Pick the Right Victim for Excusable Hate Crimes

2ConfederateFlagLast week’s headline blared “Men videotaped placing Confederate flag on church doorstep.” Two unknown men were captured on surveillance video placing a Confederate flag on the doorstep of Ebenezer Baptist Church, at one time headed by Martin Luther King, in Atlanta, Georgia. From the size of the font used, the story placement on the front page, and the number of exclamation points at the end, this surely had to be the most important news story of my lifetime, and quite possibly since the crucifixion of Jesus.

For perspective, the New York Times only used three exclamation points in its headline the day we declared war on Germany for bombing Pearl Harbor.

I devoured what was surely the most important piece of news that day desirous of details. The flag must have been accompanied by a burning cross and racist graffiti all over the place. Perhaps there was a black man hung in effigy in a nearby tree. These hardened criminal racists surely left a trail of black orphans and raped black women in their wake both to and from the scene of the crime. I absolutely had to know the details of what my black brothers and sisters were suffering at the hands of the Confederate bigots.

1ConfederatFlagThere was none of that shit going on according to the news article. Judging by the photo that accompanied the article, the Confederate battle flag in question was about the size of a cafeteria tray place-mat, and made of the same sort of paper. It struck me as no more a flag, in the conventional sense, than the tablecloth and napkins printed with the American flag at Independence Day celebrations all around the country last month. Come to think of it, this “flag” may very well have been leftover decorations.

The flag hadn’t even been set on fire, which much like burning a cross is counter-intuitive at first blush, but gets the point across.

The writer of the article was ecstatic that the act of vandalism had been captured on videotape.

Wait a second. Vandalism? There was no property damaged, which the last time I checked was an element of the crime. If this was vandalism, I should be able to arrest Jehovah’s Witnesses when they leave a copy of Watchtower at my front door.

3ConfederateFlagBut since Atlanta proper is a modern-day Democrat plantation, the Liberals that run the place simply won’t tolerate anything that threatens their source of power; a compliant populace willing to hand over their freedoms and children’s’ futures in the form of votes in order to suckle at the teat of government largess.

Atlanta authorities are scouring every law library within reach of the Find Law website and consulting with any Prosecutor who will answer the phone for a law that can be charged. They’re pretty confident they will either find one or be able to conjure a law out of the air because the police are actively looking for these guys.

Think about that for a second. Police are using up resources hunting down two men for something they are not even sure is a crime.

What’s the radio call going to sound like when they find these guys? “I’m on a vehicle stop of two white males for Driving While Confederate”? Where is the ACLU when you need them?

BigDaddyNot only are the Atlanta Police burning through public money on a politically motivated witch-hunt to trump up charges, they have reached out to Big Daddy, the Federal Plantation owner, for help. Every federal agency, with the possible exception of the Environmental Protection Agency, is beating their lawyers with sticks to find something (anything) chargeable in this caper.

If the authorities had been so lucky as to have the two suspects set the flag on fire, maybe the EPA could have gotten involved on a pollution beef. Because we all know that every campfire, insurance fraud torch job and lighter struck to smoke a cigarette is a thinly veiled reference to a lynched Negro set aflame.

Isn’t that the way it works, now?

Short of confessions coerced out of the two “vandals” with threats of unconstitutionally long stints in pound-you-in-the-ass prison surrounded by a population with a decidedly negative view of the Confederate flag and one of them turning snitch on the other to save himself the worst of the situation for committing the same act Domino’s Pizza perpetrates against me twice a week by hanging unwanted coupons on my screen door, I don’t see a whole lot of charges, much less solid convictions, coming out of this fiasco.

At absolute worst, these two committed vandalism, but you can rest assured this will somehow become a federal case because Georgia does not have hate crime laws.

images (61)Meanwhile, real hate crimes with real victims continue to go uninvestigated and unprosecuted because defacing a public monument, grave desecration, theft, home invasion, and attempted murder are perfectly acceptable, and encouraged, forms of social protest that are constitutionally protected speech. Assuming the perpetrator selects an acceptable victim.

Confederate-Flag-Vandalism-Were the authorities unbiased, honest with themselves, and actual persons of conscience, they would publicly admit the worst crimes chargeable in this situation are littering and possibly trespass, which is arguable since the Memories Pizza incident, several instances of Christians forced to bake gay wedding cakes, and a Supreme Court seemingly intent on compelling churches to marry whomsoever presents themselves have taught us anything, churches are essentially public accommodations, on par with restaurants and motels, that lack the standing to refuse service to anyone.

Who could really use some sanctuary from persecution and hate crimes is Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who shot Cecil the Lion.

141202150915-lion-exlarge-169This poor bastard, regardless of the legality of his hunt, has been subjected to harassment and death threats largely by people too cultured and refined to kill an animal themselves, and who most certainly don’t live in Zimbabwe.

Dr. Palmer is about as popular as Al Sharpton at a Merle Haggard concert in his hometown. In addition to flower festooned and stuffed lion appointed memorials left in front of his dental office, he has been the recipient of death threats, had the business he built over decades virtually destroyed, and has had celebrities tweet his home address, presumably with the intent of encouraging further harassment of him and his family. I’m still waiting for someone to put forward any other possible explanation for Mia Farrow doing this.

Cecil and cubsBetween stuffed lions, flowers, and disparaging signs left in front of Walter Palmer’s dental office, isn’t there something in there that Minnesota officials can base a hate crime prosecution on? Or how about Florida cops doing their jobs and tracking down whoever spray painted “Lion Killer” on the garage door of Dr. Palmer’s vacation home and scattered severed pigs feet on the driveway?

So, let me see if I have this straight. White men littering in front of a black church equals hate crime. Unpopular white man is harassed into hiding for fear of his and his family’s life equals rich, white Liberals like Mia Farrow, and her public supporter Bob Barker, materially contributing to and encouraging people to carry out publically proclaimed death threats.

Roger that. And I’m the nutty one for believing in Open Carry.

MiaDoes anyone besides me see the hypocrisy this cunt embodies? Just like the only slightly less cunty, overly sensitive, race baiters pushing for hate crime prosecution in the Ebenezer Church Confederate flag litter caper, Mia Farrow would have every cop on the planet involved in the manhunt, if someone published her home address.

Celebrities have a well-founded desire to protect their sensitive and personally identifiable information; just like you, me, and Eddie the Garbage Man. The difference between us and the celebrities is they sought out their notoriety by the nature of the career they pursued. I doubt Walter Palmer became a dentist for fame and public adulation. Most days, the last person I want to see is my dentist. It’s not a career choice for attention seekers.

3PalmerOfficeMy wild-ass theory is the vitriol directed at Dr. Palmer has absolutely nothing to do with Cecil the Lion’s death. Much like the Democrat Party and Liberals’ dismissal of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy and their hatred of anyone or anything Confederate, the abuse to which Dr. Palmer has been subjected is the result of class hatred.

The reported cost of the hunt that included killing Cecil the Lion was $55,000. Even if that included air travel, lodging, local transportation, etc, it was one pricey hunting trip. Far in excess of the prices I have seen advertised in the backs of hunting magazines and well beyond the check writing ability of this particular Portagee.

I don’t know what sort of man Dr. Palmer is, but what I do know is that he has some financial wherewithal. I’m sure dental school wasn’t cheap. And even if mom and dad footed that bill for him, establishing and maintaining a successful dental practice is no small feat.

4PalmerOfficeI’ve known three doctors and two dentists socially in my life. To a man, they have the same complaints as any entrepreneur; hellacious hours, disproportionate risk compared to being an employee, onerous government regulation, under-skilled/unmotivated/self-entitled employees, and crippling insurance costs.

You would be absolutely astounded at just how little money the average doctor in private practice takes home after paying crushing student loans, exorbitant malpractice insurance, and the costs associated with the actual practice of his profession.

One of the dentists, who was literally old enough to be and is now equally as dead as my grandfather, commented that the only reason he still practiced was he loved the actual work of dentistry. Otherwise, he would have folded up shop a decade ago.

One of the doctors commented he would have been better off as a welder. He’s still alive and practicing, as far as I know, but he might have wised up and taken night courses in metallurgy at the local community college. Thanks for destroying our healthcare system further, Obamacare.

If Walter Palmer has the price of a Ford F-350 King Ranch laying around to drop on an African hunting trip, he’s doing something right because I sure as Hell don’t.

And that fact absolutely infuriates many of those who don’t have that kind of coin jingling in their pocket. Plenty of celebrities, politicians, and other successful folks piling onto Dr. Palmer have the bank account to engage in an African hunt, so when I “class,” I’m not really talking about money. What I’m talking about is a political class.

2PalmerOfficeThe most vocal critics of Walter Palmer are the same sorts who fail to understand the essence of tolerance as putting up with something you dislike or disapprove of. Rather, these hypocrites see tolerance as a one-way street leading directly to all the things they like while at the same time criminalizing things they disapprove of. Liberals are the worst offenders, but Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, and even Libertarians have their share of adherents who would gladly engage in some forms of rights limiting in the name of the greater good.

Everyone kinkier than I am is perverted.

Everyone is their own standard for what is right and morally acceptable. Perhaps I need a wider circle of friends, but I’m the only person I know willing to admit to being a nut job. Hell, even Alex Jones thinks he is the absolute definition of normal and reasonable.

1PlamerOfficeThe problem comes when a society begins to let the abnormal dictate what is normal. For example, I would be a terrible choice for any elected office. The dystopian nightmare Liberals howl about at every opportunity would be thenceforth known to them as “before Carlos really got going.”

Imagine if Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had a bastard child that was raised by Korean Catholic nuns, trophy hunted the African Big Five, and rode an unvaccinated grizzly bear around while wearing a Confederate battle flag as a cape.

That’s the kind of guy you’d get by scribbling my name into the write-in portion of your ballot.

Little NikkiWe have elevated the whiners and the crybabies of American society into politically powerful positions where they can exact revenge for being tossed into trashcans or pushed into lockers during middle school. Since I was neither a bully nor bullied in school, why must I wear the punitive yoke foisted by conniving, power-drunk weaklings who should be working through their issues with therapists rather than entering government service?

Nikki Haley, I am looking directly at you for your comments about your hurt feelings regarding turbans, saris, and being brown. Perhaps you should have held off on seeking public office in favor of assimilating into your new culture.

A big part of the return-to-high-school mentality has not only been the pussification of America, but the outright hatred that is acceptable to be piled onto those who do not want to drink the Estrogen Kool Aid. It’s something straight out of the movie Mean Girls.

There are actually people who advocate Walter Palmer be punished to the extent of losing his business, his home, his ability to make a living, and even be tortured to death. All for killing a lion virtually no one outside of Zimbabwe knew existed prior to last week.

These same sort people in power, who also largely don’t know the difference between the Confederate battle and national flags, are also willing to allow true hate crimes against an unpopular minority to go uninvestigated and unprosecuted.

images (62)If you are part of a popular and vocal minority, such as blacks, LGBT, Latinos, illegal immigrants, etc, you can rest assured the slightest of perceived transgressions will have the full weight of the local, state, and federal government brought to bear, and those who sullied your honor will punished to extents and in ways that render the Constitution meaningless. Assuming you spout the Liberal party line, deliver your vote, and think the way you’re told to think.

The rest y’all just shit outta luck.


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    • And yet, but the past couple of hours I’ve been called a racist half a dozen time, and a couple of people who are really up in arms are trying to shut down one of my social media accounts.
      I guess I’ve arrived.
      Thanks for reading.


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