Fair is Fair

1VesterVester Lee Flanagan killed Alison Parker and Adam Ward to ignite a race war. Like Dylann Roof before him in June, Bryce Williams, the on-air name used by Vester Flanagan, purchased his handgun legally, selected the crime scene carefully, bided his time for an appropriate moment to pounce, and was mentally disturbed.

I believe the medical diagnosis for both of them is “bat-shit crazy.”

5vesterBoth Flanagan and Roof were profoundly disturbed men whose mental defects made them hate anyone not as crazy as they were. Both killed innocents to make a political point  and prompt others into action. And don’t forget that neither Dylann Roof nor Vester Flanagan were ever able to accept responsibility for their failings in life. It was always somebody else’s fault, and their persecution complexes convinced both men that they were singled out for harassment.

3VesterSo when Vester Flanagan finally lost what remained of his tenuous grip on reality and killed two black journalists in Roanoke, Virginia this past Wednesday, he was…

Oh, Vester Flanagan was black? And his victims were white? Well, shit. It can’t be his fault or the narrative is screwed.

2VesterTo preserve the Liberal narrative, President Obama wasted no time in announcing to the world that this terribly tragedy is the direct result of unfettered access to firearms of all types. Of course, when Dylann Roof committed pretty much the same crime, the President used the opportunity to reignite rioting, looting, and general lawlessness in the inner cities, that place where the government likes to corral the dependent class who have a Plantation mentality.

According to the President, when whites kill blacks, the nation has a race problem, but when blacks kill whites, the nation has a gun problem.

Gotcha. I see what you did there.

I’m curious what sort of problem the nation had when the shooter was Korean. Despite not being Obama’s minority of choice, the pale skin tone of Seung-Hui Cho’s victims made them the right sort.

The Virginia Tech shooting just might be a wash in Obama’s eyes, given the historical animosity between blacks and Koreans.

Screenshot of the suspect in the shooting deaths of two journalists killed during a live report Wednesday morning in Moneta, VA. (WDBJ/Franklin County Sheriff's Office) BOTTOM: Vester Lee Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams was a suspect in the shooting deaths of two journalists killed during a live report Wednesday morning in Moneta, VA. He killed himself Wednesday (WDBJ)
Screenshot of the suspect in the shooting deaths of two journalists killed during a live report Wednesday morning in Moneta, VA.
(WDBJ/Franklin County Sheriff’s Office)
Vester Lee Flanagan, also known as Bryce Williams was a suspect in the shooting deaths of two journalists killed during a live report Wednesday morning in Moneta, VA. He killed himself Wednesday

Vester Flanagan, a self-described gay, black man, former male escort, and owner of several gay-sex websites, seemed to have a difficult time getting out from under the thumb of The Man, and missed no opportunity to file Human Resources complaints whenever his racist coworkers made racially-tinged comments such as, “Good morning,” and “How was your weekend?”

But no. The United States has a gun problem.

News reports have consistently pointed out that Vester Flanagan had filed unfounded Human Resources beefs against Alison Parker and Adam Ward, but I wonder how much of that is hindsight. The guy would scream racism and homophobia for cutting a fart in his presence. My suspicion is Flanagan picked a soft target. Parker, being a young and tech savvy journalist, habitually posted her public appearance schedule to social media.

It seems journalism classes no longer mention how the publication of itineraries were contributing factors to any number of assassinations throughout history.

Being black and gay, Vester Flanagan was able to double-sip into the toy box of social victim status. His suicide note makes specific mention of women and black men especially having it out for him. Whether he meant all women and all black men, which would seem to be a significant limit on who can support you, or if the people aligned against him were principally women and black men, is unclear. It’s always difficult to understand the mind of a madman.

6vesterWhatever the composition of the “Hate Bryce Williams Club,” the people around Vester Flanagan knew he was a nut job. Several previous employers are quoted saying as much just hours after the shooting.

Had he acknowledged that he was crazy as an outhouse rat, Vester Flanagan would have been untouchable because every employer would have been scared white to fire him lest the trifecta of “disabled, gay, black man” come back to haunt the organization in the form of a wrongful termination lawsuit. Vester Flanagan would have simply been promoted up the journalism ranks until he was hosting The Daily Show.

The sighs must have been audible whenever the guy walked into the Human Resources office.

7vesterVester Flanagan, like Dylann Roof and virtually every mental patient gunman going back to James Garfield’s assassin, had a long series of bizarre and violent behavior with an equally long trail of people who let it slide without comment. Could two lives have been saved earlier this week if someone over the past decade had the stones and societal backing to tell this hypersensitive racist to quit being such a hysterical queen and get his black ass to the head doctor?

When you compare Dylann Roof and Vester Flanagan, the one glaring difference only reinforces the similarities.

Another glaring difference is the public response. If not for the photographic negative difference between the ethnicity of the shooters and victims, the Vester Flanagan and Dylann Roof shootings are mirror images, and one would expect similar responses from the public. All it took was one photo of Roof holding a Confederate flag to set in motion the entire “Take it down” social movement that has threatened to reintroduce Reconstruction to the South.

God help whatever group is represented by the flag we eventually find photos of Vester Flanagan holding. If America is lucky, it will be an ISIS flag. I’m hoping (and think more likely) it will be a rainbow flag.

Imagine a day in the very near future when Gay Pride parades are cancelled, rainbow flags are torn down from in front of homes, and cars vandalized for having rainbow flag stickers in the window. How great would it be to scream at people what horrible bigots they are for displaying the banner that symbolizes who they are at their core.

images (62)We could make great big rainbow colored bonfires out the flags and dance around them like wild Indians. The more violence prone would be allowed to commit all manner of battery, mayhem, theft, and property damage on rainbow flag bearers, and the defense would always be the same: “The mere presence of the flag drove me to it.” All of this going on while mayors, governors, the police, and the President turned a blind eye, and the perpetrators went virtually unpunished and literally encouraged by society.

Oh…, y’all don’t like that idea too much?

Then why the fuck was it OK when it was the Confederate flag in the photo with a straight, white man who killed blacks?


2 thoughts on “Fair is Fair

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