Willfully Blind

1isis1The State Department has issued another milquetoast travel alert for Americans traveling abroad. The State Department warned that groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram “continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions,” possibly employing a variety of conventional and non-conventional weapons and tactics, targeting both official and private interests.

So, basically, the government is saying, “Yeah. We got no idea where, when, or how, but we’re pretty sure somebody wants to hurt Americans.”

Let me run this through the Carlos Cunha Common Sense Test.

Question #1: To which religion do ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram claim adherence:

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Odinism

Question #2: Adherents of which religion have thrown homosexuals from buildings to their deaths, stoned women to death, and decapitated captured combatants in the past 24 months?

  • Catholicism
  • Shintoism
  • Islam
  • Voo-doo
  • Rastafarianism

Question #3: Understanding that human trafficking takes place all over the world, which religion currently condones operating slave markets, taking young women slaves as war booty, and offers the opportunity to take their own slaves in the process of spreading their religion?

  • Lutheranism
  • Animism
  • Islam
  • Taoism
  • Hinduism

We could throw in a couple of bonus questions such as:

Name a religion practiced in the 21st century where the penalty for leaving the faith is death.

Name a religion practiced in the 21st century that advocate killing of non-believers.

Name a religion practiced in the 21st century whose central figure advocates murder, child marriage, and proselytization through conquest.

Is anyone besides me beginning to see a pattern?

I’m not saying that all Muslims are slavers, terrorists, or bad guys. However, I will say that it’s damn rare to find a Muslim who condemns his brethren for such activities, and those precious few are found almost exclusively in the United States, where they hold absolutely no sway over the billion and a half Muslims in the rest of the world.

1isis2Those who are willfully blind to the facts will point to Timothy McVeigh as a Christian terrorist, or at least, one with Christian roots. At various times, McVeigh described himself as a lapsed Catholic, agnostic, and science being his religion, which I think makes him Atheist.

Religiously speaking, the kid was all over the map, and at the time of the Oklahoma bombing, did not seem to be actually practicing any religion in particular. McVeigh’s beef was with the US government. He was motivated by a perception of government encroachment of rights and a general disregard of the Constitution.

I shudder to think what sort of operation Timothy McVeigh would have undertaken had he been walking around free when Barrack Obama was elected President.

But more importantly than a disillusioned kid whom history is on the verge of proving right, I’m still waiting for someone to identify one of those elusive “homegrown terrorists” who is specifically motivated by religious belief. Hell, I’d be satisfied with one that committed an act of terrorism this century.

More important than a specific actor’s motivation, there is the concept of competing theologies. A Christian who straps on a suicide vest and detonates himself in a crowded pubic venue is condemned by all other Christians. A Muslim who does the same thing is met with relatively little opprobrium. In fact, if the Pew Research Center data is any indication, three-quarters of all Muslims believe suicide bombings can “sometimes be justified.” The percentages range from about half of American Muslims to well over ninety percent in the usual suspects of Muslim countries.

If you pick four Muslims at random, three of them will believe Timothy McVeigh might have been justified blowing up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, had it been in the name of jihad.

The Muslim world seems to have no problem sending us their homegrown troublemakers in the form of refugees from Somali, Syrian, Indonesian, and every other Saracen shithole. Ask the people of Minnesota whether turning the Twin Cities area into a Jihadi training center for out-of-work Somali pirates has made life better in the Gopher State.

1isis4If they’re not dumping their problem children off on us, then the only other plausible explanation is an active attempt to Islamify the United States, since they and the US government all swear up and down that none of them are economic refugees.

Considering the percentage of Muslims worldwide who think terrorism is “sometimes justified,” the belief that we are taking in only the peaceful Muslims who want to build American society is willfully ignorant, at best.

More likely, it is intentionally destructive and hostile to Christianity. Ask an Armenian, Greek, or another Balkan about Muslims herding Christians into churches and setting the building on fire, as part of official policy of the Muslim overlords.

Charles Martel, Charlemagne, and Vlad Țepeș are nothing less than saviors of Christendom and the Western world, as we know it.

Beyond history of people’s living memories, the cultural memories of Spaniards, Portuguese, and Romanians are replete with the institutionalized, crushing taxes on non-Muslims, stealing of children to man Muslim armies, and outright murder of Christians, Jews, and all other non-Muslims, with absolute impunity.

It will not be too many years before we long for the acts of terrorism on US soil when lone weirdos like Timothy McVeigh go off the deep end with a couple of buddies.

Events with death tolls like the World Trade Center coming down will be a common enough occurrence that we won’t even get a day off work for them. I doubt people will even bother lifting their heads from the prayer rugs at the mandatory morning prayers to watch the footage on television.


12 thoughts on “Willfully Blind

  1. Thought provoking my dear, very thought provoking. At the risk of insulting you beyond all recognition you sound like The Donald if he had any brains. Inflammatory but thoughtful. How can that be? Of course it can be. I don’t know too many essayists. Only Jonathan Swift comes to mind but saying things in an outrageous way always can accompany thoughtfulness.

    I, too, have wondered aloud why the moderate Muslims just don’t pounce on their “cousins” DOG PILE style and make them stop. I would be EMBARRASSED and mortified to be a moderate Muslim these days. You know what? The next time I meet a Muslim I might just up and ask him why. I’d either be met by a hateful stare or a tirade. I could endure it. I’d like to know.

    Of all the reasons for jihad and there are 5 or 6 I believe, jihad by fighting is the very absolute LAST one to use. I guess those guys think they have nailed the first 4 or 5 and now they can go on to the last. I have read the Koran but I’m still no expert. Fur as I can tell, it’s just like any other religion. People don’t read it or people read it and don’t understand it and they go to their pastors or imams to tell them what it means. Then if you have a wack-o leader(s) this is what you get. Crazy ass violence that will lead to no-where and most likely death.

    (As an example I was just at church last Sunday and the pastor quoted Colossians. He read the whole passage in question and was finished. But I was curious and kept reading. There lo and behold was that passage of how to behave as a family unit “Wives obey your husbands and husband honor your wives yadda yadda…” In the middle of the list comes the passage about how SLAVES are supposed to act – subservient and do what massa tells you for the greater glory of God – the slave section goes on for a paragraph and the others get only a sentence. Slaves in the Bible. Slaves getting a big ole to-do list. Our own little Western tradition is confusing and Gomer says “I don’t git it.”)

    Back to the rant: Look at history. We used the Big Bomb on Japan because they wouldn’t quit. We could use the Big Bomb on Isis in Syria but what would happen? Maybe the worst is that they would kow-tow and then later they would dominate us with technology and cars. Something like that. Or I don’t know. I suppose this same thought is going through someone’s mind at the Pentagon and wherever.

    I quit. I have absolutely no idea what to do. I guess I’m going to keep living maybe like those people in Germany under Hitler and hope everything doesn’t go too wrong. What’s wrong with this picture?


    • Despite the Old Testament having some good advice, there are places where it should be viewed more as a historical text than an operator’s manual. For an apples-to-apples comparison, the message of the New Testament is what I compare to the teachings of Mohammed. Both religions are based on the Old Testaments. I often challenge people to show me passages where Jesus promoted anything besides love and forgiveness.
      As to your Colossians passage, my wife would be the first to tell you that she submits to me. However, she will also tell you in the same breath that I have earned every bit of authority I wield in my house. It also goes both ways. I do not abuse my position and am not arbitrary or capricious. Hey, everybody has a boss and the buck has to stop somewhere.
      Rightly or wrongly, the way wars are supposed to be fought is you kill people and break things until one side loses the will to fight, gives up, and apologizes for starting the war in the first place. We killed heaps of Japanese and Germans, and they have been wonderful people since then.
      I think Donald will make a terrible President and I certainly wouldn’t want to spend free time with him, but his one redeeming quality is that he won’t back down. I’m a believer in the devil I understand instead of the angel I don’t.


  2. Let’s see. Just to start off with, and address ONE of your erroneous comments, here’s a list of homegrown terrorists with names and dates from this century.

    I don’t have time or energy to debate your article claim for claim, but the idea that Islam is the “only ” religion that advocates killing non-believers… more prejudiced than probative. I can find verses in the bible that advocate the same thing… but then again, many Christians have cherry picked that beyond recognition anyhow. Much of the bible is written in parable and metaphor, or at the very least is not taken literally. YOu yourself mention in a comment above it is “historical text” not an operators manual. How gracious of you to extend that benefit of doubt to Christianity but not be willing to consider the same for Islam. Is it so hard to believe the majority of Muslims would not take their Quran 100% literally either?
    I have no desire to entertain you or anyone else on a discussion in the comment section about religion, or terrorism, or who has whose head up their ass in regards to the veracity and entent of any actual threat. (yes the threat is real…but no it is not around every corner like the fearmongers would have you believe.) I live in the Bible belt and frankly, I’d feel more at home with a Muslim person living next door to me than one of the crazy bigoted hicks they ALLOW to legally have weapons here. SOME of them have no more common sense than a gnat.) “No common sense” plus a lot of hate is a bad combination. Surely that is one thing you and I can agree on, and a lot of people in America are simply blinded by their hate. But I will say you calling others “willfully blind” is very ironic.

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    • My apologies. I meant homegrown Christian terrorists, but screwed up and omitted the word “Christian,” which I realize completely changes the meaning of the sentence. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.
      As to varying interpretations of the Bible and Koran, I have lived among Muslims in foreign nations, and virtually none of them did not fit the wild-eyed, fanatic stereotype. Your opinion might change when you are on the receiving end of a Muslim’s rocket attack, small arms fire, or IED.
      When you speak of your neighbors, you say “bigoted hicks,” as if it’s a bad thing. By the way, they are not allowed to own weapons, so much as their frightened neighbors are no allowed to prohibit that ownership. Rights to not end where someone else’s discomfort begins. Quite the contrary, that’s where they begin.
      Based on the tenor of the comment, we won’t be agreeing on anything, as I make it policy to never concede ground. You dedicated quite a number of words for someone who does not desire to entertain me or someone else in discussion. Hit-and-run operations done fly here, Sugar Tits. Stand by what you believe or don’t show up.


    • I figure I’m doing something right, if I’m pissing-off her type. It took me reading exactly three of her posts to have a solid bead on where she’s coming from. I’ll save you the trouble by saying this is exactly the sort I talk about in the Liberals Explained category.
      I trolled enough for her to reveal herself. What’s the old saying about there being no such thing as bad publicity? Every time she comes back is another click on the metrics meter.


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