Retarded ISIS Truckers Deliver Peace to Your Door

Inbred2Fifty generations of divinely encouraged Muslim incest has created a raft of retarded Jihadi truck drivers, too dumb to use firearms, who favor Islamic Frogger over the traditional cargo of explosives.

The tried and true method of mayhem, where a young Muslim loser loads a vehicle full of explosives and detonates it in a crowd, seems to have fallen out of fashion in Europe. The current trend is much more personal in that it involves mowing victims down in the name of Allah instead of smiting them with concussive force and shrapnel.

Despite a few close calls, I’ve never run over someone with a vehicle of any sort. However, I suspect it takes a special kind of zealotry to bear down on another human being in a Kenworth.

Maybe it’s the continent’s strict gun control that pushes Muhammed toward a Mack truck instead of a Mac-10 to punish infidels. Despite an instance or two in the beginning of the decade, America’s Islamic terrorists still seem to prefer firearms and the occasional homemade explosive device.

American terrorists at least have the stones to risk a gunfight.

This past November, one of the many ISIS media publications Rumiyah, extolled would-be lone wolves to plow into crowds with large vehicles. The bigger the vehicle the better.

Rumiyah seems to be a mixture of People Magazine and Mother Earth News for Muslim terrorists. It features martyr profiles, how-to tips and tricks, and what can only be described as Jihad of Dummies articles.

ISIS is known for its media savvy and ability to disseminate its message. Starbucks and Nike are second to the Islamic State in this ability. Coca-Cola would sell John Pemberton’s remains for the ability to filch a Pepsi die-hard as easily as ISIS radicalizes middle-class Muslim kids.

Europe is lost to ISIS and should be abandoned, in the absence of a second Reconquista to push them back into the Mediterranean.

A huge part of the Islamic State message is to kill infidels, but where does a socially awkward, Muslim Millennial from the suburbs learn the trade-craft necessary to create orphans and earn his place in the Virgin Valhalla?

Before the internet, anyone interested in subversive mayhem creation had to skulk around gun shows, pay cash to a sketchy, one-armed Vietnam veteran wearing mirrored Aviator-style sunglasses for a tattered copy of The Anarchist Cookbook, and risk several fingers in experimentation, as about half the stuff in the book was complete bullshit.

…Or, so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know.

Much was made a few years ago that human intelligence across the board was in decline, losing just shy of two points each generation since the Victorian era. In true Leftist fashion, much of the decline was attributed to smarter women figuring out ways to have fewer children. Nobody came out and said it like that, but that was definitely the message between the lines.

So, in my left handed way of looking at the world, a whole bunch of studies in the last decade discovered three things:

  1. Intelligence is heritable.
  2. Patriarchy keeps society smart.
  3. Women voting, pursuing careers, having access to abortions, and generally demanding to be treated like men has made us all dumber.

Clearly, feminism brings the highly entertaining movie Idocracy into reality.

Every once in a while, one of my children will miss turning in a school assignment, usually through forgetting it at home or something equally absentminded. More often, the teacher flubs it and doesn’t enter the score in the school’s fancy, automated grade ciphering web portal, so I get an e-mail advising me of the fact.

I’m looking directly at you, Miss Sullivan. Maybe you should pay more attention to detail instead of regaling the class with photos of your trip to the Jack Daniels distillery, so I would not have to call you at home over the weekend for such silliness. Waste my off time because of your incompetence, and I’ll be sure to waste yours.

I’m not terribly bright. Why in the name of all that is holy am I the smartest person sitting around the table at a parent-teacher conference? Oh, yeah. That’s exactly why I’m not a public school teacher.

My disdain for public school teachers aside, the effect of “zero” on an average is catastrophic. Even a below-average score thrown in seems to have a larger negative effect than an above-average score has on improving the average. At least, it always seemed that way in school.

Edit: It seems facts don’t care about my feelings. I just spent twenty minutes proving to myself the above perception is completely divorced from the reality of mathematics. That’s what happens when you walk your daughter to school because you’re both in the same grade.

Since intelligence is heritable and smart people are having fewer children, it does stand to reason that the remaining children bring down the average. So, exactly what sane nation would import people who further tamp down their average?

On average, Muslim nations are dumb, but still smart enough not to exacerbate the situation with bad immigration policies.

All the research I can find shows the average intelligence (as measured by IQ tests) of Muslim-majority countries to hover right around eighty. When the Muslim immigrant populations in the West are separated out, the average IQ score isn’t much better, at about eighty-six.

At best, that’s a full standard deviation below the mean of 100. My friends who took statistics in college tell me that is significant. This isn’t quite Forrest Gump levels of “special” (he clocked in with an IQ of seventy-five; a shade above being technically retarded and what used to be designated a moron), but with the general two point per generation decline doubled by the tendency for close parental kinship, the average Muslim is no more than three generations from being officially retarded.

Judging by the trail of evidence left behind by these geniuses and the level of assistance they need from the likes of Rumiyah to pull off their attacks, the current crop of Jihadis are at the crest of the retardation wave.

As a Portagee who makes his home in the Tennessee Valley, I have two strikes against me when it comes to the cousin-marrying stereotype. However, the last time that occurred in my family was my parents’ generation, and even then, it was an uncommon enough occurrence to be thoroughly scandalous.

Think of it like speeding tickets. Once in a great while isn’t too big of a problem for your insurance rates, but do it consistently, and trouble comes your way pretty fast.

Believe it or not, there is actually a formula for writing a joke. It consists of starting with a realistic premise, known as “the set up,” and progressing to the absurd, the “punchline.”

For example:

Q: What’s the most common thing said during sex in Tennessee?

A: “Get off me, Dad. You’re crushing my cigarettes.”

That fits the definition of a joke, and is generally considered humorous, because the punchline is so wildly unreasonable to the average listener as to be inconceivable. It may also be in bad taste, offensive, or shocking to the conscious, which elevates it to the level of hilarious. Protests to the contrary are both irrelevant and proof of concept.

The Aristocrats is the funniest joke ever told, but requires a degree of abstract thought less common further down the IQ scale.

Despite the self-deprecating nature of Southern humor, the scenario implied by the answer is universally frowned upon and generally considered justification for a beating, as long as it does not result in death.

Muhammed, the prophet, pedophile, and perfect man according to Islam, most likely would not see the humor, since the answer does not reach his threshold for unrealistic, a tenet of absurdity.

The hypothetical of whether Muhammed would have sex with his daughter, and would therefore be acceptable behavior for a Muslim based on the “Muhammed as paragon of male behavior” theory, is not supported by the Koran. However, the revelation that Allah said it was okay-fine for Muhammed to marry his daughter-in-law, along with a whole bunch of other oddly convenient revelations in Muhammed’s favor, make Muslim mores seem quite malleable.

Allah either loved him some Muhammed, or this guy was a sex fiend masquerading as a religious prophet.

Inbred4What is most definitely condoned by the Koran, in addition to child marriage, genocide, rape, slave taking/owning/trading, and wife beating, is inbreeding.

I will be the first to admit that the Old Testament has its share of practices found abhorrent in modern culture. The difference between Islam and the rest of the civilized world is Christianity went through a reformation where the most unsavory aspects of the religion were purged. Mainstream Islam behaves as if we are still wandering the desert and talking to burning bushes.

Much like the Pharos, who incidentally were Greek (Black Lives Matter hates when I point that out), and European royalty until fairly recently, there is a price to pay when the family tree does not branch.

Despite fondly recalling the eighth grade as “my senior year,” I have continued to learn. As a farmer, I have a practical understanding of how genetics work, both good and bad.

Believe it or not, intentionally breeding related animals is a technique of selective breeding to accentuate and solidify desired traits in an animal. The downside is that it also accentuates and brings out undesirable recessive traits. The running joke among animal breeders is bringing forward the desired trait is called the respectable sounding “line-breeding,” but a screw-up that creates an undesirable trait is the dreaded “inbreeding.”

This is why different breeds of animals have specific looks, exhibit specific behavior, and display specific temperaments. This is also why the ailments of many purebred dogs are predictable; the undesirable recessive gene has been cemented in the breed’s DNA.

Of course, the answer to these genetic goofs is to cull ruthlessly. The dirty secret of animal breeders of all stripes is that we kill a lot of baby animals for no better reason than they do not look or behave the way we expected. “Keep the best and eat the rest” is my mantra…Then again, I don’t breed dogs, so this might not exactly apply to other people.

Puppies wag their tails because we kill the ones that don’t.

A civilized people does not cull defective human beings, whether still in the womb or not. There are notable exceptions, but the reason we remember them is because of their barbarity. With enough barbeque sauce and a lack of cellphone cameras, you could probably convince me and most of my buddies to try eating puppy-kabob, but none of us would snuff an Autistic because he’s a pain in the ass to take care of.

Likely as not, he’d probably wind up the designated driver. Those young men with Downs Syndrome always strike me as the responsible sort to ride herd over a gaggle of drunks. It must have something to do with the neutral expression and stern, even delivery of a rebuke.

I was only kidding. The degenerates I associate with would insist cell phones were recording while chowing down on a bowl of Sum Young Dog.

Fourteen hundred years of Mohammed-sanctioned and Allah-approved consanguineous marriage, and downright incestuous extramarital sex with virtually whomever or whatever the man desires (because the Koran says he can), has created an entire religion whose average adherent is violent, prone to mental disorders, and borderline retarded.

Is it any wonder why the United States and rest of the civilized world doesn’t want them to have access to nuclear weapons?

Inbred1And the fun doesn’t end when they escape the septic tanks from which they spawned. Every European nation desiring large amounts of unskilled labor, needing a wide tax base to support their social welfare programs, or gripped by a guilt complex over endorsing Hitler has imported these half-wits on the hope that, as a group, they possess the mental wherewithal to join the modern world.

Large numbers of them clearly don’t.

And if Muslim behavior, as seen in footage of street harassment of non-Muslims in no-go zones, riots in refugee camps over lack of cash payments for pocket money, and the oh, so cerebral, enlightened pastime of a rape game called “taharrush gamea,” is any indication of what they tolerate, the only conclusion is these countries have a collective cultural death wish.

At least, Rome put up a fight to keep the invading hordes out.

After literally creating modern civilization, if not the very concept itself, Europe has allowed the utter destruction of civilization to begin by inviting the barbarians behind the city walls.

Inbred3Well over half of Pakastani immigrants in England are married to their first cousins. Over forty percent of the patients in Denmark‘s biggest ward for clinically insane criminals are Muslim. Back home in the United States, the Somali population in Minnesota, which to no one’s surprise is exclusively Muslim, suffers from significantly higher rates of Autism, physical consanguinity-caused birth defects, and IQs below seventy.

Literal morons, by the eschewed medical terminology.

Europe is the harbinger of America. It’s only a matter of time before our Muslim terrorists find firearms too complex to operate and cars become the go-to weapon for striking down us infidels. Maybe it has something to do with the prevalence of Muslims in the transportation industries?

The Sun Also Rises

1wounderwarrior2Veterans wounded in the genitals may be eligible for additional benefits, if a bill currently before Congress is approved. Believe it or not, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America oppose it. For once, our law makers are considering spending money on a cause that is both worthwhile and within their Constitutional mandate. Yet, there are enormous governmental and civilian organizations trying to ace out these wounder warriors in the name of feminism and social justice.

I’m pretty tightfisted with a buck, but I have trouble begrudging anyone this particular benefit.

In an example of the world being turned completely upside down, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America, both groups presumably in favor of helping wounded warriors whenever and however possible, oppose the bill. Not because a $20,000 payment for lost use of the wedding tackle is insufficient recompense (which I’d guess is an amount that skyrockets once it’s my sky rocket we’re talking about), but because it could be unfair to wounded women.

The entire process seems pretty straightforward. Sustain a combat injury that costs you the use of your reproductive organs, and Uncle Sam drops an extra direct deposit for twenty large into your bank account that you can put to any use you see fit; adoption fees, infertility treatments, down payment on a house, retirement, hookers and blow, whatever.

The cash is for the injury to do with as you please, according to the text of the bill. It’s just like losing on The Price is Right and receiving “a lovely parting gift.”

WWII Battlefield Casuality Evacuation by Unit MedicsIt’s pretty clear that nerve damage or a spinal injury could be just as reproduction inhibiting as a hunk of shrapnel turning a G.I. Joe into a Ken doll. Either way, it’s gonna suck for the rest of his life. I get that and I have not a clue how to put a dollar value on it. Apparently, Congress does. As little as it may seem, it’s better than the “nothing” at which they currently value it.

In true politician fashion, the bill provides for one thing, but is presented as another, and hijacked into a political cause.

Despite use of the payment being clearly described as discretionary for the recipient, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the bill’s sponsor, Representative Jeff Miller, R-Fla, seem keen on these payments being put towards uses that result in an expanded brood. They conveniently omit the very real possibility that the formerly fertile foot soldiers might not want any more children, might not want any at all, or was possibly infertile to begin with.

Whatever the poor bastard uses the money for is fine by me, and frankly, none of my business. He’s earned every penny of it, along with my thanks…and admiration for not just putting a bullet in his own head.

Paralyzed Veterans of America is balking at the bill because they see it as unfair to women because female infertility tends to be more expensive to treat than men’s. I’m not sure what part of “Here’s $20,000 to spend however you like” is unfair, but I understand why they think it’s unfair.

It has everything in the world to do with equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity.

1wounderwarrior3The same dollar amount based on a set of criteria is about as fair and equal a starting point as can be had. It’s the level playing field everyone expects and demands. It’s the very foundation of the United States and the American Dream. Everyone gets to start off with an equal chance of success.

However, when the worldview is based on equality of outcome, in this instance, producing a baby, all of a sudden, some people are more equal than others and the mathematics of victim-hood takes preeminence.

Saying $20,000 is insufficient based on the ability lost is a valid and perfectly reasonable argument that is worthy of discussion. Saying $20,000 is insufficient because a subset of the group intends to put the funds toward a more expensive use is not. Using that logic, wounded warriors who don’t want to produce more children should not receive any of the money. Of course, that completely contravenes the stated purpose of the bill.

And that is exactly what Social Justice Warriors want to happen.

Not content to finally deal the death blow to ground combat units and the larger American military that is the only thing keeping us from having to fight Jihadis as part of our Neighborhood Watch, feminists have infiltrated Paralyzed Veterans of America and turned it into a tool of Social Justice Warriors.

1wounderwarrior4Whenever white knights of the world present a statistically insignificant, and quite likely nonexistent, group that needs help or special protection, my initial reaction is, “Name five for me.”  They never can. After identifying an exquisitely precise group, the helpful Henries are suddenly incapable of pointing out the miserable wretches they seek to help.

I would be very interested to see a list containing the names of this tidal wave of combat-wounded women whose lack of child bearing ability can be remedied simply by in-vitro fertilization, the exact set of circumstances held up by Paralyzed Veterans of America as the intended beneficiaries of their pissing and moaning.

Opposing this bill on these grounds will screw over every wounded warrior with a wobbly willey or a wrecked womb for the sake of a handful of whiners.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a more consistent argument for opposing the additional injury payment. In a preview of Canadian-style socialized medicine, you may die waiting for an appointment with a doctor, lose the ability to sue for malpractice, and spend decades misdiagnosed and improperly medicated under the care of a VA doctor, but their reasoning makes sense.

The VA wants to know why the loss of the ability to reproduce rates an additional benefit above and beyond all other types of injuries. This is an organization famous, and infamous, for its categorizing, rating, ranking, and calculating injuries in their various combinations, so to miss the point is either willful ignorance, thorough feminist brainwashing, or flat-out stupidity.

We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

1wounderwarrior8Europe sent its prime examples of manhood into the killing fields of World War One. Every morsel of manliness marched into the meat-grinders of the Somme, the Marnes, Verdun, and Gallipoli, just to name a few. The men not claimed outright by the trenches were just as often returned physically crippled, emotionally broken, or both. The United States escaped much of the carnage by our late entry into the war, but we did not escape the butcher’s bill.

The survivors of the Great War returned to their homes and contributed to creation of the next generation that was destined for the bloodletting of the even greater war two decades later. Manliness has been in precipitous decline since these two generational sacrifices gutted the core of masculinity wherever the wars visited. The world has yet to recover from the loss.

The American military is minuscule compared to its size at virtually any other time in the existence of the United States. A couple percentage points of the overall population makes their vocation to put their lives at risk for abstract concepts like freedom and liberty for largely indifferent and ungrateful strangers. Of this fraction of American society, an even smaller sliver actually venture outside the wire, which is where the lion’s share of casualties occur.

What the Department of Veterans Affairs, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and seemingly much of the world fails to understand is these few, these happy few, are exactly the sorts of men we want breeding and raising sons. That can be accomplished in spite of most all, but a few specific injuries.

1wounderwarrior7Lord Horatio Nelson sired two children and took his stepson under his wing as a midshipman, despite the elder Nelson having lost an eye and arm in separate combat injuries. General Santa Ana, Napoleon of the West, produced eleven children that historians can document, all while missing a leg. Both men not only produced children after suffering significant war wounds, but continued to the pinnacles of their careers after injuries that would make most modern men give up on life.

If Lord Nelson or General Santa Ana had damaged their baby making equipment, a big hunk of cash and access to modern reproductive technology could have ensured continuation of two lines of certified bad-asses.

1wounderwarrior6The reason reproduction system injuries deserve additional compensation is because missing limbs or blindness or nearly anything else does not prevent a wounded warrior from producing and raising the next generation of warriors. The extra cash serves as an inducement to fix the repairable problems when the alternative is to give up. It’s a hard fact of life that the sensitive, modern males and their feminist overlords refuse the acknowledge.

American society is in desperate need of a larger segment of our civilization that is able and willing to protect it because they are a dying breed. Only a society with a death wish discourages the men who are willing to give their lives (and more importantly, take the lives of others) from producing more men with balls just a big as theirs in order to protect it.


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Government Saving You From Yourself…Again

1Knight1The state of California, in another attempt to protect people from themselves, proposed a workplace safety regulation that would require performers in pornographic movies to wear protective gear, including face shields, in some cases.

Of all the things that come from the human body that have the capacity to transmit a pathogen, I can really only think of one that would be a concern in this context. Then again, I have no clue what sort of porn you watch, so I may be way off on this one.

We should pitch “porn actor” to Mike Rowe for an episode of Dirty Jobs.

Some jobs carry a risk of contact with substances, principally blood, that come from other people’s bodies and can carry some nasty things. Even though most of those things are curable, the instinct to flinch is still there when a spurt of blood is coming your way.

Despite what extensive scarring, measurable hearing loss, and occasional confusion from concussions, I’m a big fan of protective gear. I wear hearing protection when I run the Shop-Vac because hearing damage is cumulative and I want to maintain what hearing I have left.

That actress cum spy that survived the basement gunfight in Inglorious Basterds should have been shouting the rest of her lines because you ain’t heard loud until you’ve had an indoor shootout.

Every human endeavor involves risk; some more than others. Aviation, an inherently risky occupation, goes to extremes to mitigate risk because, as the saying goes, “the procedures are written in blood.”

1Knight8Long before governmental regulatory bodies, whose authority ultimately boils down to men with guns coming to your house and dragging you off to a cage, people within an industry would determine the level of risk they were willing to accept and modify the way they conducted their business to manage the dangers. The people who actually performed the work, the least experienced of whom presumably knew more about their industry than anyone sitting on a safety committee in an air conditioned meeting room, were presumed to be sane, reasonably cautious adults, who could choose the level of risk versus reward they consented to in their lives.

Imagine that. A time when mentally sound adults were left alone by government to make their own choices in life and live with the consequences.

By the slimmest margin of votes, the Cal/OSHA busybody bureaucrats, whose understanding of the adult entertainment industry is at most limited to being consumers of finished product, nearly became white knights for the pitiful wretches who can find work in no other industry that does not involve body fluids flying through the air.

1Knight7George Orwell coined the term “Big Brother” to describe the all-knowing, overarching government in the dystopian novel 1984. A much more evocative and sinister image would have come from naming the government “Daddy.”

Ever since the institution of the Great Society, that is what government has attempted to become; a replacement Daddy for all the fatherless children created by reliance on government for basic needs and policies that stifle innovation and risk taking.

1Knight4Don’t believe for an instant government cares one way or another whether any one of us contracts Hepatitis while filming a sex act. What these petty tyrants most covet reduces to two intertwined things; power and money.

Power, not just for the self-indulgent pleasure of bossing around their societal underlings, but to regulate businesses out of existence. At its heart, pornography is a business that creates idealized fantasies where life’s realities of sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and body odor don’t exist.

The reason the adult industry doesn’t put Universal Precautions front and center in their films is because they know the product would not sell, if they did.

The people involved in the industry day in and day out know the tastes and proclivities of their audience better than a collection of ninnies gathered around a faux-mahogany table. Government mandates of safety equipment are on par with limiting soda cup sizes. If frustrates the ability of society’s doers to meet a demand in the market.

If California doesn’t like pornography, they should use the political process already in place to ban it outright instead, of slowly strangling it to death through regulation.

More than the heady euphoria of suffocating free enterprise, the miniature Mussolinis of low-level government who lust for money and power will miss no opportunity to manufacture a crisis where none exists.

1Knight5Growing up during the hysteria of AIDS panic in the eighties, Public Service Announcements would have viewers believe that even with a condom, any sex act was gambling with life itself, and to forgo prophylactic protection entirely guaranteed a case of the Hiv.

The Centers for Disease Control and the various organizations further down the public health pyramid scheme have kept the AIDS money rolling in for well over two decades by crying HIV wolf long after knowing full well that avoidance of intravenous drug use, prostitutes, and homosexual sex reduce the chances of being infected to virtually zero; far less than the odds of dying in a car crash, by shark attack, or on a Malaysian Airlines flight.

Jesus waterskiing Christ. Stop slammin’ the H in your arm and the D in your ass, and you can just about be guaranteed to never need an AZT cocktail.

The unfortunate truth is there is neither money nor power in allowing people to make informed decisions about their lives by weighing the risks and rewards of their choices.

1Knight6Adult entertainers know the risks they accept, and if they don’t, that is their fault for lack of due diligence. The information is widely available to anyone interested enough to search it out, and claims of ignorance are willful blindness.

An internet connection and slightly more than one minute of research on the Google machine (which is about a minute more research than I typically conduct), revealed an estimated 1.2 million people in the United States are infected with HIV out of a population of 320 million. An on-going Gallup poll lists the percentage of the US population that self-identifies as “lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender” as 3.8 percent.

To make the math easy and avoid all the silliness of discussing the statistically non-existent transgender group, let’s assume an even split into male and female. That makes 1.9 percent of the US population, or right around six million men, who are big fans of other men’s penis.

I might have fifty friends, if I looked really hard and broadened the definition. So, going by the numbers, one of them should be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered, but I can’t think of whom. Either somebody is keeping a secret or I need to have a long talk with myself.

My latent homosexuality aside, the fact remains there are specific choices in life that can reduce, and in many cases eliminate, specific consequences. And quite honestly, any risk a person wants to accept, whether in the profession or recreational realms, is theirs to take, and none of the government’s business.

1Knight9The willingness to take your lumps for miscalculations while trying to reap the fruits of effort disempowers the trolls who attempt to set up shop under the bridges of life and extort tolls from those adventurous enough to cross.

My daddy died some time ago, and I’m not interested in the government filling the void. I prefer to build my own bridges in my own way. And I don’t need a white knight to vanquish trolls.


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Common Sense Gun Control

1Gun1Congress is currently considering the Sexual Violence Toward Women Prevention Act of 2016, which will add possession of a Y-chromosome to the category of Prohibited Firearms Possessors. Gun Control organizations, including the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Moms Demand Action, and the various Bloomberg organizations, have endorsed the bill and are leading a grassroots effort to fast-track the legislation.

The bill was introduced in response to the rising levels of gun violence in recent years, combined with the inability of magazine clip capacity limits, implementation of gun-free zones, and prohibition of automatic assault weapon machine guns, to stem the tide of children’s corpses piling up faster than crunchy tube socks at an all-boys summer camp.

1gun2Citing a consensus of research scientists, the gun control organizations rightly point out that the vast majority of the prison population possesses a Y-chromosome, as do ninety percent of workers who experience workplace fatalities. Clearly, they argue, Y-chromosomes cause violent, criminal behavior which justified incarceration, as well as workplace inattention leading to fatal injuries.

“Y-chromosome possession is also the leading cause of boys pulling on girls’ pigtails and roughhousing on grammar school playgrounds across the country,” said Senator Al Franken (D – Minnesota). “Add in a gun and a few hundred-thousand Muslim, Somali refugees who refuse to assimilate, and you’ve got a real problem on your hands. We’ve got to think of the children.”

“It’s really about protecting the majority of the American population from the violent minority,” added Vice President Joe Biden. “It’s a teeny, tiny bit of liberty exchanged for an awful lot of safety and security.”

1gun3In addition to co-sponsorship from stalwart feminist legislators, who were kind enough to take a break from demanding equal workplace representation of women in the coal mining and sanitation engineering fields, the enlightened leftist of The View showed support for the bill by wearing paper X’s pinned to their lapels and declared they would here forth eschew the letter “Y,” as it is a symbol of misogyny.

When asked whether the letter would be deleted from the English alphabet or simply replaced with a similar sounding vowel, such as “women” to “womyn,” the ladies were at a loss.

As would be expected, the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action plans to mount a vigorous opposition and eventual legal battle, should the bill become law.

“The Y-gene/violence connection isn’t settled science and is bad basis for law,” tweeted the NRA-ILA account, shortly before its blue “Verified” check was rescinded and the account suspended for promoting hate speech.

History is clearly on the side of the bill’s supporters. During the beginning of the 20th century, Turkey found its Armenian population to be quite disruptive and took away their guns. As a result, when was the last time anyone heard a peep out of Armenians that didn’t involve a parade or a restaurant opening?

1gun4Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Pinochet, et al., not having the benefit of a living Constitution that changes meaning with the times, had to go about the distasteful task of persecuting and murdering their troublesome minorities to maintain political control the old fashioned way.

The Sexual Violence Toward Women Prevention Act of 2016 will protect American women against violent men with dangerous guns by preventing them from possessing them in the first place; just like the Volstead Act and the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 were such rousing successes.


This article was originally written for and appeared in the Libertarian Party of Florida newsletter The Quill. Editor Raquel Okyay graciously granted permission to re-publish.


3Thank you to every one of my readers for coming back week after week. The content on this website is free to access, but does take resources to produce. Please visit my Patreon account to see what I have in the works for the homestead and consider becoming a supporter, which gets you content, behind the scenes access, and goodies not available on the main site.

Mail-Order Jihad

1farook2Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, both devout adherents to the Religion of Peace, are a glimpse into the future of America. I’ve written about the unchecked flood of refugees poised to pour into the United States and the willful blindness of those who ignore the stated intention of those who would do the nation harm to infiltrate that mass of humanity with the intent to cause havoc. And now, it has begun.

Of course, regardless of whether Syrian refugees are allowed in or not, Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook would have committed the San Bernardino shooting. Farook was born an American, and Malik was a Pakistani with a K-1 visa; essentially, a mail-order bride.

Fiancée visas were bad enough when it was just war brides and gold diggers from the former-Soviet Union countries, but now these bitches are trying to kill people.

The ISIS claim of responsibility for the San Bernardino shooting is definitely iffy. Terrorists aren’t known for being the most honest sorts and would claim a tornado tearing through an Oklahoma trailer park as their doing, if they could find the Sooner State on a map.

Having said that, we live in a world where people believe Jews, Free Masons, Corporations, the Illuminati, or OPEC (take your pick) pretty much rule our lives from behind the scenes, and don’t have to leave an evidentiary trail to exert their influence on the world stage.

1farook3I imagine the State Department will exercise the same sort of diligence and care in vetting all the Syrian refugees as was giving to Tashfeen Malik. We only have every person who ever came into contact with her saying Malik was a hard-core ideologue with Jihad tendencies. Attending Al-Huda International Seminary wasn’t a tip that she might not be terribly friendly to the United States?

Al-Huda is basically post-graduate school for those who hate the great Satan, America. Oh, by the way, there are campuses in the United States and Canada. And they offer convenient internet classes for those who would like to learn jihad from the comfort of their own homes.

Neither the Saudis nor the Pakistanis want to claim this chick. Both are pointing at the other and saying, “She went rogue on your watch.” That’s saying a lot for two countries that are absolutely lousy with terrorists and terrorism to the point it is, at least, their number two export.

1Farook1If Malik and Farook didn’t have jihad on their minds when she immigrated to the United States, they developed the plan very rapidly. It’s coming out now that they planned the San Bernardino attack for over a year, took out $28,500 loan shortly before the attack, and attempted to provide financially for their daughter and Farook’s mother by making multiple deposits of slightly less than $5,000 into the daughter’s bank account.

Us investigative types call that activity “Smurfing.” Bad guys always think we’re not smart enough to notice patterns.

As the investigation deepens, it’s coming out that these two were Jihadis long before ISIS came to anyone’s attention. In the aftermath, there is a litany of friends and family, associates and acquaintances, who had distanced themselves from the Muslim Bonnie and Clyde and did absolutely nothing to tip off the rest of the world that Farook and Malik were becoming dangerous.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that nobody likes a snitch. Despite much of my career having been based on exploiting informants, I still find the people and the act itself to be distasteful. Maybe it’s the duplicitous nature of how they gain the information. There isn’t honor among thieves, but there should be.

I’m not talking about the “See something. Say something” type of stuff. I mean the sort of pattern of behavior that is essentially spying on somebody. If you’re dirty enough for me to tell the cops about you, I’m sure as hell not going to associate with you of my own will.

In the weeks and months to come, I predict a long line of people who knew what was going on. Not just the neighbors, who harbored strong suspicions, but didn’t say anything because they were scared to death of the Liberal Social Justice Warriors letting slip the social media dogs of war against them for being Islamophobes, racists, and all around bigots.

What I’m talking about are fellow Muslims, who knew damn well they were killers-in-waiting.

As I write this, the FBI is putting together enough evidence to arrest Farook’s father. No doubt, his mother will be occupying a jail cell in short order, too. Regardless one’s opinion on laws imposing the duty to report certain crimes, being arrested for failure to report a pending terror attack tells me there is probable cause to believe they possessed the information.

1Farook4Just where is this vast majority of Muslims who abhor what Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik did in San Bernardino? You know, the ones who supposedly love America and her freedoms.

A few representatives of mosques and lawyers for the family have been condemning their act in the week since the shooting spree, but what about the rank-and-file sorts who actually knew them? Neither was on any sort of watch list or under investigation. The government had no reason to be keeping tabs on them. Yet, the very people who were in positions to point them out did nothing.

To say “Not all Muslims are terrorists,” is like saying, “Not all Fords explode.” A true statement on its face, but losing sight of the fact that an identifiable sub-group of Fords exploded under the right circumstances.

Readers who remember voting for Ronald Reagan at least once probably also remember the fuel tank controversy involving the Ford Pinto. If you don’t, Google it out because I’m not your History professor, and you won’t understand what I’m about to say.

There were about 2.7 million Pintos in the United States when Ford initiated their recall in the fall of 1978. Eventually, 27 deaths that would not have otherwise occurred were attributed to fires subsequent to low-speed, rear-end collisions. Every model of Ford since has borne the stigma of the Fiery Ford. I know a guy who still says he drives a “Ford Exploder.”

Not all Fords explode. Not all Ford Pintos explode. Not all Ford Pintos of an identifiable body type explode; it specifically requires addition of a low-speed, rear-ending that also breaches the integrity of the gas tank, along with a spark to ignite the whole mess. And it helps for the body panels to crumple in just the right way to prevent the doors from opening and trapping the occupants inside.

So, tell me again why we are unable to pick out the dangerous Muslims?

As coincidence would have it, there are about 2.77 million Muslims in the United States with fourteen dead and twenty-one wounded just last week in San Bernardino. Is twenty-seven dead bodies the magic number before somebody says, “You know, there seems to be an awful lot of people dying when Muslims are around. Maybe we should stop letting them come here until we get a handle on this problem?”

Willfully Blind

1isis1The State Department has issued another milquetoast travel alert for Americans traveling abroad. The State Department warned that groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram “continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions,” possibly employing a variety of conventional and non-conventional weapons and tactics, targeting both official and private interests.

So, basically, the government is saying, “Yeah. We got no idea where, when, or how, but we’re pretty sure somebody wants to hurt Americans.”

Let me run this through the Carlos Cunha Common Sense Test.

Question #1: To which religion do ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram claim adherence:

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Odinism

Question #2: Adherents of which religion have thrown homosexuals from buildings to their deaths, stoned women to death, and decapitated captured combatants in the past 24 months?

  • Catholicism
  • Shintoism
  • Islam
  • Voo-doo
  • Rastafarianism

Question #3: Understanding that human trafficking takes place all over the world, which religion currently condones operating slave markets, taking young women slaves as war booty, and offers the opportunity to take their own slaves in the process of spreading their religion?

  • Lutheranism
  • Animism
  • Islam
  • Taoism
  • Hinduism

We could throw in a couple of bonus questions such as:

Name a religion practiced in the 21st century where the penalty for leaving the faith is death.

Name a religion practiced in the 21st century that advocate killing of non-believers.

Name a religion practiced in the 21st century whose central figure advocates murder, child marriage, and proselytization through conquest.

Is anyone besides me beginning to see a pattern?

I’m not saying that all Muslims are slavers, terrorists, or bad guys. However, I will say that it’s damn rare to find a Muslim who condemns his brethren for such activities, and those precious few are found almost exclusively in the United States, where they hold absolutely no sway over the billion and a half Muslims in the rest of the world.

1isis2Those who are willfully blind to the facts will point to Timothy McVeigh as a Christian terrorist, or at least, one with Christian roots. At various times, McVeigh described himself as a lapsed Catholic, agnostic, and science being his religion, which I think makes him Atheist.

Religiously speaking, the kid was all over the map, and at the time of the Oklahoma bombing, did not seem to be actually practicing any religion in particular. McVeigh’s beef was with the US government. He was motivated by a perception of government encroachment of rights and a general disregard of the Constitution.

I shudder to think what sort of operation Timothy McVeigh would have undertaken had he been walking around free when Barrack Obama was elected President.

But more importantly than a disillusioned kid whom history is on the verge of proving right, I’m still waiting for someone to identify one of those elusive “homegrown terrorists” who is specifically motivated by religious belief. Hell, I’d be satisfied with one that committed an act of terrorism this century.

More important than a specific actor’s motivation, there is the concept of competing theologies. A Christian who straps on a suicide vest and detonates himself in a crowded pubic venue is condemned by all other Christians. A Muslim who does the same thing is met with relatively little opprobrium. In fact, if the Pew Research Center data is any indication, three-quarters of all Muslims believe suicide bombings can “sometimes be justified.” The percentages range from about half of American Muslims to well over ninety percent in the usual suspects of Muslim countries.

If you pick four Muslims at random, three of them will believe Timothy McVeigh might have been justified blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, had it been in the name of jihad.

The Muslim world seems to have no problem sending us their homegrown troublemakers in the form of refugees from Somali, Syrian, Indonesian, and every other Saracen shithole. Ask the people of Minnesota whether turning the Twin Cities area into a Jihadi training center for out-of-work Somali pirates has made life better in the Gopher State.

1isis4If they’re not dumping their problem children off on us, then the only other plausible explanation is an active attempt to Islamify the United States, since they and the US government all swear up and down that none of them are economic refugees.

Considering the percentage of Muslims worldwide who think terrorism is “sometimes justified,” the belief that we are taking in only the peaceful Muslims who want to build American society is willfully ignorant, at best.

More likely, it is intentionally destructive and hostile to Christianity. Ask an Armenian, Greek, or another Balkan about Muslims herding Christians into churches and setting the building on fire, as part of official policy of the Muslim overlords.

Charles Martel, Charlemagne, and Vlad Țepeș are nothing less than saviors of Christendom and the Western world, as we know it.

Beyond history of people’s living memories, the cultural memories of Spaniards, Portuguese, and Romanians are replete with the institutionalized, crushing taxes on non-Muslims, stealing of children to man Muslim armies, and outright murder of Christians, Jews, and all other non-Muslims, with absolute impunity.

It will not be too many years before we long for the acts of terrorism on US soil when lone weirdos like Timothy McVeigh go off the deep end with a couple of buddies.

Events with death tolls like the World Trade Center coming down will be a common enough occurrence that we won’t even get a day off work for them. I doubt people will even bother lifting their heads from the prayer rugs at the mandatory morning prayers to watch the footage on television.

Bill Cosby Raped Me, Too

CosbyAccusations that Bill Cosby is a rapist have flown like bats out of the cave recently.  The long string of accusers, who have made their claims for varying lengths of time, all share remarkable degrees of sameness.  The basic storyline is a young, pretty, white woman in the presence of Bill Cosby has her legal ability to give consent impaired by the administration of pharmacological substances and Grandpa-archetype Cosby initiates sexual activity.

I’ve spend my career collecting evidence, evaluating it, and drawing conclusions.  There are people in prison and in the grave based on some of the things I have done.  Just as importantly, there are people still both alive and free because I raised my hand to say “There’s no there in there.”  I’m not Sherlock Holmes.  I’m not Perry Mason.  Neither am I Jack Bauer or Elliot Ness.  What I am is seasoned, well-trained, and possessor of an ability to dispassionately evaluate evidence.  I also have a keenly honed sense for detecting bullshit.  In short, I go to the trouble to carry around a knapsack so full of common sense there is scarcely room to pack a lunch.

One argument from the camp that would like to hang Bill Cosby is the physical similarities between the alleged victims in that they were all young, pretty, white women at the times of the alleged sexual assaults.Twinkie

What man isn’t attracted to pretty, young, white women?  That is about as profound a statement as saying fat kids like Twinkies.

Hell, most men are thrilled to get two out the three.  Many are willing to live a contented life only having one.  The idea that these broadly defined categories somehow speak to a predatory pattern is little better than the newspaper stories of the early 1900’s that identified cocaine crazed Negros as the rapists of virtuous white women.

However, there is a remarkable consistency in the pattern of the accusations; namely the alleged use of pills as the intoxicant.  Many of the women related having been supplied various unidentified pills just prior to incapacitation.  The pattern to the allegations are remarkably consistent on several levels.  By “remarkable” I mean worthy of more vigorous scrutiny.

McMartinThere were a set of allegations in 1983 that were remarkably similar to each other involving far more sympathetic accusers with far less to gain making the accusations.  An alcoholic, undiagnosed paranoid schizophrenic became obsessed with her three-year-old son’s anus, ruined dozens of peoples’ lives, and created multiple public panics through junk social science, prosecutorial misconduct, and zealous public office holders drooling for re-election.  There are much better summaries of the McMartin Preschool Trial, but when a victim statement includes adults flying, secret tunnel networks, and ritualized slaughter of farm animals and infants, I become suspicious of the entire statement.  Note:  It’s an absolutely fascinating case on several levels, and I highly encourage everyone to become familiar with it for no better reason than it illustrates the absolute idiocy to which we are all susceptible, especially when we become parents.

Call me old fashioned if you like, but I am a big fan of this legal concept called corroborating evidence.

If you tell me that a horse was slaughtered and buried at a particular location, my natural inclination would be to…wait for it…go to that location and see if there was any evidence of that claim.  A horse skeleton buried in the ground would do nicely.  The same goes for secret tunnels, lions used to frighten the children into behaving (yet, another claim in the case), or child pornography.  If you say something happened, for better or worse, the American justice system requires a little bit more than just your say-so.

Putting the fantastical aside, one of the problems with the accusations against both the McMartin Preschool and Bill Cosby is the sameness and consistency between statements from alleged victims telling about different incidents.  I have taken (and read) more statements than I can remember.  That accumulated experience has taught me three things:

  1. Everybody lies to the cops.
  2. No two statements are identical, and if they are, something is wrong (see rule #1).
  3. Witness are completely unreliable.  If six people see a car speeding away from a hit-and-run, two will get the color wrong (color of the car, I mean.  At least half will get the color of the driver wrong).

I don’t know if these women are lying or telling the truth.  Neither do I know the truthfulness of Bill Cosby.  At the risk of going “Dr. House,” I will fall back on Investigator Rule #1: Everybody lies.  The possibility of a famous and wealthy man with connections in the entertainment industry parlaying the situation into some strange on the side does not surprise me at all.  It falls into the category of “No shit, Sherlock.”  What would surprise me is if he didn’t, but that isn’t the issue.  Neither cheating on a wife nor spending time on the casting couch are criminal matters.  I’m not even sure they are civil matters (Any tort attorney reading, feel free to educate me.  Please include your State Bar Number as your bona fides).  All the accusations come down to a matter of consent, assuming they occurred at all.

Which brings me to another question I ask myself when evaluating evidence.  What is the person’s motivation?  Bill Cosby could very well be a flagrant philanderer and serial rapist who preys upon young starlets by drugging them to varying degrees of consciousness.  And if that is the case, he most certainly belongs in a cage for a very long time.  And when you consider the Bill Cosby image, the substantial assets, and the phenomenally long (by any standard) marriage, he has massive motivation to lie that’s above and beyond possible imprisonment.Kid Rock

However, an equal amount of salt must be apportioned when evaluating the accusers.  What do they have to gain?

Kid Rock’s motivations in life are “girls, money, fame.”  That sounds about right.  And in the right order, too.

Again, I’m not saying any or all of the accusations are false.  There may very well be a kernel of truth in some or all of them; just not the important kernel.  I will probably lose all five of my fans to howls of “blaming the victim,” but the best way to illustrate what I mean is by putting on my Investigator Hat.

The Accusers

Andrea Constand reported to Canadian authorities in 2004 that Cosby drugged her with “herbal pills” and “touched her breasts and vaginal area, rubbed his penis against her hand, and digitally penetrated her” when Cosby invited her to his home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania.  Why she thought Canadian cops would have jurisdiction over the matter completely baffles me.  She has a touch of Oblivia in her.

I guess attendance at a prestigious school does not endow the graduate with any sort of common sense.  The concept of jurisdiction is one thing the movies get more or less right, and I presume she has seen CSI or some such drivel.

While on the topic of being baffled and befuddled, would someone please explain to me exactly which herbal pills and in what dosage would cause the imbiber to become so loopy as to allow an allegedly lecherous old man to get to Third Base.  I know I have at least one follower who is a nurse (If you haven’t already, you really should visit her blog).  And if there is no such combination available at my local GNC Nutrition Store, Walmart pharmacy, or Chinese herbalist, where I can also purchase a Mogwai, what’s it doing in the report?  Is it simply an irrelevant portion of a larger statement or was it included by the maker of the statement to make it better fit a preconceived narrative?  I’m open to other possibilities.  Investigation is a collaborative process.

mogwaiTo Constand’s credit, she reported the alleged sexual assault to authorities at the time it occurred, and the Montgomery County District Attorney did not bring charges against Cosby.  Now, I’ve been around this stuff long enough to know there is a significant difference between a Prosecutor choosing not to file charges and there being nothing to the complaint.  On the contrary, as was related by the then District Attorney, there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Cosby.  Well, fair enough.  It’s a fucked up fact of life that “It’s not what you know, but what you can prove.”

Lacking proof beyond a reasonable doubt or presumably enough to even bind Cosby over for trial, Constand sued Cosby civilly for battery and sexual assault.  Civil cases (in most instances) operate with a preponderance of evidence burden of proof.  Think of it as “fifty percent plus a sneeze.”  With thirteen women lined up and ready to testify, not to the facts in question, but to similar acts by the defendant (never mind that such testimony would never be allowed in the guilt phase of a trial), another harsh reality of life is exposed.

Even when you’re in the right, it is often cheaper to pay off the plaintiff without admitting guilt and all sides promising to keep their mouths shut.

And that is exactly what happened in the end.  Constand was paid an undisclosed sum, Bill Cosby did not admit wrongdoing, and the plaintiff has not been heard from since.  I won’t detail the Jane Does because they all say more or less the same thing (there is the suspicious similarity again).

Tamara Green – Aspiring singer in the 1970’s.  Alleges Cosby drove her home from one of his restaurants, after giving her pills when she was feeling sick, proceed to undress her and then rape her.

Beth Ferrier – Model in the 1980’s.  Alleges that after ending a month-long affair with Cosby, he drugged her coffee and she wound up alone in her car with an undone bra and the last several hours of her memory gone.

Barbara Bowman – Artist and actress.  Alleges two druggings and sexual assaults; Reno and New York City.

Joan Tarshis – Actress who alleges Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her twice in 1969.  However, from the information I have, it is unclear whether the “twice” was two different events or twice within the same event.Free Candy

I’m not going to address the question of why someone would ingest an unknown substance provided by someone who is at best a casual acquaintance.  Perhaps I’m an overly protective father, but I warn all of my children not to accept rides, gifts, or consumable items from people they are not related to.  When the girls are older, my advice will be not leave their drinks unattended and not to accept open drinks, even from people they know.

The boys, on the other hand…They should be so lucky to be drugged and raped.  I know it’s a double standard and I’m ok with that.  Besides, it would make a great story.

I’m more concerned with motivations.  Specifically, what motivates a former mistress to still be in contact with her lover after she dumps him?  What motivates a rape victim to be anywhere near her rapist again by choice?  Again, nothing would excuse these behaviors by Cosby, if the allegations are true, but as related by these women, they had some lapses in judgment that resulted in a sketchy situation to go bad.  I’ve knowingly and unknowingly put myself in many a questionable situations over my lifetime, and I admit to every bad decision I make.  I don’t see any of that going on.  It’s not a matter of “deserve.”  It’s a matter of using your head for more than a hat rack so you can avoid the bad stuff happening to you.

Like that dumb Portagee who jumped into the tiger enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo a few years ago.  Does the tiger really deserve all the blame?

At what point do we look at these alleged victims and say, “You know, that wasn’t really the smartest thing in the world to do”?  My point about motivations is I get the sense from these women’s stories that they were around Bill Cosby because they wanted something from Bill Cosby.  I’m not saying they went with the intent to engage in quid pro quo or that they somehow deserve what happened to them.  What I think is this is a shakedown.  If they are not outright lying, they are working their own separate angles to enrich themselves after a terrible violation was committed upon them.  Either way, I think that makes them terrible people.

And now, we have no fewer than seven women as I write this who have leveled similar allegations; six fading-star entertainment figures, one with convictions for ID fraud, battery, theft, and all the standard doper crimes (trafficking Oxycodone, possession of a controlled substance and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud), and all seven well past their prime.  Where were they back in 2005 when Andrea Constand, the most credible of the bunch, got this whole thing rolling?  There wasn’t a peep out of them when the reality show was on or the real estate market was booming or the movie residuals were still rolling in.

Regardless of the veracity of anyone involved in this mess or the final outcome, I have one piece of advice for Bill Cosby:

Hookers.  They are cheaper in the long run.  Ask Charlie Sheen.