My Own Papers, Publications & References for Academics

These works cover a variety of topics over many years and levels of coursework.  They are organized to the best of my ability.

I offer these as a resource to students or anyone otherwise interested in the topics.  There may be the occasional typo or reference with the paper that does not make sense without the academic context in which they were written, but they are as they were submitted and have not been touched in years.

Please use them responsibly and cite properly.  To make it super easy to avoid being an Idea Pirate, here are the three most common formats I have encountered: MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual of Style.

If you need another style, you are on your own.  But rest assured, after several vigorous disagreements with professors, after which I dared them to do their worst by submitting the work my way, I discovered they usually do not look closely enough to notice if you do not follow the guides exactly.  Cite the works consistently with all the pertinent information, and they are happy.  Be as bold as you are comfortable being.


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