Human Sacrifice to Socialism

Picture: FeatureWorldCharlie Gard died Britain’s sacrifice on the National Health Service alter to their god socialism. The infant boy, born August 2016 with mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, is the next increment of government abrogation of parental rights, and it’s coming American shores.

As parents, we have virtually unlimited prerogative when making all manner of choices on children’s behalf. Permanent, life altering decisions, whether as benign as circumcision or as controversial as eschewing vaccines, have traditionally been left to the people who also bear the responsibility for the children for which they make decisions.

Liberals want to own your children as much as ISIS does.

Government busybodies in the British National Health Service, English courts, and the European Court of Human Rights denied his release from hospital all citing Charlie Gard’s grim prognosis and slim possibility of recovery. The British government and their collectivist bureaucrats in Brussels declared Charlie Gard’s life wasn’t worth saving. Apparently, National Health Service had better things to spend public money on, such as Viagra for Muslim invaders and breast implants.

Even after privately raising over one million, National Health Service refused to allow Charlie out of their care, so his parent could explore other treatment options. In all but name, Charlie Gard was held prisoner and sentenced to death by the British government.

Make no mistake, National Health Service sounds innocuous enough, but it is a government-run, single-payer health scheme with the power to decide who will receive what course of treatment, if at all. Even seeking out second or third opinions, every single doctor draws his paycheck from the government, follows the same directives, and suffers under the same master, if they rock the medical boat. Patients can appeal all they like, but the answer, as with Charlie Gard, is always the same when a patient cannot appeal to the free market for medical care.

This is the exact scenario the media and the rest of the Left pilloried Sarah Palin over when she predicted Death Panels as the natural results of healthcare rationing from a single-payer system.

A government monopoly on the supply of healthcare mean bureaucrats have the power of life or death.

By the time Charlie Gard was examined by the American doctor offering an experimental treatment, the infant was too far gone. The doctor said there was nothing he could do for Charlie. Perhaps, had he seen the boy before all the litigation five months before, there would have been a ten percent chance of saving Charlie Gard’s life.

Ten percent isn’t that great, either, but if your house is on fire and the choices are stay put for certain death or chance one-in-ten odds charging thought a second floor window, I know which option I would take. Those slim odds begin to look quite reasonable in dire situations.

Charlie was ultimately transferred to hospice care to await his death. Not unexpectedly for socialized medicine, the facility found themselves “unable to assemble the equipment and staff necessary” to care for him. This after nurses in the facility volunteered their off time to care for Charlie in his final days, and give his parents time say goodbye in their way.

The Left’s taste for watching babies die has progressed from inside the womb to outside it.

Liberals murder infants the way I go through a can of chewing tobacco, with disturbingly messy gusto, so their collective desire to watch a child slowly dies is not surprising.

A cynic might wonder whether the British government would have washed their hands of Charlie Gard so quickly and been so tenacious in acting on what the National Health Service viewed as his best interests had his name been Mohammed. Rates of physical and mental birth defects in European Muslim populations are sky high. None of them are left to die under a French fry lamp.

Europeans are now government property.

The overarching issues in the Charlie Gard case is not the death of this one infant. He would have likely died anyway. Neither is it about parental rights or government discrimination in favor of invading foreign immigrants.

The crux of Charlie Gard is the power handed over to government. For whatever reason, the government chose this case to remind the people of Britain that bureaucrats own every single British subject. This child and his parents were the nails the hammer of collectivist big government used to make an example of by driving into the ground.

I imagine Charlie’s parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, will never forget that they are possessions of the British government, and must go marching off to the Soylent Green factory when their government orders them. In Britain, it seems, the National Health Service, backed by the full weight of the government and European courts, decides who lives, who dies, when, and how.

Their behavior is repulsive. A pox on everyone involved in their barbaric health service and government.

Europe is lost. It is never to recover. What two World Wars were not able to accomplish has been achieved by the siren song of “free stuff.” The United States is not far behind. We will be England in three generations, Sweden in two, and Germany in one.

Let Charlie Gard be a cautionary tale of the horrors possible when busybodies in secure government jobs are allowed to decide what is best for anyone besides themselves.


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L'homme Theroux CoverBut for this article, go donate some money to Charlie’s parents. They will probably need it. Don’t be a cheapskate. Go!


Let My People Go

1blackmoses3Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has guaranteed 200,000 additional Democrat votes in November’s general election. Felons, in what is likely a historical first, will be able to pull the lever under the Governor’s executive in order to, as the Governor put it, undo the state’s long history of trying to prevent blacks from fully participating in our democracy.

In the sort of irony that is about a surprising as bears pooping in the woods, Terry McAuliffe is not only a Democrat Governor who won his seat with less than half the vote in a three-way race where the third candidate acted as a spoiler, but has served as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Co-Chairman of Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, and Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

The Governor didn’t say “black.” Rather, he said “African-American,” but I get what he meant.

1blackmoses2I’ve lived and worked with enough actual Africans, both black and white, and various shades of brown people to know the term “African-American” makes absolutely no sense to them. Black Africans, in particular, think Americans are a combination of naive to the realities of the world and entirely too hung up on the color of skin.

In my youth, I married into an African-American family. They were white Angolans who made their way to America after their farm was burned down and about half of their extended family was hacked to death with machetes by the communist guerrillas who eventually prevailed in the civil war. The blacks who worked for them fared even worse due to a combination of wrong politics, wrong tribe, and wrong employer. No black monolith existed there and then; just as none exists in the United States today.

But back to felonious Virginians, who statistically and by statement of Governor McAuliffe, are overwhelmingly black. The percentages of black and white felons in America are pretty close to inverse of the percentages in overall US population.

1blackmoses6Depending on your politics, this may or may not be by design, and may or may not warrant examination and possible redress. However, the numbers are whey they are, and don’t care about feelings.

On a side note, I don’t generally provide statistics because they are quite literally for sale, and the argument devolves into dueling statistics. Go build something of your own instead of gnawing at the foundation of what someone else has built.

The easiest thing in the world is to destroy the creation of another.

Governor McAuliffe’s executive order is nothing short of delivering a block of reliable Democrat voters for the general election in a swing state. The reason I’m comfortable stating that is because if the Governor gave a fat baby’s dimple for redressing historical wrongs committed against blacks or encouraging felons to participate in the political process, he would have made this order in time for them to vote in the Virginia primary, nearly two months ago.

The Governor knows full well the voting patterns of this group, just as Ted Kennedy knew that the immigrants granted entrance under his 1965 immigration bill would have the tendency to swell the ranks of Democrat voters.

1blackmoses7I have known, and been the instrument of creation for, many felons in my career. Not very many were what you would call “administrative error” felon; for example, the guy who forgot to leave his legally carried, concealed pistol in the car while popping into the Post Office or the ten-year-old ticketed for not having a business license for her lemonade stand.

The felons I have known, particularly the ones that did hard time, made their livings doing illegal things. The nature of the conviction was largely irrelevant, since the nature of criminal prosecution is to be satisfied with the amount of time and not be overly concerned with the exact charge that wins the conviction.

These people gravitated toward money; it wasn’t even easy money. Even discounting apprehension and prosecution, every one of them would have been ahead by putting as much effort into legal work as the illegal work. They were in it for the lifestyle.

Like any entrepreneur, criminals diversify their enterprises. Remove the profit motive from running dope, guns, cigarettes, alcohol, human beings, or you name it, career criminals will go find another activity where the reward justifies the risks. Just like a writer will write politics, Westerns, Sci-Fi, erotica, or catalog copy, depending on the market demand, criminals will find the demand, too. It’s about lifestyle.

And Democrats, at least the ones in Virginia, seem just fine with allowing criminals to swing a national election to their side.

The Commonwealth of Virginia is poised to allow 200,000 felons currently in the state to vote in the November general election. There’s no word on whether these will be currently incarcerated felons, released felons under supervision, or be limited to everybody who has been convicted of a felony and now walks around free.

1blackmoses5I would imagine the logistics of setting up polls in a prison are daunting, except for an exceedingly high turn-out rate. What else have they got to do on a Tuesday? Draw your own conclusions between Australia’s compulsory voting and its beginnings as a penal colony.

I’m going to presume Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe only means to enfranchise felons who have completed their sentences, but suffer under lack of suffrage.

Going out on a limb, the tendency of felons will be to vote Democrat. And damn it, that’s the best reason I can think of not to allow the to vote.

I’m all for those who do the crime doing the time. I’m also open to reevaluating exactly what constitutes a crime. However, once the bickering is settled, there will still be a list of acts everyone has agreed upon as unacceptable and deserving of the adult version of a time-out.

1blackmoses4Aside from the valid and reasonable “having paid their debt to society” argument, a bigger issue looms. Namely, the trust that civilized society is built upon. If you can’t be trusted with a gun, a vote, or where you can live, you are clearly still too dangerous to be walking among the rest of us.

I agree with the effect of Governor McAuliffe’s executive order, but the reason he states are spurious and the real reasons, which are easily discernible, are dishonest.


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Government Saving You From Yourself…Again

1Knight1The state of California, in another attempt to protect people from themselves, proposed a workplace safety regulation that would require performers in pornographic movies to wear protective gear, including face shields, in some cases.

Of all the things that come from the human body that have the capacity to transmit a pathogen, I can really only think of one that would be a concern in this context. Then again, I have no clue what sort of porn you watch, so I may be way off on this one.

We should pitch “porn actor” to Mike Rowe for an episode of Dirty Jobs.

Some jobs carry a risk of contact with substances, principally blood, that come from other people’s bodies and can carry some nasty things. Even though most of those things are curable, the instinct to flinch is still there when a spurt of blood is coming your way.

Despite what extensive scarring, measurable hearing loss, and occasional confusion from concussions, I’m a big fan of protective gear. I wear hearing protection when I run the Shop-Vac because hearing damage is cumulative and I want to maintain what hearing I have left.

That actress cum spy that survived the basement gunfight in Inglorious Basterds should have been shouting the rest of her lines because you ain’t heard loud until you’ve had an indoor shootout.

Every human endeavor involves risk; some more than others. Aviation, an inherently risky occupation, goes to extremes to mitigate risk because, as the saying goes, “the procedures are written in blood.”

1Knight8Long before governmental regulatory bodies, whose authority ultimately boils down to men with guns coming to your house and dragging you off to a cage, people within an industry would determine the level of risk they were willing to accept and modify the way they conducted their business to manage the dangers. The people who actually performed the work, the least experienced of whom presumably knew more about their industry than anyone sitting on a safety committee in an air conditioned meeting room, were presumed to be sane, reasonably cautious adults, who could choose the level of risk versus reward they consented to in their lives.

Imagine that. A time when mentally sound adults were left alone by government to make their own choices in life and live with the consequences.

By the slimmest margin of votes, the Cal/OSHA busybody bureaucrats, whose understanding of the adult entertainment industry is at most limited to being consumers of finished product, nearly became white knights for the pitiful wretches who can find work in no other industry that does not involve body fluids flying through the air.

1Knight7George Orwell coined the term “Big Brother” to describe the all-knowing, overarching government in the dystopian novel 1984. A much more evocative and sinister image would have come from naming the government “Daddy.”

Ever since the institution of the Great Society, that is what government has attempted to become; a replacement Daddy for all the fatherless children created by reliance on government for basic needs and policies that stifle innovation and risk taking.

1Knight4Don’t believe for an instant government cares one way or another whether any one of us contracts Hepatitis while filming a sex act. What these petty tyrants most covet reduces to two intertwined things; power and money.

Power, not just for the self-indulgent pleasure of bossing around their societal underlings, but to regulate businesses out of existence. At its heart, pornography is a business that creates idealized fantasies where life’s realities of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and body odor don’t exist.

The reason the adult industry doesn’t put Universal Precautions front and center in their films is because they know the product would not sell, if they did.

The people involved in the industry day in and day out know the tastes and proclivities of their audience better than a collection of ninnies gathered around a faux-mahogany table. Government mandates of safety equipment are on par with limiting soda cup sizes. If frustrates the ability of society’s doers to meet a demand in the market.

If California doesn’t like pornography, they should use the political process already in place to ban it outright instead, of slowly strangling it to death through regulation.

More than the heady euphoria of suffocating free enterprise, the miniature Mussolinis of low-level government who lust for money and power will miss no opportunity to manufacture a crisis where none exists.

1Knight5Growing up during the hysteria of AIDS panic in the eighties, Public Service Announcements would have viewers believe that even with a condom, any sex act was gambling with life itself, and to forgo prophylactic protection entirely guaranteed a case of the Hiv.

The Centers for Disease Control and the various organizations further down the public health pyramid scheme have kept the AIDS money rolling in for well over two decades by crying HIV wolf long after knowing full well that avoidance of intravenous drug use, prostitutes, and homosexual sex reduce the chances of being infected to virtually zero; far less than the odds of dying in a car crash, by shark attack, or on a Malaysian Airlines flight.

Jesus waterskiing Christ. Stop slammin’ the H in your arm and the D in your ass, and you can just about be guaranteed to never need an AZT cocktail.

The unfortunate truth is there is neither money nor power in allowing people to make informed decisions about their lives by weighing the risks and rewards of their choices.

1Knight6Adult entertainers know the risks they accept, and if they don’t, that is their fault for lack of due diligence. The information is widely available to anyone interested enough to search it out, and claims of ignorance are willful blindness.

An internet connection and slightly more than one minute of research on the Google machine (which is about a minute more research than I typically conduct), revealed an estimated 1.2 million people in the United States are infected with HIV out of a population of 320 million. An on-going Gallup poll lists the percentage of the US population that self-identifies as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender” as 3.8 percent.

To make the math easy and avoid all the silliness of discussing the statistically non-existent transgender group, let’s assume an even split into male and female. That makes 1.9 percent of the US population, or right around six million men, who are big fans of other men’s penis.

I might have fifty friends, if I looked really hard and broadened the definition. So, going by the numbers, one of them should be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered, but I can’t think of whom. Either somebody is keeping a secret or I need to have a long talk with myself.

My latent homosexuality aside, the fact remains there are specific choices in life that can reduce, and in many cases eliminate, specific consequences. And quite honestly, any risk a person wants to accept, whether in the profession or recreational realms, is theirs to take, and none of the government’s business.

1Knight9The willingness to take your lumps for miscalculations while trying to reap the fruits of effort disempowers the trolls who attempt to set up shop under the bridges of life and extort tolls from those adventurous enough to cross.

My daddy died some time ago, and I’m not interested in the government filling the void. I prefer to build my own bridges in my own way. And I don’t need a white knight to vanquish trolls.


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