Time to Hang Up the Badge

Freddy GrayFreddie Gray, another poor, innocent Baltimore black man, was murdered by the Baltimore Police in the latest in a long string of institutionalized racism and abuse of power propagated by the white power structure…

Who am I kidding?  I can’t say this shit with a straight face. Freddie Gray was a street-level dope peddler with a rap sheet longer than Wilt Chamberlain’s list of sexual conquests.

Looking at this guy’s background, the community of Baltimore is better off without him.

But what do I know? I’m just some Southern bigot.

Baltimore_Riot_1861Hold on, isn’t Baltimore technically in the South? My history books said despite being part of the Republic during the War of Northern Aggression, Maryland was a slave-state.

Oh, that explains it. The state is conflicted by its past. Feeling guilty over its involvement in the slave trade, Maryland has spent generations creating a de facto slave class with grants of cash and valuable prizes in exchange for Democrat votes.

Over the weekend, the Baltimore riots have (according to media reports) metamorphosed into the Woodstock of social justice. Formerly angry black faces peering from behind masks fashioned from bandannas and their token middle-class, white kid sidekicks wearing Guy Fawkes masks who were bused in from Northern Virginia have magically transformed into something more resembling a Puerto Rican Day parade.

MayorStephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor of Baltimore, future disgraced Congresswoman from Maryland, and permissive parent, might as well have thrown up some gang signs and shouted Thug life when she announced, “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.”

“Haters gonna hate. Rioters gonna riot. YOLO, bitches.”

I would love to see how she deals with a two-year-old throwing a tantrum.

Fellow political social climber and Maryland prosecutor Marilyn Mosby has Prosecutorbrought charges against six (count ’em, six) Baltimore police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. Her shotgun approach to prosecution is being described by fellow lawyers, always quick to be charitable when faced with the incompetence of a colleague, as an attempt to leverage one defendant against another.

Having made a living in occupations with a reliance on turning one person against another, I can verify the need for a solid case against the targeted snitch before you can turn him.

There is a criminal law concept called a “Lesser and Included Offence,” with which Marilyn Mosby should be well acquainted. For example, since a theft is part of a robbery, theft and robbery can’t be charged for the same event. The prosecutor has to pick, and usually charges the most serious crime in the expectation of the charge being reduced later for one reason or another.

images (24)I don’t know the specifics of Maryland law, but I know enough about legal concepts in general to conclude the six officers were massively overcharged. The six officers likely know this as well, since they make their living in the field. The only real hope Marilyn Mosby has of successfully flipping a stool-pigeon is to have gotten to one of them over the weekend before a defense lawyer. That is why they were arrested on a Friday afternoon. The hope is they neither ask for an attorney nor have access to one because he is out of town.

My favorite attorney-client scene was on Breaking Bad when Sal Goodman barged in on Jesse’s questioning by police asking, “Did you say anything stupid? And by ‘stupid,’ I mean anything at all.”

When the arrests were announced, I immediately scoured the internet for photos of these bloodthirsty, rogue cops. I could barely find their names, much less their photos, because neither were being released by Prosecutor Mosby’s office.

My wild-ass theory was she made and announced arrests to placate the mobs destroying Baltimore, but had a delicate situation on her hands because one or more of the officers arrested was black.

I wish I had been able to finish this post when I conceived of it on Friday, but I had to help a friend fence off his field and a chicken coop to build so I could get the pullets out of the bathtub. Take a look at the photos of the Baltimore Police Officers arrested for killing Freddie Gray and tell me my theory was nutty.


So here is what I see as the future of police work in America. Political leadership will continue its push to neuter police officers until the remaining decent cops are either imprisoned, pushed out, or so thoroughly disgusted they abandon the field entirely, leaving it to the in-touch-with-their-feelings types who have spent the last generation or so turning police work into another branch of Social Services.

Have you heard the expression “If you like sausage, don’t watch how it’s made”? The same goes for police work.

It’s a rough business that attracts hard men who seek out the job precisely because it puts them in harm’s way. As my wife once told me when we were dating, “I don’t trust a man who doesn’t like getting into a fistfight once in a while.” That sounds like a pretty good question for the Police Department application, if you ask me.

To prove my point, I’ll ask my readers of the feminine persuasion (gals or guys, it doesn’t matter, as long as you like men): When “The Bad Men” come, as my daughters used to refer to them, do you want them met by someone capable of just as much violence and ferocity as them or by someone concerned he might accidentally kill the people who came to kill you.

There’s not a “right” answer to this question, but it has significant implications.

If we want our policemen to be social workers, be prepared to have cops with limited effectiveness when the really nasty things in life come around.

471375348-youth-throws-a-rock-at-police-on-april-27-2015-in_1.jpg.CROP.rtstory-largeHad the Baltimore Police Department put a bullet or a load of buckshot into that first teenager during his wild wind up and running start to throw a rock at them, much of the rioting would have ended there. Word that the police will shoot you for committing (what is, at least) Assault with a Deadly Weapon would have spread quickly and deterred those not fully committed to raising Hell.

The thought process that such a reaction would push more otherwise normal and law abiding people to engage in escalated violence betrays a fundamental, and possibly intentional, misunderstanding of the terms “normal” and “law abiding.”

The future of police work is to treat all uses of force equally by stripping away the assumption of righteous. Any civilian who carries a firearm does so with the presumption that he will find himself on the ground at gunpoint when the police finally do arrive, regardless of how legitimate the reason to employ deadly force.

That’s at minimum. Most expect to be arrested, spend some time in jail, be charged, and face a judge. Aside from the emotional toll of taking a life and the inevitable wrongful death lawsuit from the surviving family (because the guy you found in your bedroom raping your wife at gunpoint was clearly there asking directions to the nearest Bible study), having to answer to a judge like some common criminal is expected.

Every cop who employs deadly force will be tried for murder. Likewise, any who use their baton or Taser will be arrested by the next cop who shows up on scene for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. The act of making an arrest will result in two trials; one for the bad guy, and one for the cop on Battery and Kidnapping charges. God, forbid he collected any evidence because that would be a theft charge. The officer driving the transport vehicle would be subject to Abetting Kidnapping.

And all of this will be in the name of fairness, social justice, and accountability. It will also help minimize rioting since law enforcement seems to have given up any pretense of being able to keep control of the areas they police.

Michael Slager and the actions of the South Carolina law enforcement establishment have set the precedent of preemptivedownload (16) arrest for police officers. If you doubt me, ask yourself how much rioting there has been in North Charleston.

I know there are cops out there who are still men, and my advice remains the same. Get out before your number gets called. If you are eligible to retire, take it. If you have another skill set, put it to use. If you’re considering a career in law enforcement, reconsider it. Whether you realize it or not, you have been targeted.

My grandfather was right when he told me twenty-five years ago, “The people you will protect don’t deserve your protection.”


14 thoughts on “Time to Hang Up the Badge

  1. Yes, it’s plainly evident that Mosby and her husband are looking to become the next Bill and Hillary Clinton. Mosby also wants to become the new harbinger of African-American social justice in America.

    Your Friday theory was correct. I found it interesting though, how the bail bondsman who was bailing out many of the looters also bailed out a few of the cops and made sure he got his ass on CNN.

    I think the biggest mistake Mosby made was by hitting 4 of them separately with involuntary manslaughter. She would have been better off charging them as co-conspirators. By grouping them together she could have tried all of them at the same time.

    Now she has to have separate trials for all of them. That means she has to depend on one or the other ratting on one or the others. If they all refuse, her goose is cooked.

    I did a lot of research on Mosby. Her career accomplishments are minimal and she has the reputation as a cutthroat – especially after gutting the state attorney’s office as soon as she took over.

    Mosby did not play her cards right. By trying to quickly capitalize on Freddy Gray’s death (for personal and political reasons) she has sullied the case. She’s has also alienated the entire BPD. Obviously, Mosby doesn’t understand how important it is to play by the rules and keep your reputation intact.

    Mosby is not a professional prosecutor. She thinks she is going to steamroll of way into Maryland politics by jumping on the social oppression bandwagon. But she’s picked the wrong army to do battle with.

    I think by the time all this is over Mosby will get burned.

    Good post!


    • Thank you, sir, and thank you for the thoughtful comment.
      You’re right in that Mosby has spent most of her life in school or government, both places of brainwashing and indoctrination.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if the prosecution is taken away from her entirely based both on incompetence and incendiary political rhetoric.


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