The Sun Also Rises

1wounderwarrior2Veterans wounded in the genitals may be eligible for additional benefits, if a bill currently before Congress is approved. Believe it or not, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America oppose it. For once, our law makers are considering spending money on a cause that is both worthwhile and within their Constitutional mandate. Yet, there are enormous governmental and civilian organizations trying to ace out these wounder warriors in the name of feminism and social justice.

I’m pretty tightfisted with a buck, but I have trouble begrudging anyone this particular benefit.

In an example of the world being turned completely upside down, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Paralyzed Veterans of America, both groups presumably in favor of helping wounded warriors whenever and however possible, oppose the bill. Not because a $20,000 payment for lost use of the wedding tackle is insufficient recompense (which I’d guess is an amount that skyrockets once it’s my sky rocket we’re talking about), but because it could be unfair to wounded women.

The entire process seems pretty straightforward. Sustain a combat injury that costs you the use of your reproductive organs, and Uncle Sam drops an extra direct deposit for twenty large into your bank account that you can put to any use you see fit; adoption fees, infertility treatments, down payment on a house, retirement, hookers and blow, whatever.

The cash is for the injury to do with as you please, according to the text of the bill. It’s just like losing on The Price is Right and receiving “a lovely parting gift.”

WWII Battlefield Casuality Evacuation by Unit MedicsIt’s pretty clear that nerve damage or a spinal injury could be just as reproduction inhibiting as a hunk of shrapnel turning a G.I. Joe into a Ken doll. Either way, it’s gonna suck for the rest of his life. I get that and I have not a clue how to put a dollar value on it. Apparently, Congress does. As little as it may seem, it’s better than the “nothing” at which they currently value it.

In true politician fashion, the bill provides for one thing, but is presented as another, and hijacked into a political cause.

Despite use of the payment being clearly described as discretionary for the recipient, Paralyzed Veterans of America and the bill’s sponsor, Representative Jeff Miller, R-Fla, seem keen on these payments being put towards uses that result in an expanded brood. They conveniently omit the very real possibility that the formerly fertile foot soldiers might not want any more children, might not want any at all, or was possibly infertile to begin with.

Whatever the poor bastard uses the money for is fine by me, and frankly, none of my business. He’s earned every penny of it, along with my thanks…and admiration for not just putting a bullet in his own head.

Paralyzed Veterans of America is balking at the bill because they see it as unfair to women because female infertility tends to be more expensive to treat than men’s. I’m not sure what part of “Here’s $20,000 to spend however you like” is unfair, but I understand why they think it’s unfair.

It has everything in the world to do with equality of outcome versus equality of opportunity.

1wounderwarrior3The same dollar amount based on a set of criteria is about as fair and equal a starting point as can be had. It’s the level playing field everyone expects and demands. It’s the very foundation of the United States and the American Dream. Everyone gets to start off with an equal chance of success.

However, when the worldview is based on equality of outcome, in this instance, producing a baby, all of a sudden, some people are more equal than others and the mathematics of victim-hood takes preeminence.

Saying $20,000 is insufficient based on the ability lost is a valid and perfectly reasonable argument that is worthy of discussion. Saying $20,000 is insufficient because a subset of the group intends to put the funds toward a more expensive use is not. Using that logic, wounded warriors who don’t want to produce more children should not receive any of the money. Of course, that completely contravenes the stated purpose of the bill.

And that is exactly what Social Justice Warriors want to happen.

Not content to finally deal the death blow to ground combat units and the larger American military that is the only thing keeping us from having to fight Jihadis as part of our Neighborhood Watch, feminists have infiltrated Paralyzed Veterans of America and turned it into a tool of Social Justice Warriors.

1wounderwarrior4Whenever white knights of the world present a statistically insignificant, and quite likely nonexistent, group that needs help or special protection, my initial reaction is, “Name five for me.”  They never can. After identifying an exquisitely precise group, the helpful Henries are suddenly incapable of pointing out the miserable wretches they seek to help.

I would be very interested to see a list containing the names of this tidal wave of combat-wounded women whose lack of child bearing ability can be remedied simply by in-vitro fertilization, the exact set of circumstances held up by Paralyzed Veterans of America as the intended beneficiaries of their pissing and moaning.

Opposing this bill on these grounds will screw over every wounded warrior with a wobbly willey or a wrecked womb for the sake of a handful of whiners.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has a more consistent argument for opposing the additional injury payment. In a preview of Canadian-style socialized medicine, you may die waiting for an appointment with a doctor, lose the ability to sue for malpractice, and spend decades misdiagnosed and improperly medicated under the care of a VA doctor, but their reasoning makes sense.

The VA wants to know why the loss of the ability to reproduce rates an additional benefit above and beyond all other types of injuries. This is an organization famous, and infamous, for its categorizing, rating, ranking, and calculating injuries in their various combinations, so to miss the point is either willful ignorance, thorough feminist brainwashing, or flat-out stupidity.

We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

1wounderwarrior8Europe sent its prime examples of manhood into the killing fields of World War One. Every morsel of manliness marched into the meat-grinders of the Somme, the Marnes, Verdun, and Gallipoli, just to name a few. The men not claimed outright by the trenches were just as often returned physically crippled, emotionally broken, or both. The United States escaped much of the carnage by our late entry into the war, but we did not escape the butcher’s bill.

The survivors of the Great War returned to their homes and contributed to creation of the next generation that was destined for the bloodletting of the even greater war two decades later. Manliness has been in precipitous decline since these two generational sacrifices gutted the core of masculinity wherever the wars visited. The world has yet to recover from the loss.

The American military is minuscule compared to its size at virtually any other time in the existence of the United States. A couple percentage points of the overall population makes their vocation to put their lives at risk for abstract concepts like freedom and liberty for largely indifferent and ungrateful strangers. Of this fraction of American society, an even smaller sliver actually venture outside the wire, which is where the lion’s share of casualties occur.

What the Department of Veterans Affairs, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and seemingly much of the world fails to understand is these few, these happy few, are exactly the sorts of men we want breeding and raising sons. That can be accomplished in spite of most all, but a few specific injuries.

1wounderwarrior7Lord Horatio Nelson sired two children and took his stepson under his wing as a midshipman, despite the elder Nelson having lost an eye and arm in separate combat injuries. General Santa Ana, Napoleon of the West, produced eleven children that historians can document, all while missing a leg. Both men not only produced children after suffering significant war wounds, but continued to the pinnacles of their careers after injuries that would make most modern men give up on life.

If Lord Nelson or General Santa Ana had damaged their baby making equipment, a big hunk of cash and access to modern reproductive technology could have ensured continuation of two lines of certified bad-asses.

1wounderwarrior6The reason reproduction system injuries deserve additional compensation is because missing limbs or blindness or nearly anything else does not prevent a wounded warrior from producing and raising the next generation of warriors. The extra cash serves as an inducement to fix the repairable problems when the alternative is to give up. It’s a hard fact of life that the sensitive, modern males and their feminist overlords refuse the acknowledge.

American society is in desperate need of a larger segment of our civilization that is able and willing to protect it because they are a dying breed. Only a society with a death wish discourages the men who are willing to give their lives (and more importantly, take the lives of others) from producing more men with balls just a big as theirs in order to protect it.


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