L’homme Theroux

It is 1860 and gold has been discovered in the remote Saskatchewan wilderness.  Fortune seekers pour into the territory, upsetting the balance between the Natives and Europeans, who call the area home.  A heated negotiation turned deadly forces young Thomas into a role for which he is not prepared.  Thomas must assume leadership of his remaining family and complete his father’s mission. The Métis teen and his Indian uncle venture through the frontier wilderness of the Saskatchewan territory toward Cumberland House.

Natural dangers await Thomas along the North Saskatchewan as they negotiate the wild river.  He is dogged by fellow Indians bent on repaying a Blood Debt and extinguishing the remains of the Theroux family.  Cumberland House offers no respite, as Thomas finds himself embroiled in the power struggle between First Peoples and Europeans over who will hold power in the new Canada.  While trying to find his place between the Indian and White worlds, Thomas learns the requirements of manhood for both, discovers unlikely allies, and sets in motion a love triangle, which threatens to ignite an Indian war capable an annihilating the Gros Ventre tribe.