Maybe He Should Have Tased Her?

1benfields1Ben Fields is the latest casualty of the Left’s War on Police. A perfectly pedestrian arrest cost Ben Fields his law enforcement career because he was the wrong color cop arresting the wrong color kid. My guess is that no police department will touch him, now.

Like Darren Wilson and Michael Slager, when he is eventually acquitted, Ben Fields will never patrol the halls of a high schools again. Which is a good thing, since School Resource Officer is shit detail.

The guys I’ve known that aspired to be a School Resource Officer were all shitbags, who volunteered for varying combinations of reasons; working banker’s hours, reduced calls for service, and flirting with staff and students. If not that, they were feel-good Liberals “trying to make a difference.” Which means they were piss poor cops in the first place.

I don’t know if this Ben Fields picked a gig as a School Resource Officer, or if he was dragged into it, kicking and screaming. For all I know, his former department requires getting your ticket punched as a School Resource Officer before turning your loose on the street; like most Sheriff’s Departments require doing jail time as a first assignment.

What I and everyone else not living in a cardboard box on the beach for the last couple of weeks know for certain is Ben Fields affected an arrest on a non-compliant suspect who was in a seated position.

Here’s the timeline leading up to the video:

  1. Student refuses to put her phone away after being told to by teacher.
  2. Teacher tells student to leave and student refuses.
  3. Administrator (Vice-Principal, or some such) tells student to leave. Student refuses.
  4. Ben Fields, a full-fledged cop, with all the authority that position carries, tells the student to leave, or he will remove her from the classroom and she will be under arrest. She refuses.

Liberals are going hysterical about what happened over the next sixteen seconds. Although, most go hysterical any time one of their voting demographics gets what it is owed.

I don’t care if Ben Fields has a shrine to Hitler in his locker or is being considered for an award from the NAACP. Nothing on any of the videos presented was inappropriate.

Then again, I’m a racist, so why don’t we ask his long-time, black girlfriend for her take on how much a racist Ben Fields is? Oh, yes. That’s right. She will be immediately dismissed as an Uncle Tom, bettering her social position by cavorting with the oppressor class to the detriment of her black roots.

Liberals cannot get past the idea that “racial tensions” don’t exist, and neither do “economic tensions.” What exists is “culture.” The reality is there are decent people and trash. The expression “poor, white trash” only exists to express the racism of Democrats who coined the phrase because they expected blacks to behave like animals. I can assure you that trash comes in all colors, creeds, and religions.

And the teenager that Ben Fields arrested and handcuffed in that Spring Valley High School classroom was most certainly poor, black trash.

Being arrested is no fun, and neither is being put into handcuffs, even when it is just for practice. It tends to put a damper on your day and pretty much guarantees you won’t be home for dinner. I’ve never arrested anyone who was happy about it. The seriousness of the situation comes home somewhere between putting your hand on the arrestee and putting that first handcuffed wrist behind the arrestee’s back. That’s generally when all Hell breaks loose.

Watch the video again, and judge for yourself. If you look closely, and are not so biased as to believe the “my baby never did nothin’ to nobody” refrain, you will see the chick start resisting as soon as Ben Fields puts his hand on her. You’ll also see her thrashing about and swinging for the back of his head four or five times. Luckily, she misses and lands the blows on his right shoulder.

The great part about police work is that if you refuse my lawful order, I get to cause you pain until you do what I say. It’s called Pain Compliance, and isn’t terribly different from spanking a child to maintain control.

Ben Fields was in that classroom because the teacher and the vice-principal were out of both ability and options to gain the student’s compliance. He was moving directly up the force continuum and applying an empty-hand control technique that required escalation when the student began active resistance.

Think about his options further up the scale, for a moment:

Regress along the force continuum: Basically, let go and tell the student in an even more firm voice, “Come with me. You’re under arrest.” Of course, that already hadn’t worked and would prolong the situation, at best.

Continue using empty-hand control: Ratchet it up from “soft” to “hard” techniques, which is ultimately what happened.

Blunt impact: Baton, flashlight, whatever is handy, or a less-lethal projectile, usually from a shotgun. Not only do these look horrible to bystanders (the new Liberal litmus test), it assumes he has them ready to put into action, so the projectiles are out.

I didn’t notice a baton or flashlight, even though collapsible batons are far less noticeable from a distance and nobody carries around the old fashioned Mag-Lites anymore, precisely because they made far better clubs than flashlights. Besides, in the close confines of an occupied classroom, swinging around an impact weapon is dangerous to the non-participants and very limiting in the techniques that can be employed.

Chemical agents: Pepper spray, like getting the juice of a thousand Habanero peppers flicked into your eyes, is an absolute no-go in a crowded classroom for reasons patently obvious to anyone who has ever used the stuff. Had he employed it, I would be calling for him to be fired.

Conducted Energy Devices: That’s a Taser to those of us who speak English. A high-voltage, low-amperage jolt of electricity, and some damn powerful medicine, as the Indians would say. No bruises, no broken bones, and no crap to flush out of her eyes, while she’s kicking, screaming, and clawing.

It’s nothing short of a fistful of “do what I say,” compliance in a cartridge.

The downside would be how to get her out of that seated position, while she’s in the middle of what is essentially a seizure. I’ve been around people having seizures, and they have trouble following directions, even when they want to.

The people who are shocked, sickened, revolted, etc. by the video are, by and large, people who have never made it their vocation to run toward the danger. They are certainly allowed to have an opinion. Juries are made up entirely of people without practical experience in the situation they are passing judgement on, but they are shown evidence in a (mostly) dispassionate and (usually) orderly way. A few seconds of tape does not, and rightly should not, a conviction make.

Police work is a rough, violent, dirty business. As a society, we want it populated by individuals capable, willing, and aggressive enough to practice controlled violence on our behalf.

The nature of applying force is to overcome the force presented. That’s why we have the concept of “excessive force,” because society considers a certain amount of force to be necessary in some situations. Liberals love force when it is applied to their enemies.

The video does not show excessive force. It’s pretty clear she was still fighting when she went backward. Remember, Ben Fields latched on, she hit him, and she went backward. I’m still unsure whether he intentionally flipped her back, her thrashing about pushed her past the tipping point of the desk, or a combination of the two.

Whichever happened, the idea that Ben Fields went beyond what was necessary to affect the arrest (remember, she was clearly under arrest before any of this transpired) is simply making hay of a run-of-the-mill trespassing arrest by those waging war on the police.

The teacher and vice-principal had clearly run out of options to deal with this student. That was the entire reason Ben Fields was there, since they had already progressed through the “presence” and “verbalization” phases of the force continuum. They aren’t allowed to put their hands on children, which is a combination of school policy, knowledge that they instruct undisciplined, violent children, and their equally undisciplined, violent parent parents.

So, my question to the shrieking Liberals is this: Given the options available to you, how would you have handled the situation?

Have a solution? Good. Now, go get a job as a cop and call me in five years, so you can tell everyone how it worked out.

What Ben Fields did in that class is exactly what he was taught to do. I’m thinking that he should have just punched the girl in the face several times, so he would have avoided all the trouble and probably still have his job.

Based on a video taken just over a year ago, that would have be acceptable.

1benfields2The black police officer in the photo, I have yet to discover his name, also works at Spring Valley High School. He and Ben Fields are co-workers. They might be drinking buddies, for all I know.

What I know, with a fair degree of certainly, is the black officer is still an officer, while Ben Fields is not. It should be the other way around. I know of no control technique coda that says to release the subject you have under control, step nose-to-nose with him, invite him to initiate fisticuffs, and when he does, trade wild haymakers that fail to land.

Even when a force-on-force situation breaks down into a bare-knuckled brawl, and believe me when I say that it sometimes does, you would be hard-pressed to convince me it is ever a good idea to relinquish control of someone once you have it.

Ben Field’s video fits the Liberal narrative of a racist, white cop beating up a helpless, black girl. The other video doesn’t. And that is why it was ignored by social media, never to go viral.

Black cop beating up a black child is acceptable to racist black children and their equally racist parents. White cop doing his job the way he was taught is not acceptable. I see the way it works, now.

Twenty-some-odd years ago, my Grandfather was prescient when I told him I had a start date to enter the police academy. He said, “Why do you want a job protecting those who neither want nor deserve it?” The old man is shown to be more right every day.

My advice stands. Every cop should get out of law enforcement as soon as he can, before his life, reputation, and future employment prospects are ruined. Those considering it as a career, should avoid it entirely. Let the High Priests of Liberalism come out of their walled cities in their spotless, white robes and deal with the animals of society they have created. Then let them be consumed by their creations.


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