Sacrificing Our Daughters

1combat2An unintended consequence of opening military combat jobs to women is Selective Service. That’s right. The draft is back in the news. Say what you want about the patriarchy, but our grandfathers would never have sent their women to fight.

Previous generations would sooner have sent high schoolers and pensioners into combat before sending the women folk.

In the push to deny even the most basic of differences between men and women, the military, browbeaten by its feminized, feminist civilian leadership, has decided to allow women into one of the few remaining refuges of masculinity; combat arms.

01TriggerwarningLiberals in general, and feminists in particular, having turned universities into thought minefields, where dimly lit Safe Spaces playing videos of puppies protect the fragile self-esteem of the precious, individual snowflakes in their care and anything less than enthusiastic, vocal support for the wage gap myth, the Black Lives Matter nonsense, and the believe in the patriarchal hegemony holding down all but white CIS-males, is considered mind rape. The current trend in universities’ North Korean-style of enforced social order has been to declare that silence is violence.

This is the same mentality that has turned entire office buildings into vast wastelands littered with the hulks of beaten men, who spend half their free moments wondering where all the fun at work went and the other half calculating whether they can afford to strike off into business for themselves.

These poor bastards are petrified an offhand comment made a decade ago will land them at the center of a Human Resources beef.

Rather than struggle under the tyranny of third-wave feminism, men with the skills and contacts to do so, have steered their careers toward industries where feminists, both male and female, tend to fare poorly. However, the inability to survive has not kept feminists from trying to insinuate themselves and take over.

1combat3Police and fire departments, oil drilling rigs, construction sites, and the infantry were, at least until the perpetual adolescents currently graduating college entered the workforce, occupational refuges for men more concerned with results than feelings.

If a chick can pull her weight, that’s fine, but there’s no chivalry downrange.

I’ve worked in all-male environments, and aside from the physical dangers associated with the work itself, I never felt safer. We had only the vaguest idea the Human Resources Department existed because once hired, we never heard from them. Despite language that made sailors blush, sophomoric humor, vicious practical jokes, and homoerotic grab-assery, not a single complaint was lodged.

Pecking orders were established, and conflicts were resolved without lawsuits or sensitivity training. Believe it or not, all-male societies function remarkably well, when left alone.

Men learn how to overlook each other’s annoying habits and get along. We learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses to the point it is completely acceptable to joke about masturbatory schedules and abilities to stink up a bathroom.

Nothing is sacred among men living and working in remote, dangerous circumstances.

Men behave differently with women around. Mostly, it’s because experience has taught us they are the ones who create problems over farts and four-letter words.

And there is something else that experience has taught; women are simply not as strong, fast, or resistant to injury as men. Of course, I’m talking about the mythical “on average.” You have to when looking at large groups. Exceptions certainly exist (they are called “outliers”), but pointing them out does not invalidate the data.

It just shows an unwillingness to accept reality.

1Combat1The average height for an American woman is sixty-five inches (5’5″). The average height for an American man is seventy inches (5’10”). There are some women, and a few men, under five foot. There are a few men, and virtually no women, taller than six and a half feet. The vast majority of both groups is clustered around the average for their respective sex. The exact same thing happens when you talk about any measurable characteristic.

If you can’t wrap your mind around the difference between an average derived from a huge sample and the relatively small number of women you personally know, you might want to stop reading now because you’re about to become really upset.

There are a ton of studies conducted by multiple militaries that come to similar conclusions like:

  • Mixed-gender combat units have lower survivability, reduced lethality, and reduced deployability.
  • The average fit man weighs twenty-three percent more, has fifty percent more muscle mass, and carries ten percent less body fat than the average fit woman. Exactly how the average fit woman compares to the average ISIS jihadi was not studied, but my guess would be that it’s not favorable to her.
  • Men have thicker skulls, stronger necks, and bigger, denser bones than women. If you’ve ever been near something that went “ka-boom,” you appreciate that thicker skull and denser bones.

There are more conclusions, but you can look them up yourself. The hodgepodge above is a collection of several. The general trend is a degradation in effectiveness and a skyrocketing injury rate from stress fractures, compressed vertebrate, PTSD; just every type of injury you can name. Not to mention the less readily measurable morale and discipline headaches from drama, sex, and pregnancies that have traditionally plagued mixed-gender units.

However, as mentioned about the nature of averages, there are exceptions.

If that top two or three percent of physically fit and sufficiently aggressive women want to try their hands at humping a combat load and getting up close and personal with bad guys, they’re welcome to give it a shot. That’s a debate for another day.

However, keep in mind that Haji don’t buy into the feminism. He’s a little behind the times, and you’ll be lucky to be raped to death once he figures out you are the proud possessor of a vagina.

Despite the old sexist canard about women’s superiority to men in all things by virtue of their ability to withstand the pain of child birth, I would point out that squeezing another human being out of yours is not entirely impressive considering about half the world’s population is capable of the same feat with bodies designed to do that specific function. A function, I might add, that is not a part of the order of battle in any military that ever existed.

1combat5Maybe I’m old fashioned or thoroughly enmeshed in the patriarchy, but I don’t think a civilized society willingly sends their women to fight. Yes, yes, I know. World War Two Russia, Israel, Peshmerga, etc., etc.

These are also groups facing the extreme circumstances of fighting for their very survival against fanatics and facing a severe shortage of manpower compared to the threat they face. Not to mention, the percentage of front line combatants that are women tends to be paltry. We’re talking that two or three percentage points at the far end of the curve I mentioned earlier.


Ultimately, we must decide as a nation what is best for our society; whether or not men will continue to be the protectors they traditionally have been. It’s not that women can’t do it, but men are better suited to the task.

This reality has been lost to many. It is especially lost on a generation largely spoiled by lack of privation, loss, and danger. Even considering registering women for Selective Service is yet another symptom of men who abdicate that and many other roles in what can only be described as generational cowardice.

When did we become less brave than our women?

Forcing young women, who will eventually take their place as keepers of culture, stewards of civility, and creators of life, to face the possibility of ground combat by mandating registration with Selective Service will destroy our civilization.


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15 thoughts on “Sacrificing Our Daughters

  1. Sacrifice is a well put word. I think what frustrates me most is not that women are in the military but that women are not always held to the same standards as men. IE, a man must be able to do ten pull-up but a woman only need be able to hang ten seconds. I’m sorry, but if I were in the military, I would not want my life in the hands of someone who can’t even perform the same basic minimums that would be required of me. Women should not be held to a lower standard just because they’re women. To do so is to insult everyone involved. It’s fine that the average woman cannot do what the average man can. There are many things the average man can’t do that the average woman can. In this day and age, there is this strange movement for everyone to be equal in everyway, yet with lowered standards because it just isn’t feasibly possible. Society needs to stop lying to itself.

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    • You’re right. This is very different. There are some things that money can’t alleviate. One of those is the ability to bring forth life. I have two daughters myself, and four sons. I don’t like the idea of any of them being forced into combat, even though I can remember the desire to test myself in this very old fashioned way. However, in a cold and calculating sense, we have to remember it doesn’t take very many males to continue a population. In the “big picture” view, females are more valuable to a society, and the men are expendable to a degree. I’m ok with that.

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      • It was different during the WWII era compared to Viet Nam. WWII rallied the country. Young men were lying about their age to join up and fight the enemy. Viet Nam was a contrived, political war where rich people (like some of our current presidential candidates) were not called upon to shed blood and the young people from poor families were killed in a no-win situation.


  2. Thank you so much for this post. I know women who think women should be drafted; I think they are nuts. I also know women who don’t want women drafted, but they don’t seem to think it’s that big of a deal: they are either voting for Rubio or seriously considering it. In many cases, these same women take to their fainting couches every time Donald Trump says something insensitive about women. I find it impossible to take such women seriously.

    My 91 year old father is and always has been an unreformed sexist patriarch, and Thank God for that. Feminists rejected men who who do anything for them for men who won’t do anything for women, but will say anything women want to hear. I used to think that women needed to right to vote in case men turned evil, but it is getting to the point where I am far more afraid of other women than I am of men, and I am seriously wondering if giving women the right to vote was a good idea. Bring back the patriarchy 🙂


    • First, you’re welcome and thank you for reading me. Second, there is a serious case to be made that the county started sliding downhill with the 19th amendment in 1920 because of the tendency of women to vote for “mommy issues” and voting with their hearts, so to speak. Third, your father and I should get together for a drink.

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      • A friend of mine had a joke about presidents when women got the right to vote. It was something along the lines of how before women got the right to vote, the presidents were all manly men and looked like it. Then when women got the right to vote, suffering t all the presidents were clean looking and dressed nicer. The era of the “no-nonsense” president was over do to speak because now they had to appease the more delicate persuasion.

        I’m not saying women shouldn’t get to vote, they are citizens after all. Though if candidates are running with the idea that they needed to be presentable for the ladies, then you know that other important issues have been pushed aside to get that vote. Thankfully, a snappy dresser doesn’t impress my wife at the polls.


      • As my wife has said, “Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote because we tend to make bad decisions and be too free with other people’s money. Those basic bitches ruin it for the minority who have their heads screwed on straight.”
        I like when she has a potty mouth. lol


  3. […] Full-auto fire is conducted with controlled, aimed three to five round bursts. What is heard on the recordings is a man who does not have a firm grasp on how to run his weapon system. There was no skill, discipline, or commitment to craft. It seems like a last hurrah in a come-to-life game of Call of Duty by a rage-filled man bent on suicide, but who lacked the guts to do it himself absent the pressure of the police closing in on him. […]


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