Monkey See. Monkey Do.

Vandalism, property damage, beatings, and grave desecration are the fallout of the Mother Emanuel shooting. If the popular media narrative is to be believed, all sorts of public mayhem has been inflicted on society by unruly mobs of inbred, tobacco chewing, marginally literate, nigger-hating, Confederate flag wavers bent on restoring slavery and re-instituting Jim Crow.

“Oh, my God, Becky. I’ll bet they have guns.”

1paradeNo kidding, Sugar Britches? You made that leap all by yourself? Why wouldn’t someone who believes in all of the amendments to the Constitution be armed? The thought you should really ponder is why you’re not, if we rednecks are so dangerous.

The bigotry lies with the accuser, and the Confederate battle flag is simply a mirror in which they refuse to see their reflection.

The assumption that someone who venerates any of the various flags flown by the Confederate States of America is a racist really is no less virulent a form of prejudice. That is unless flags have a commonly accepted meaning, but who gets to define the meaning of a flag becomes problematic. Does the creator, the bearer, or the viewer hold the responsibility and the power?

1generalleeBased on the reaction of pulling merchandise with a Confederate flag from their offerings, retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, and E-Bay clearly feel the common meaning is defined by the viewer of the flag. These were actions by merchants who looked at their bottom lines and calculated they were better off financially removing the items.

My first day of business school, the instructor told us, “You’re only responsibility on a Board of Directors is to maximize shareholder value. Everything you do is with that goal in mind.”

WalmartIt was a bitter pill to swallow for my socially conscious classmates who desperately desired the best interests of any given company to always coincide with those of society’s downtrodden and the polar bears who apparently aren’t smart enough to start walking north when they notice the ice is getting to thin too walk on.

Life is full of bitter pills to swallow. Interestingly enough, when I last checked, all three retailers still offered vast amounts of Nazi paraphernalia, Atzlan apparel, and ISIS flags. But God forbid I want to buy a toy 1969 Dodge Charger with a Confederate battle flag painted on the roof. That irreparably damages race relations.

AirhornLuckily, JC Whitney still sells an air horn that plays the first dozen notes of “Dixie.” So, the cable networks can take “Dukes of Hazzard” out of the re-run lineup all they want because I say, “it’s game on, motherfuckers.”

I’m gonna get me one of those horns and put that bitch into a Prius. Then when Liberals come over to congratulate me on my environmentally responsible choice of vehicle and they’ve let their guard down, I’ll let the sweet sound of Hell-raising defiance fly like the Wicked Witch of the West’s monkeys.

Exactly how a television show that went off the air thirty years ago is more dangerous than the Saracen who wants to publicly behead us all today simply baffles me.

Whether Confederate flags should fly over government buildings leaves me conflicted. They were originally erected by Dixiecrat politicians in defiance of attempts to integrate the South. These politicians were throwbacks to Democrats of the Reconstruction Era who introduced segregation, poll taxes, and gun control in the South to disenfranchise the newly freed blacks.

At what point am I able to claim as tradition something that occurred before my parents were born and before my grandparents were even Americans?

The sense of defiance and fighting spirit that put those flags on government buildings all over the South has eclipsed the racism that originally went along with them up the flag poles.

roofThere are a few sad bigots, such as the Ku Klux Klan and Dylann Roof, who bandy the Confederate flag with racism in their hearts, but they are few and far between, unless you listen to the race-baiting, political agitators who literally hate the United States and actively pursue its destruction.

The Confederate flag is not the only symbol these psychopaths hijack. A photo not widely circulate depicts Dylann Rood burning an American flag. I’m not the smartest knife in the drawer, but I suspect he hated the United States, too.

My gut tells me Dylann Roof didn’t like much of anything or anybody that wasn’t exactly like him. He would make an excellent Liberal.

 Context is key

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Where I am clear that a Confederate flag should fly is over monuments and graves of Confederates. No man is a single thing over the course of his life. Some events are more prominent than the rest, and the rest balance out the prominent for better or worse.

NBFNathan Bedford Forrest is interred in a public park in Memphis, Tennessee along with his wife in a monument to General Forrest. Considering he made part of his living as a slave trader before the War of Northern Aggression, it’s safe to say General Forrest was a proponent of slavery.

However, this is where life becomes complicated, and Liberals cannot stand a complicated narrative. Hell, go over 140 characters and Liberals don’t know how they should think or feel.

General Forrest enlisted forty-five of his slaves into the company of volunteers he raised with the promise of their freedom after the war regardless of its outcome.

These weren’t just servants and footmen. We are talking fully armed and kitted soldiers with untold opportunities to escape, kill the General, or both. General Forrest essentially gave these men their freedom the day they enlisted. Compare that to Generals Grant and Sherman who retained their slaves in absolute bondage until enactment of the Thirteenth Amendment forced their hands.

General Forrest was also a city father of Memphis who did yeoman’s duty rebuilding the city.

BirthHistorians debate whether he was founder, a founding member, or simply an early member of the Ku Klux Klan, but the surviving evidence is reasonably conclusive that he resigned from and disavowed the organization when it turned violent.

Shouldn’t Nathan Bedford Forrest be lauded for freeing his slaves voluntarily, rebuilding a city virtually annihilated by war, and condemning an organization he viewed as destructive to an entire category of people?

All men are bundles of contradictions. Any of us can be vilified for some of our actions and lionized for others.

BenedictIn the scant few years General Benedict Arnold was an American, he displayed magnificent leadership skills culminating in his victory at the Battle of Saratoga in upstate New York. George Washington thought of the younger man as a son, and subsequent generations of Yankees held Arnold in high enough regard to erect a monument to the battle, and presumably the man who led the victorious forces.

Ultimately, Benedict Arnold betrayed George Washington and the fledgling nation by engaging in espionage for the British.

Bundles of contradictions.

The men erecting the monument to Benedict Arnold struggled with these conflicting actions when deciding on the design of the monument. In the end, the monument bears a likeness of General Arnold’s knee-high booted leg, where he received a bullet would during the battle, as a way to weasel out of possible public opprobrium at erecting a monument with the likeness of the man whose name because a synonym for traitor and betrayal.

BootI am not suggesting we sweep unpopular facts and unsavory actions under the historical rug. Liberals have done enough such obfuscation pretending Franklin Roosevelt was not a socialist dictator, Lyndon Johnson was not a racist, and Bill Clinton is not a rapist.

And yet they persist in the belief that a lie repeated loud enough and long enough will take hold in the popular imagination to eventually become the truth.

There is a method to the Liberal madness, most recently enacted against Memories Pizza:

  1. Force a contrived confrontation with an unsuspecting, and preferably weak, victim.
  2. Gin up social unrest over the perceived slight.
  3. Convince your useful idiots they are homophobes, racists, sexists, or uncool for agreeing with the target.
  4. Seek redress through sympathetic courts.
  5. Ruin lives and livelihoods in the name of equality, fairness, and self-esteem.

The same pattern is being followed for the Confederate flag and every person, both white and black, who carries her. Attempts at public humiliation and verbal abuse are not the only indignities suffered by Confederate flag wavers.

The latest social activity engaged in by the politically aware is vandalism of Confederate monuments and desecration of Confederate graves.

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Over the past week, a spate of vandalism targeting Confederate monuments has received only slightly more news coverage than the Pacific Trade Agreement passed by Congress. Whether another NAFTA-esque trade agreement that undermines US sovereignty and impedes our ability to determine our fate as a nation is more or less news worthy than the courage and sacrifice to a lost cause of 300,000 men and boys can remain a matter for debate.

What is not up for debate is the sheer hatred and disrespect shown by bullying cowards who would rather skulk through the night than meet face-to-face in the open market of ideas.

images (58)I suspect that is one of the reasons honor compelled Nathan Bedford Forrest to quit the Ku Klux Klan. However, General Forrest’s crisis of conscience and repentance is sufficient neither for Yankees nor the scallywags intent on rewriting history and perverting Southern culture to mirror their wicked ways.

Which is worse? Defile 300,000 privates or desecrate one General. I suspect General Forrest would sacrifice himself in that situation, but I doubt Liberals will take just one as a peace offering. Their thirst is never slaked.

If the Mayor of Memphis and the race-baiting carpetbaggers with whom he associates have their way, the next step in drinking dry the river of defiant liberty that runs through the South will be eradicating all public memory of Confederates. The first being the combination memorial statue and grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Allow me to engage for a moment in a favorite rhetorical tactic of Liberals; the comparative cause and effect.

What do you imagine the reaction would be if a monument to Martin Luther King or Medgar Evers was spray painted with graffiti of any type?

Liberals would lose their minds. There would literally be riots in the streets. Police Chiefs would be fired for allowing such sacrilege to occur in the first place. Every politician would feel compelled to issue an apology and publicly flagellate himself for either being too white or not black enough.

Clearly, I exaggerate to make a point, but what sort of uproar would ensure? Now, think of the response when the vandalism has actually happened where the targets were held in equally high regard by Southerners.

I am waiting patiently for headlines of “White Riots in the Streets” and any politician to issue an apology on behalf of the vandals.

Twitter hashtags and Facebook posts have whipped up sufficient public sentiment to erase entire sections of history and subject an unpopular minority to public scorn. How much longer before we are required to wear armbands with yellow Southern Crosses emblazoned on them?

DylannIf a half-retarded racist with a bad haircut and a few strokes of a keyboard can conjure up this much vitriol and willingness to infringe on the freedoms of a fellow citizen, I don’t hold out much hope for the Constitution or any of the Amendments.

As we go into the Independence Day weekend, we would do well to remember our Founding Fathers, who were most definitely rebels and traitors to the English Crown. Like the original Confederates, the Founding Fathers broke away from the established government that allowed slavery only to form a new government more to their liking which allowed slavery, but at the same time, recognized it as the dying institution it was.

foundersIn both instances, the Founders’ feelings on slavery were decidedly mixed, but each group agreed among itself their current government was unresponsive to their needs, disdainful of their rights as citizens, and had become arbitrary in its use of power to the point of tyranny.

If the main impetus for Southern secession in 1861 was maintaining slavery and subjugation of the black race, then so to was it for the American declaration of independence from England in 1776.


14 thoughts on “Monkey See. Monkey Do.

  1. As I read through your latest blog a feeling of sadness and gloom descended on my mood. Why do certain events change our lives quickly and with other events nothing ever changes? Is change meant to be slow so as not to shock us? What is happening behind the news to influence state officials to act so quickly? Racism has so many shades. There are Asians, Latinos, Negros who are racist. Why chose the Confederate flag now?


    • Think of it like obituaries. News outlets have an entire file of them on standby for when a celebrity dies so all they have to do is plug in the dates and maybe update it a tiny bit. That way they can publish as fast as possible.
      Politicians and activists do the same thing. They have a list of things they want to do and are literally waiting for a tragedy to exploit that will further the agenda.
      School shooting? Safe School Laws. Train derailment? More money for train safety and infrastructure. You get the idea.
      However, you’re right in that politicians won’t ever talk about non-white racists. In their minds, such a thing doesn’t exist.


  2. I never once heard about the defacing and destruction of Confederate monuments and graves on television. Not once! and I live in Alabama. This is just sad, the entire debacle.


  3. On the one hand, none of this has anything to do with racism, dehumanization and white supremacy, however, on the other hand, tells the Nathan Bedford Forrest story, while omitting its most infamous event, the massacre at Fort Pillow… Robs all credibility from the rest of the story!


    • Perhaps you missed the part where I said all men are bundles of contradictions. I prefer to concentrate on a man’s positive qualities, but if you insist on knowing dirty laundry, MLK plagiarized large sections of his Doctoral thesis and he was a known philanderer. Do either of those take away from his accomplishments?
      General Forrest was in command of the troops assaulting Fort Pillow, but did not arrive on scene until after the killing had ended. By all accounts, the General was incensed and put the men responsible in chains for courts-martial. Don’t act as if he gave an order to massacre survivors. That is not supported by the historical evidence and simply wishful thinking by those who desire to re-write history.
      Thanks for stopping by, and come back soon.


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