify a desire to exercise a right. Begging permission is not something a free people do.

Christopher Harper Mercer had every right to own fourteen firearms. All the foot stomping and blame-shifting in the world by Ian Mercer does not change that fact. His mother, Laurel Harper, seems to love relying on her son’s Asperger’s Syndrome to garner attention from strangers on-line and justify her son’s childhood temper tantrums.

Laurel Harper is now giving interviews, too. She’s clearly a Gun Gal, and Christopher Harper Mercer’s “access to an arsenal” was via his mother’s legally acquired firearms. So, in essence, just like the other Mama’s Boy Adam Lanza, Christopher Harper Mercer stole the firearms he used at Umpqua Community College. No law, background check, or gun registry would have prevented his acquisition.

Perhaps it’s the larger issue of extended adolescence the Western world is experiencing. Americans are pretty bad about this. None of us wants to see his child hurt, but I can tell you the best life lessons I have learned were the ones that involved scabs, a punch in the face, or an Emergency Room visit.

1IanMercer4Ian Mercer and Laurel Harper have fallen into the modern feminist fallacy that fathers to not matter. Regardless of the reasons she left Ian Mercer, neither parent did the boy any favors, even if he hadn’t ultimately gone on a shooting spree. Ian Mercer was an absentee father who had virtually no contact with his son. Laurel Harper made her son the man of the house, and at twenty-six, was entirely too old to be living at home with mommy as an full-grown man-child.

Attend all the ballgames and movie premiers you want, divorced dads. Showing up every other weekend to do fun stuff and impart life-lesson while watching sunsets on the beach still means you fall short. The time simply cannot be made up. The reasons why or who has what fault are immaterial.

The strong, proud, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to raise children has produced another murderer. Instead of confiscating guns, we need to confiscate single mothers.

Jews have the tradition of bar mitzvah, conducted at thirteen years old, where the applicant is presented to the community as an adult capable of understanding the difference between right and wrong, be responsible for his actions, and old enough to begin considering the impact of decisions and behavior.

It’s a wonderful tradition the rest of America should consider. If it’s too Jewish for your taste, suspension from hooks pierced through the pectoral flesh or facing down a charging bull would work just as well. The point is Americans need something to mark the end of childhood and beginning of adulthood. Otherwise, we end up a society of grown men desperately clinging to childhood and dropping out of society because being a man is too hard and delivers too few benefits.

Extended adolescence is destroying America in general, and manhood, specifically. Look no further than Ian Mercer, if you’d like a glimpse of manhood when a society exchanges freedom for safety. The reaction of horror to fourteen firearms in the general vicinity of each other is evidence of this.

The last statistic I read proclaimed there are almost enough guns in the United States to give one to each man, woman, and child. And by my math, we need to triple that number.

Every adult should have at an absolute minimum a rifle, pistol, and shotgun in NATO caliber. Whether United States citizens ever have to resist a tyrannical government (in which case, necessity may dictate field acquisition of munitions) or a Red Dawn-type situation (in which case, the government would likely supply materiel to irregular troops; i.e. the militia), commonality of ammunition will be important.

Throw in a .22 pistol for dispatching pest animals, a .22 rifle for small game and general screwing around, a deer rifle, duck gun, upland bird gun, trap and skeet double shotgun, a concealed carry pistol, what we called in Texas a “Barbeque Gun” (a pretty pistol for formal occasions), a .410 shotgun for when a 12 gauge is just too much gun, a hide-out/backup pistol, and a beater rifle, pistol, and shotgun in the truck, fourteen firearms doesn’t sound so excessive, anymore. Does it?

And that’s just an example of working guns. Even a narrowly focused category, such as Colt Single Action Armys, Swiss Vetterlis, or US small arms of the Second World War, will result in an impressive number of firearms. Broaden the scope to Enfields or Mausers, and you will run out of wall space to display them before acquiring a specimen of every variant.

But to Liberals, a gun is a gun is a gun, and they are all evil killing machines with no legitimate place in civilized society.

Ian Mercer would puzzle at both how such a person described above has not been driven to a maniacal shooting spree and the person’s need for this number of firearms.

The simple answer to Ian Mercer is, “Fuck you. That’s why.”

A less belligerent, more intellectually nuanced, and politically astute man might say something about God-given, inalienable, individual rights enshrined and guaranteed as sacrosanct in American’s founding documents.

I’m not that man.

1IanMercer2Ian Mercer, along with the rest of the world’s gun-grabbers, lacks an understanding of the fundamentally independent and self-reliant nature of the average American. We don’t play well with others. We are not bi-partisan. And we most certainly don’t like to be told what to do. We also have a massive distaste for authority.

They also hate freedom. In that aspect, they are no better than ISIS. We have enough trouble with the homegrown Liberals curtailing the religious rights of Christians and suppressing cultures with which they disagree.

Before the “What about when it’s your child” and “How many will it take” questions flow in, I will give you the non-NRA approved response. “All of them.”

I don’t give a fat baby’s dick about your kids, and clearly, neither do the parents of the dead children.

The odds of a mass shooting occurring at a particular K-12 school this year are 1 in 53,000. Those are about the same odds as being struck by lightning. And yet, I don’t see anyone putting their child in a Faraday cage for protection from lightning. By the way, the odds of any of us being injured by a toilet this year are 1 in 10,000.

These statistics are presented only partially tongue-in-check. I spent several years manipulating numbers to show anything, so I have a particular disdain for statistics. Those who disagree with me can easily produce their own that support their position. However, two immutable truths render all statistics and emotional appeals moot.

First, I still don’t give a shit about your kids. Second, there is no price too high to pay for freedom; not my life, my children’s lives, your life, or your children’s lives. Two World Wars, the Revolutionary War, and the War of Northern Aggression should be plenty of proof that freedom, not only of a people, but of individuals, is worth sacrificing an entire generation.

If Liberals felt as strongly about gun rights as they do forcing Christians to cater gay weddings, the government would be issuing everyone an M-4, and heads-of-households an M-9.

As a nation, we have forgotten what it means to be self-reliant as we run into the arms of Big Daddy Government like a child frightened by a nightmare. We have traded liberty for a sense of security one slice at a time and demand more of the same. Our actions (and especially, similar ones by European nations) have proven Ben Franklin was right. We do not deserve our liberty.

Westernized nations can’t even reproduce enough little Westerners to replace the dying population each year, and so, resort to immigrants to buoy the population. The rub is that each immigrant allowed in, especially those from cultures that want to destroy the host, fundamentally change their new homeland to resemble the shithole they just fled.

If Ian Mercer, Piers Morgan, and the like are the sorts of British immigrants America gets, we should stop allowing them to come. Now, that I think about it, let’s just cease all immigration now because most of them refuse to assimilate, and many of them are creating mass killers who shoot up colleges, bomb marathons, and attack military recruiting centers.

Podium of Corpses

4parkerAlison Parker’s body wasn’t room temperature before her father, Andy Parker, began pushing gun control drivel in the wake of her murder. Like any good Liberal, when Vester Lee Flanagan gunned down Alison Parker and Chris Hurst, Andy Parker seized the opportunity to push his political agenda down the collective throat of an unwilling populace.

The vehemently anti-freedom Democrat Party jumped at the chance to convert a grieving father into a social justice pawn. Andy Parker was only too willing to pick up the torch from Sarah Brady, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, and Gabby Giffords.

Does having a child murdered turn parents into hoplophobes or do we only hear from the ones that already are?

For the sake of my belief in humanity, I hope the first part is the case. Otherwise, the option left is that we have a country full of parents who are such ideologues that rather than mourn the death of their children, they use their dead children as megaphones and moral currency to advance the cause of gutting the Constitution.

I don’t begrudge any parent mourning the death of his child. I also expect him to mourn in private. Once you take your grief public and become a group’s spokesman and lobbyist, you have become fair game for public ridicule. It’s a simple formula: go private to stay private.

This scumbag and his wife are using their child’s corpse as a podium from which they plan to make a living taking the moral high ground.

If the truth were to be told, I know neither him, the victims, nor the perpetrator, and would have likely gone the rest of my life without knowing any of them. Every single one of them is completely inconsequential to my life, but dammit, if they might not have an influence on the life of every gun owner, now.

Liberals like Andy Parker cannot stand being inconsequential and grasp at every ghoulish event to gain street cred and push their agenda. I salute every parent who withdraws from the limelight to mourn his child in private without inviting strangers to the wake.

It’s been two weeks, and we have heard barely a peep out of Adam Ward’s family. Perhaps it is because they understand a madman, and not the instrument he used, killed their boy. The Ward family does not fit the narrative of Liberals, and they are thankfully being ignored by them. I hope God gives the Ward family strength and comfort.

Were I in Andy Parker’s shoes, I don’t think I’d be in any sort of condition to make the rounds of the television news shows with my daughter’s Down Syndrome affected boyfriend, Chris Hurst.

Again, if you want to mouth off in public, you should expect the public to mouth off back.

3parkerWhen Corky has the benefit of hindsight to evaluate this situation, Chris Hurst will realize Vester Flanagan did him a solid by freeing him of the drama that was sure to come in the fairly likely event that a workplace love affair between two twenty-somethings falls apart.

By Chris Hurst’s own admission in at least one interview, he and Alison Parker celebrated “month-aversaries” because their relationship was all of nine months old. They were deeply in love, planned to marry, grow old together, and indicated such by moving in together.

Jesus Christ on a Saltine Cracker. MONTH-AVERSARIES? I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

There’s no way in Hell a man thought up this bullshit. And for going along with this stupidity, I hope one of the vaccines that seems to have given Chris Hurst a mild case of Autism also made him sterile. The last thing we need as a society is more pussies making children.

I get the feeling Chris doesn’t have a father around to slap him across the back of the head and say, “What the fuck are you doing playing house with this nutty bitch?”

2VesterVester Flanagan saved Chris Hurst a boatload of suffering and money in attorney fees, child support, and replacing half the stuff he would have lost in the divorce.

I engaged in plenty of dumbassery when I was Chris’ ages, and he seemed headed for the same blind alley I went down. Now, Chris will squander the time he should dedicate to playing up the dead girlfriend angle for meaningful sympathy sex. Instead, he’s going to spend the rest of his life as a pinch-faced Robin to that hypocrite Andy Parker’s Batman.

My God, why is youth always wasted on the young?

The last person in the world who should be deciding or influencing any sort of public policy are victims. They are simply too close to the cause to have any sort of clinical distance. Sarah Brady, Gabby Giffords, Andy Parker, etc. can’t be trusted to not trample the rights of the vast majority of United States citizens in their zeal to assuage their grief.

No gun law short of complete prohibition would have possibly prevented Alison’s death, and no gun law will bring her back. Make a change where you can, Andy. Perhaps advocate where the real problem lays; how we deal with crazy fucks. You would not push for prohibition of cars had she died in a drunk driving accident.

I call Andy Parker a hypocrite for a very specific and demonstrable reason. Sometime during the first week that Andy Parker was dragging Alison’s body between news interviews and gun control meetings with Democrat politicians, he found time to drop by the local County Sheriff’s office to apply for a Concealed Carry permit.

Apparently, Andy Parker views the people he would like to strip rights from as mentally unstable as the man who murdered his daughter and disposed to come gunning for him.

How magnanimous of Andy Parker to risk his personal safety for my children’s. In the course of twelve hours after Alison Parker and Adam Ward being murdered, Andy Parker decided he would make it his life’s work to eliminate the scourge of gun violence from American society. Of course, my preference would be for people to stop trying to help me so much.

6parkerThere are two types of irony in Andy Parker deciding to carry a firearm to protect his own safety; the humorous kind and the kind that makes you angry. Andy Parker’s hypocrisy falls into the second category. An example of humorous irony would be if Andy Parker carried a Glock 19, the same type used to gun down his daughter and Adam Ward.

If Andy Parker happens to walk into your gun store to make a purchase, please, please, please, do everything in your power to sell him a Glock 19, and then only give him 10-round magazines because “You only need ten rounds.”

Andy Parker has been pretty general on the extent to which he would like to infringe on his fellow citizens’ Constitutional rights, but I get nervous whenever anyone uses the terms “reasonable” or “common sense” in relation to taking from me.

My definition of reasonable in this instance is “none.” There should be no more paperwork associated with the retail purchase of a firearm than to buy a gallon of milk, but I might be open to “reasonable” restrictions, such as prohibiting possession by non-US citizens, persons convicted of felonies that actually involve a firearm in the commission, and the bat-shit crazy, which as far as I can tell includes virtually all Liberals.

Something tells me that Andy Parker would disagree with my interpretation of the term “reasonable.” The discussion of what constitutes reasonable is a perfectly legitimate argument to have. The trouble is gun-grabbing Liberals keep demanding the definition of reasonable be reevaluated each time an agreement is reached.

The ultimate endgame of Andy Parker, and freedom hating Liberals like him, is complete prohibition of firearms everywhere.

In one of the dozens of interviews Andy Parker has given in his attempt to be the next John Walsh, Andy said, “They picked the wrong family to mess with.” Exactly who is this “they” he referenced? Vester Flanagan killed Alison Parker all by himself. What “they” is there left now that Flanagan killed himself?

The only “they” I can imagine Andy Parker to be referencing is what Liberals call “The Gun Lobby,” unless there is some secret cabal of gay, black men sending out lone assassins to eradicate the Parker clan.

According to Liberals, The Gun Lobby is a group of death merchants funded by the Illuminati and responsible for the murder of each person who catches a hunk of lead by issuing fully-automatic, clip-fed, belt-operated, assault weapon guns to babies as they exit the womb.

1VesterConsidering that Andy Parker went on a whirlwind political junket meeting the Virginia Governor, State and Federal Congressional representatives, and a slew of gun control advocates, all while working through the initial shock of his daughter being murdered and picking gun control as the new direction of his life in about twelve hours, the only conclusion I can draw is that he had all these people on speed dial because he anticipated the events.

Andy Parker knew in his bones that the Gay, Black, Gun Lobby would come after him eventually for his Liberal beliefs by targeting his loved ones. He just didn’t know when they would strike. Andy had to gamble and use his only daughter as bait to draw them out of the shadows. He lost the bet, and now Andy Parker is going for double or nothing to bring down the whole Washington Gun Lobby.

Holy shit. In seventy-four words, I wrote the plot summary for Taken 4. Quick. Get Liam Neeson on the phone. Tell Liam we’ve got a gig for him.

And tell that fiend Andy Parker to quit using his daughter’s corpse as potting soil to revive his frustrated career as a celebrity.