Barbarians at the Gates

1BarbarianThe Confederate flag controversy has inspired a new form of bullying; vandalizing graves and monuments. Vandalism is nothing new in the world, and neither is bullying. One of the dozens of Barbarian tribes that wore the Roman Empire down to a memory of better times for people in the Dark Ages was a tribe known as the Vandals.

They were one of an even smaller group of Barbarian horde to breach the gates of the City of Seven Hills. The Vandals so thoroughly and methodically sacked Rome in 455 AD that the empire literally never recovered.

A couple centuries previous, Rome had divided into an Eastern and Western Empire to make managing them easier, but the golden age of the Roman Empire had already passed, and she was in decline.

The Western Empire had kept the right to the name “Rome” for their empire, and I’m sure the newly christened Byzantine Empire was just as glad to be rid of the name, the ruined infrastructure, and the barbarians running around all over the place at will.

The Western Empire was a mess. Lost territories, border incursions, and raids on cities sent the once mighty Roman Empire on a downhill trajectory to annihilation. After the Second Sack of Rome in 455 AD, the old girl tried to hold it together, but much like the Holy Roman Empire four centuries later, the words in the title were no longer true.

The Vandals performed such a thorough pillaging and defacement of the capitol city that their name has come down through several languages as a synonym for property damage.

2barbariansThink about the cultural impact of that for a moment; a proper noun becomes a verb. Google is the search engine company, but we google information. Bogart was an actor, but someone can bogart the weed. I can only hope that in centuries to come cunha the Scotch means to quaff it down in four-finger-tall servings and then pee in the potted plants.

Not only were the Vandals murders and thieves, they were bullies of the first order. Like any organized crime gang, Vandals (or take your pick of any other barbarian bully) would show up at a city with more resources than ability to fend off attack and demand payment in exchange for not running riot through the city. For those who refuse to read a history book, an excellent example of the technique is part of the plot-line near the end of season three of The History Channel’s Vikings series.

Is any of this terribly different from a kid having his lunch money taken by a bigger kid who threatens him?

It’s all extraction of value by use of force, or at least, the threat of it. Law Enforcement types call it “Strong-Arm Robbery,” criminal organizations call it “street tax,” and the government calls it simply “taxes.”

I’m sure the government prefers as efficient a term as possible to spend less time explaining them and more time collecting them.

Learned HandWhile I would never evade taxes or encourage anyone else to do so, no less an authority than the Honorable Learned Hand wrote in a 1947 court opinion, “there is nothing sinister in so arranging one’s affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible.”

That statement cuts both ways. An above-the-line reduction of personal income by contributing to your 401(k) is no different from a C-corporation retaining earnings to defer tax on dividends (When you consider the tax rate on Retained Earnings, this makes no sense, but just go with the example).

The most widely cited lower-court judge by the Supreme Court set the precedent that every tax payer is at liberty to minimize his tax burden by structuring his financial affairs in the most advantageous manner allowed by the law. So, if you’re the sort that resents a particular group for all the “tax breaks” they receive, my advice is to either change the tax code or join the group getting all the goodies you covet.

However, be careful what you wish for. In the Horatio Alger story of my life, the shifts in social standing from “Poor White Trash” through “White Trash” and on to “middle-class” were each accompanied by a rise in the amount of my family’s income I have to fork over to the various levels of government. Low taxation is one of the reasons people move to the South.

Unfortunately, these invading barbarians often bring their peculiar institutions with them. Instead of abandoning their nasty Yankee ways upon establishing residence, these degenerates set about converting the community into which they’ve settled into a duplicate of the cesspit they just escaped.

Why would someone move into the Bayou only to complain about the alligators and demand the neighbors help drain the swamp? If you didn’t understand what it was like to live there, you’re the one that needs to either change or leave.

d648114c0df835510b9ba58299962038The same goes for moving to the South. Down here, most everyone is into guns, the Confederate flags, and Jesus; not necessarily in that order. We also like fried food, hunting, sweet tea, and dipping Copenhagen. If you’re not, we’ll pray for you, but we have so little in common that it would just be awkward for us to socialize. It’s probably best if y’all just stayed up North.

Apart from the friendliest people in the world, low taxes, great weather, physical embodiment of the American work ethic, and love of person freedoms, the South really doesn’t have much to offer.

Please keep livin’ where y’all are livin’. We’re gettin’ crowded. I can see my neighbor’s house on a clear day.

For you carpetbaggers who insist on defiling Southern soil, you will find a small, but vocal population of scalawags willing to make common cause. Lately, they can be found taking selfies while disrespecting Confederate flags, desecrating monuments to anything or anyone Confederate, or taking it upon themselves to speak for the entire black population despite being as white as a Magnolia bloom.

My sample size is likely skewed and definitely small, but I have yet to meet a black born in the North who moved to the South and demanded fundamental changes in the culture. That seems to be strictly a guilty, white Liberal thing to do.

download (27)The latest fad of the socially conscious is committing acts of theft and/or vandalism direct at anything Confederate. Bree Newsome, the woman who climbed the flagpole at the South Carolina statehouse and tore down the Confederate battle flag, while arguably a legitimate act of civil disobedience that would never be tolerated by the “tolerance for all” crowd had the flag in question been rainbow colored, was arrested for defacing a monument. The charge will not see a courtroom, more than likely.

I won’t create a convoluted, apples-to-oranges comparison by asking what sort of public hue and cry would have been created had the flag flying over the South Carolina statehouse been one of the multitude LGBT flags. It would be an unfair comparison, since I don’t know of any public buildings flying a Rainbow flag. At least, not yet. It is not too far off in the future.

8244668_GInstead, please direct your attention to some modern day barbarians. More than the Vandals who sacked Rome, the carpetbaggers invading the South are not content with hijacking the culture and appropriating its resources. They are intent on obliterating Southern history.

I don’t claim to know their plan, but the steps are clear when taken. The wave of outright vandalism masquerading as political protest is appalling. Spray painting of slogans, splattering with red pain, and physical damage to Confederate monuments has spread beyond the boundaries of the Old Confederacy into states that were members of the Republic during the War of Northern Aggression, and to some that weren’t even states during the conflict.

againThe Confederate memorial statue at The Battery in Charleston, South Carolina was vandalized for a second time a couple of days ago with the words, “The cause for which they fought the cause of slavery was wrong” on the front of the pedestal and “Take down this racist statue” on the back side.

If the words sound familiar, it is because they are directly from President Obama’s eulogy of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, who died in the Charleston church shooting.

The man spotted defacing the monument was described by a witness as a tall, slender white male with dark hair in his late 20’s to mid-30’s wearing a black T-shirt, black ball cap, and gold-rimmed glasses. He was not captured. I guess he decided to put that White Privilege for which he feels so much guilt to some good use.

Maybe he hasn’t figured it out, but committing a crime as an act of defiance against “The Man” isn’t very daring when your likelihood of punishment is pretty close to zero. It makes you a putz.

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The loan wolf, or possibly small unit, acts of monument vandalism are justified by the public nature of them. The victim is technically a faceless government or civic entity, and therefor a legitimate target in the eyes of the miscreants. They are wrong, but that is their thinking. Otherwise, these are attacks directed at the individuals the monuments honor and are a far more personal vendetta.

images (56)These are clearly terrorist acts designed to act as force multipliers. If bleeding the citizenry financially dry by continually removing graffiti and repairing damage does not induce their removal, these modern day Vandals make it seem as if they are everywhere and somehow a political force to be reckoned with instead of the tiny group of malcontent cowards they are.

However, politicians, being the fundamentally stupid, attention-seeking jellyfish they are, will see an opportunity to whore themselves for votes for the next election. Wait until these politicians discover the fickle nature of their new friends and the long memories of their current constituents whom they have betrayed.

The true depth of hatred and personal grudge is displayed by the several incidents of grave vandalism of late.

vandal16If removal of the bodies of Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife from their grave in the Memphis, Tennessee park formerly called “Nathan Bedford Forrest Memorial Park” is simply a recognition of changing times, the knocked-over headstones of Confederate veterans around the country are nothing less than desecration, and in a few instances, outright grave robbery that has gone largely unpunished.

vandal19These are simply crimes that no one in the government is willing to prosecute. Whether they suspect the inability to find a jury willing to convict, are fearful of losing their jobs through recall or defeat in the next election, or are personally sympathetic to the cause, no prosecutions, much less convictions or punishment, will result from anyone who decides to topple a grave marker as long as it sits atop a dead Confederate.

Try defacing the grave of Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King. For that matter, try simply not genuflecting at these shrines, and you will be in the bowels of the nearest jail with the sodomites faster than my rabbits can breed.

vandal17The only remedy available to the descendants of those resting eternally in the vandalized Confederate graves is to scrub off the hatred and re-erect the markers at their personal expense. There will be no marches. There will be no GoFundMe campaigns. Neither Jesse Jackson nor Al Sharpton will lobby on their behalf.

The scalawags and carpetbaggers are waging a campaign of genocide against the culture of the South. They have already largely rewritten the history. Now, they are intent on driving it underground with the goal of eventual destruction.

It will come piecemeal, the same way Liberals have destroyed much of the Second Amendment.

images (61)Ask any Jew, Armenian, or escapee from Communism what the eventual fate is of disliked minorities who refuse to stand up for themselves while the vocal, hateful invaders scream slogans and commit virtually government-sanctioned hate crimes against them.

The acts of property damage have begun to migrate from the public sphere into the private. Homeowners displaying Confederate flags in their yards and on their homes have begun to find the flags themselves intentionally damaged (or outright missing) and other outside property painted with graffiti.

Confederate-Flag-Vandalism-Had “kike” been spray painted on that boat instead of “racist,” the Federal Government would be involved finding and prosecuting whomever committed the act. Yet, they sit on their hands when it is an acceptable victim.

The Barbarians have breached the gates and have begun to loot while the Patricians continue their orgies.


19 thoughts on “Barbarians at the Gates

  1. Great article, as is tradition for you. I especially enjoyed the part about white people doing things in the name of black people. I agree and always found it absurd. One thing I have often noticed is white people feeling guilty for minorities (usually black people). Why? If someone is upset, let them be upset. There’s no reason to be upset for them.

    “Hey, John. That really sucks what happened to your grandma.”
    “Yeah, it does, but there wasn’t anything either of us could do about. I’m just glad we don’t have to go through it.”
    “No, John. That wasn’t right. But don’t worry, I’m going to fight for you.”
    “Wait, what?!”

    Sometimes I can’t help but feel that people have this strange need to fight battles that aren’t there in an attempt to right some wrong that they had nothing to do with.


    • I think that sums it up nicely.
      Somewhere along the way, we have made individuals responsible for the sins of their ancestors and allowed people to bask in the greatness of their ancestors. I am no more culpable for the slave trade because Cuhnas were slave traders than MLK’s children are laudable for making the “I Have a Dream” speech. Neither set of descendants had anything to do with the event and deserve neither praise nor scorn.
      Some of the displaced outrage you mentioned is from fear of being perceived as not sufficiently contrite. Either that, or some twisted version of “survivor guilt” where the goal is to increase street cred. I have an idea…If you’re so upset about it, abandon your suburbs and live amongst the people you portend to support instead of just meeting them at the protest location.
      Thanks for reading. You are one of my stalwarts.


  2. This is just great! I think I say this to all your posts.

    This subject just makes my blood boil. Rewriting history, nay obliterating it, and for what, so some folks can ‘feel’ better? I bet a large percentage of the folks protesting don’t even HAVE slaves in their descendants. Heck, I’m not apologizing for any of it. My ancestors came over in the early 1900’s from Europe. I had nothing to do with it. But I hate the revisionist history. It happened. Sure, it was bad, but it happened. Get over it. Quit trying to erase it. Learn from it instead and go forth and do better.

    Ok, rant over. I think. Thanks.


  3. Oh, hey, and if you really want to get your blood going, look into politicians. In particular, Mitch McConnell and his family-in-laws. I posted on it on my FB account. The ‘gift’ he got from his FIL in 2008, so as to ease the financial hit he took when the economy down-turned? Poor Mitch. Had to get help to pay off his $400,000 mortgage from his FIL. Pffft. I best go take a chill pill.



    • If i am ever elected to Congress, I’m going to stand up every day, cite the third sentence from the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, and put forward a bill dissolving the entirety of the government.
      I expect I would be outvoted every time, censured sooner or later, and eventually kicked out, but it would be fun to be an annoyance.

      “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


  4. I have two jobs (white privilege) that allow me to pay extra taxes and assuage my white guilt, but limits my personal time to riot and vandalize. Thank Darwin, I help provide tax subsidies that enable others time to be offended and the time to riot and vandalize.


    • Bernie Sanders thanks you.
      You should be grateful. They are vandalizing and rioting when lazy asses like you won’t. Each will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
      Thanks for stopping by. Come back any time.


  5. […] The teacher and vice-principal had clearly run out of options to deal with this student. That was the entire reason Ben Fields was there, since they had already progressed through the “presence” and “verbalization” phases of the force continuum. They aren’t allowed to put their hands on children, which is a combination of school policy, knowledge that they instruct undisciplined, violent children, and their equally undisciplined, violent parent parents. […]


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