Michael Slager will be Vindicated

images (24)The few people publicly supporting Michael Slager after shooting Walter Scott are not racists. Quite the contrary, they are people who put their emotions aside and evaluate evidence in a dispassionate manner. The real racists are the ones screaming that Michael Slager is a murderer and Walter Scott was a saint.

Wait a second. Don’t these same people insist the public refrain from judgement until the justice system takes its course when the arrestee is not a police officer?

If you expected me to write anything besides “police officer” at the end of that last sentence, perhaps it’s time for you to reconsider your idea of who is and is not racist. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

Much like other recently persecuted social minorities (Christians, gun owners, Bill Cosby, trappers, etc.), it would behoove the Slager supporters to take a page from the Liberal playbook and have some handy rejoinders to use as bullet points when faced with an emotionally unstable, angry mob ready to pummel you for having the audacity to assert the general public has anything more than the tiniest sliver of evidence that will be evaluated in the course of this persecution.

images (26)Walter Scott was shot in the back as he ran away.

Yes, he was. And that is allowed under certain circumstances.

A huge part of this case will hinge on whether the probable cause element of the Fleeing Felon Rule was satisfied. By the definition of “fleeing,” the suspect is likely to take rounds in the back.

Walter Scott was unarmed.

That fact remains to be determined. You don’t know one way or the other, and neither does anyone not directly involved in the investigation. Hell, the Grand Jury doesn’t even know, yet because they don’t meet until May.

Michael Slager fired eight times.

Would your opinion be different had he fired five times? How about three times? Or even once? Hold on…Then the media would call it an execution. Never mind the one shot example.

The coroner ruled it a homicide.

Not all homicides are murders. That’s why they are investigated; to determine whether justifiable or criminal.

I saw Michael Slager shoot Walter Scott on the video.

You most certainly did. I did as well. And that is about all we saw. Refer back to the difference between homicide and murder.

Michael Slager handcuffed Walter Scott after shooting him.images (31)

Yes. Exactly as he was taught to do in such situations.

Feidin Santana, the witness video recording the incident, didn’t hear download (18)Michael Slager shout any warnings of his intention to shoot and there are none recorded on the video.

That’s because Michael Slager probably didn’t.

Giving “fair warning” or letting off a warning shot is a good way to accidentally kill an innocent bystander or get yourself killed. It’s complete horseshit that has been repeated in movies and on television so often that people think it’s real life.

Michael Slager said he “felt threatened” that Walter Scott had control of the TASER.

No kidding. Those things hurt. And taking a jolt from one to the head is possibly fatal. It’s right up there with waving a knife at a cop.

The video shows Michael Slager planting the TASER near Walter Scott’s body.

images (27)And thirty seconds of uninterrupted video later, Michael Slager picks it up and attaches it to his duty belt. Both actions were in the immediate presence of Clarence Habersham, the first backup officer on the scene (who appears to be black, if that makes a difference to you racists). As far as cover-ups go, that would be supremely sloppy work.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey and Police Chief Eddie Driggers held a news conference saying that Michael Slager was in the wrong and had been fired.

Yeah…Well, that’s the problem. Michael Slager is still technically innocent. He hasn’t even been bound over for trial, yet. I’m very curious to hear what the Police Officers’ Union will have to say about that down the road, especially when he is found not guilty or the Grand Jury refuses to indict him. God help North Charleston, if that happens. It will be Ferguson all over again.images (36)

And this is why Keith Summey and Eddie Driggers are massive cowards. Rather than having the guts to tell the people of North Charleston and the rest of the world to back off, allow Michael Slager the presumption of innocence to which he is entitled (the same presumption of innocence afforded everyone else in that burg), and let the investigators do their jobs, these spineless masses of lard threw the only cop they had that was worth a shit under the bus.

Here’s my kooky theory: They know Slager is going to get a raw deal out of this no matter what happens, so they intentionally jumped the gun (pun intended) and fired him in an illegal manner that will allow Slager to sue for a butt-ton of money that will be covered by the City’s insurance carrier.

He might even get his old job back as part of the deal, or at least, move to another small department in the area. None of this changes the fact that Michael Slager is getting sold down the river by the people who should be protecting him because the civic leadership in North Charleston is scared white by the black citizens of that city.

Walter Scott never hurt nobody.

download (17)Perhaps you should check out that statement with the children to whom he owed approximately $18,000 in back child support, hadn’t made a payment to since 2012, and had been arrested for three different times. And Walter Scott had a 2013 warrant out for his arrest on the day he was shot.

How about Walter Scott’s arrest for assault and battery in 1987? That doesn’t count because it was just an arrest? Michael Slager has only been arrested at this point, and people are already howling for his execution.

I’ll do you one better. Walter Scott was convicted in 1991 for possession of a bludgeon, which despite my reasonable, unsuccessful efforts to find out exactly what that means in South Carolina, I will take a half-educated guess and say is illegally possessing what the State considers a dangerous or deadly weapon.

Are there any cops or lawyers in South Carolina reading this who can explain the bludgeon charge to me and whether that makes him a felon, prohibited firearms possessor, etc.? I promise your name will never come up. I’d just like to know for edification.

The bottom line here is that Walter Scott was a habitual criminal and lawbreaker. That’s doesn’t mean he could be shot on sight, but don’t tell me he wore a halo. Members of his family knew he was a child support scofflaw, actively evaded paying the debt to his children while holding a job that afforded him the ability to purchase a Cadillac and marry his fiancee, and assumed his next encounter with law enforcement would lead to another incarceration.

Walter Scott was a scumbag, and everyone around him knew it. I suspect his family are a bunch of scumbags, as well. Otherwise, they would not be minimizing his background.

Michael Slager was denied bond and is eligible for the death penalty.

download (16)He was arrested for murder. Since charges are always filed high and reduced later, the death penalty is technically an option in any state that has it. Bond was denied because the judge he appeared before did not have authority to grant it. When the Grand Jury reduces the charges to a non-capital case, Michael Slager will be able to have another bond hearing. Or more likely, he will appear before a circuit judge who does have that authority in the near future. But right now, he might be safer in the slammer.

His first lawyer dropped Michael Slager as a client, so he must have been guilty of something.

Absolutely right. Michael Slager was guilty of retaining a lawyer who is afraid of losing all his clients because the vast majority are black, believe Slager does not deserve legal representation, and would economically boycott David Aylor Law Offices because of the hate and bigotry in their hearts.

David Aylor might be a shyster, but he’s clearly not stupid. He knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Mario Givens was TASERed by Michael Slager in 2013 for no good reason.

The board of inquiry that exonerated Michael Slager in that incident believed there was plenty of reason. The “no good images (45)reason” is from the mouth of Mario Givens, who can be expected to believe that was the case, since he filed the complaint.

I find it interesting that Mario Givens still hasn’t bothered to file his lawsuit against the North Charleston Police Department for an incident that occurred two years ago and was adjudicated in under two months. His statement that the North Charleston Police Department took an inordinately long amount of time to investigate and close the complaint is patently false. Mario Givens is really making himself look like an asshole for kicking a guy while he is down.

And speaking of assholes, Julius Wilson has sued for a suspiciously similar complaint stemming from a 2014 traffic stop by Michael Slager.

Jesus Christ on a soda cracker. Is everybody this guy ever arrested going to come out of the woodwork with their hand out, now? If the worst that can be found in Michael Slager’s background is two bogus complaints over five years, this guy is a Boy Scout. I’ll bet he’s a complete pain in the ass to work with.

As the fury of the mob lessens between now and the convening of the Grand Jury in May, more and more of the seedy backgrounds of Walter Scott, Mario Givens, and Julius Wilson will come to light. The lack of raw meat in Michael Slager’s work and personal life will be realized, as well, but don’t expect the Liberal media or the race hustlers currently circling North Charleston, South Carolina to come to any sort of reasonable conclusion.

images (33)They have already begun to spin Michael Slager’s unassuming background and personality as indicative of a man who was a ticking time bomb. It’s sad that a guy who is a bit of a homebody, who likes to spend his off-time puttering around the house with his pregnant wife, is somehow perceived as a bad guy. Would they prefer he were out whoring and carousing with his buddies?

Oh, wait. They probably would.


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