LGBT Activists: The ISIS of Liberals

David Allen Coe
David Allan Coe

The Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act caused more ruckus among the gay community’s self-appointed spokesfags than David Allan Coe playing an opening set for NWA.

Supporters of the bill call it a buttressing of the right to an individual’s freedom of religious expression and the ability to hew to their religious principles. The opposition call it a backdoor attempt to legalize discrimination.

No only are both sides completely full of shit, but neither has the balls to stand up and say what they really believe.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith – Of course, His Hand is Invisible

I have absolute faith in the free market’s ability to both provide success to anyone willing to work his ass off and completely nullify disadvantages of birth. A truly free market, one with absolutely no distortions imposed by government (which is an entire blog by itself), will nullify every stripe of bigotry imaginable. To prove my point, chose your favorite type of bigot; racist, misogynist, anti-Semite, homophobe, nativist, etc. Take your pick. And for the sake of pretending to have a representative sample size, select ten of these individuals.

Now, search his pockets, his car, and his house. Based on the items you find, how closely does this bigot hew to what you perceive as his prejudices?

For example:

  • Apple products – Chinese manufacture. Openly gay CEO.
  • Virtually all other electronics – Chinese manufacture.
  • Television and movies – The majority of Hollywood output is created, produced, and performed by Jews, gays, racial minorities, and screaming hoplophobes.

I won’t belabor the list. My point is that a free market provides the opportunity for a superior product or service to rise to the top despite animus against its creator or provider. Bring a better product to market, and virtually all consumers will magically forget to notice whether your penis smells like another man’s rectum. Even the consumers possessed of an unusually keen interest in the fecal bacteria count of another man’s foreskin are still purchasers.

Call me a dumb Portagee all you like as you hand over your hard-earned cash. I’ll invite you to come back and do it again tomorrow.

Portagee Parade
Everybody Loves a Parade – Especially Portagees

For the uninitiated, “Portagee” is typically considered an ethnic epithet on par with “nigger.” If you’re one of the fourteen people grascious enough to read my blog or have purchased my novel, you have my express permission to call me “Portagee” all you like. I will smile all the way to the bank.

Speaking of faceless institutions, businesses are not entities in the same way as human beings. That’s one thing the soft-handed Liberals have right. And that in no way alters the right of people to control the property they own. Audiences applaud then Julia Roberts’ character in Pretty Woman gives the “I say who, I say when, I say how much” line, but apparently only entrepreneurs in illicit trades are able to maintain the rights given to them by God when he created the universe, and later affirmed in the United States Constitution.

Not that I have a particular problem with prostitution. The practitioners are exposed to some of the most horrible elements of humanity, but that is largely because it is a black market. Violence associated with the bootleg liquor trade declined to virtually nothing once Prohibition ended.

I actually share with prostitutes their defining characteristic. Not sex for money. Although, under the right circumstances, I might consider it.

My skill set has been put to use in several distinct and completely unrelated vocations in the course of my career. Some Prostitutewere more enjoyable and satisfying than others, but I’ve never been particular what I do for a living. If I have a skill someone is willing to pay for, it comes down to negotiating a price. Whether the person forking over the money has Astroglide scented farts makes nary a bit of difference to me. Their money spends just as well.

Some people have more stringent moral requirements than I do. If they want pass on a portion of revenue, they have every right. I find it a little silly, but to each their own weirdness.

The opposite side of the Religious Freedom Act argument seems to hinge on a two point thesis. First, is the concept of “public accommodation.” Specifically, a business that opens its doors to the public may not decline to provide goods or services based on race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or any number of other protected classes. However, it is perfectly fine to refuse service to people sans shirt or shoes, accompanied by their pet, or openly carrying a firearm in a jurisdiction where it is legal. The business owner is free to deny services in these cases. I am also within my liberty not to patronize a business that prohibits guns, pets, or requires specific articles of clothing.

Before anyone gets huffy, I fully understand that my examples are behavior and the protected classes of people are possessed of immutable characteristics. However, unless the High Council of Gays want to admit there are some sort of immutable physical characteristics that identify homosexuals, they are going to have to live with the fact that being gay can be hidden just as easily as someone can conceal a pistol with his shirt. Come to think of it, gays love to tell stories of when they were “in the closest,” which I’m pretty sure means they were able to successfully hide their gayness from public view.

My question is what makes the protected classes so special that the government feels compelled to distort the market when any business you can name has multiple, substantially equal alternatives.

And if you are unable or unwilling to understand the difference between a bakery and a city hall, you should probably stop reading right here because this entire piece is completely over your head. It will only hurt your fragile self-esteem.

Liberal mindsetJust like the concept of “if it saves one life” or “for the children,” public accommodation is a largely effective tool used to strip away individual liberty. The second prong of the Liberal thesis is a plethora of non-existent rights tied to feelings that have been granted supremacy to rights acknowledged as far back as the Magna Carta.

When courts and lawmakers make the occasional effort to read the constitution and remember their obligation to uphold it, the NPR-listeners of the world have a fallback tactic. They drag out the Grand Dames of the Cult of Homosexuality to tell how their self-esteem suffered at the very notion that someone, somewhere might not be absolutely in love with them.

A statistically insignificant collection of anecdotes related by people who make their livings playing make-believe says more about their hubris and narcissism than reality.

This shockingly effective emoting is practiced by multiple prominent homosexuals. None of which I will specifically name here, partly because getting into a figurative slap-flight with keyboard warriors profits this Portagee hillbilly absolutely nothing. They know exactly whom they are, and I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions as to their identities.

Sexuality of Peace
The Sexual Identity of Peace

The more important reason I won’t name names is that they are vindictive cocksuckers (and I mean “cocksucker” in the sense that has nothing to do with penis). With the possible exceptions of veterans and the AARP Generation, the LGBT Holy Warriors are the most coddled and catered to demographic currently in existence. They demand nothing less than forced association, public acts of contrition, and absolute adoration from those who are not members of their club.

What exactly is the obsession with wedding cakes and florists?

I understand they are symbolic goods and services of the latest gay offensive against hetro-normative culture, but Jesus Christ hanging from the cross, if I have to hear one more gay bitching about not getting his first choice of baker or florist because said business owner didn’t want to be associated with fudge packing, I’m going to walk into the woods behind my house and chop down a tree.

I’m just kidding. I don’t need a reason to do that.

Don’t Make Me Kill Yet Another Tree

What I think is really happening is a tiny group of horribly disturbed people are intentionally fomenting trouble to satisfy deep psychological needs. Perhaps, much like strippers, their fathers neglected them, and that profoundly scarred them.

Well, I’ve got news for you, buttercup. You need to get over that shit. Society has no interest in being your unpaid psychologist. I would have liked to have parents that love me, too, but that’s no excuse to be a cunt.

They are drama queens, who like all Liberals, enjoy nothing more in life than to use their influence to bully others. They are everywhere; government schools, Home Owners Associations, Yankee Occupied Territory, you get the idea.

Aside from the symbolism of bakers and florists, their choice as target is likely a matter of bad luck. God only knows how many businesses were visited by gays with a chip on their shoulders and axes to grind before finally encountering their unicorn of a business owner with enough scruples to decline cold, hard cash and no idea that putting principles first is no longer allowed.

Memories PizzaThe sacrificial lamb was Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. The poor bastard who owns this business was ambushed by a local television news crew out to stir up trouble and ratings.

When the media pull stunts like that in a war zone, they wonder why they are kidnapped and beheaded on Youtube.

Putting aside the completely fantastical notion that any self-respecting homosexual would cater a wedding with pizza, every Liberal in the country is beside themselves at the thought that a business owner might not be possessed of a desire to surround themselves with homosexuals and their supporters.

The LGBTcommunity has unleashed its ISIS forces on the owners of Memories Pizza in an attempt to ruin the business LGBT ISISitself and terrorize the family that owns it. In a delicious bit of irony, a GoFundMe campaign has raised, at my last count, three quarters of a million dollars to help the family get past their persecution. From what I read, that is several years’ worth of income and should help keep these good people afloat regardless of what happens to the business itself.

Y’all suck on that.

I do feel bad for that mythical gay couple who might want to cater their wedding with pies from Memories Pizza, but life ain’t fair, Pumpkin. The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be. If you really want to stick your finger in their eye, take the entire group and show up at Memories Pizza unannounced. They said they wouldn’t kick you out. You get to have your pizza and piss someone off at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Or don’t go there at all. That’s your right, too. And if you like, tell the entire world what jerks they are, but judging from the GoFundMe donation fund, I’m thinking you will ultimately be ineffective. Quite the contrary, when the gains and losses are tallied up, the family that owns Memories Pizza will be doing better for the LGBT terror campaign.

It seems there are more people in the world who value individual and property rights over the feelings of individuals than the other way around. Sorry, Liberals. Y’all have lost this round.

mom and pop 2The exact same Mom & Pop-type businesses that Liberals extol when railing against Walmart are now having the ISIS of Liberalism turned loose on them for not being sufficiently tolerant. The “coexist” crowd is practicing the business equivalent of genocide on non-believers. They are tolerant so long as the dissent is their particular flavor of ice cream. They tolerate any form of deviancy from the norm except adherence to the norm.

I wonder how many of the negative commenters on Yelp and various other boycotters actually knew of the existence of Memories Pizza prior to the new article. This is a poor reason to ruin someone’s life work. This family makes pizzas for a living, and considering they have done it for thirty years, I’d wager they make a pretty good pizza. But now, I will never have the opportunity to try it because LGBT ISIS activists has effectively shut down this family’s business. It is nothing less than commerce terrorism.

It is one of the oldest tactics in the Liberals Playbook in five easy steps:

  1. Force a contrived confrontation with an unsuspecting victim.
  2. Gin up social unrest over the perceived slight.
  3. Convince your useful idiots they are homophobes, racists, sexists, or uncool for patronizing said business.
  4. Seek redress through sympathetic courts.
  5. Ruin lives and livelihoods in the name of equality, fairness, and self-esteem.

Perhaps it was because of the bomb threats, calls to commit arson, and death threats the family has received in the past gay isis flagweek. Note to Liberals: Threatening and committing terrorist acts not only makes you a terrorist, it is also the fastest way to turn the vast majority of people who occupy the middle ground of an issue against you. How many people who previously could not have cared less now blame the LGBT community for this entire fiasco? The failure to keep your supporters under control has cost you dearly. If a lone psychopath gunning down an elementary school classroom can paint all gun owners as people who need to be controlled, how about we apply the same rationale to homosexuals?


20 thoughts on “LGBT Activists: The ISIS of Liberals

  1. Fantastic. You said what so many people were thinking better than they could think it, myself included. Absolutely fantastic post.

    It is of my personal opinion that all businesses should be allowed to run the way the owner wants to run them. Let the population’s dollar decide whether they continue to remain in business.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Believe it or not, the market ultimately punishes discrimination. Society doesn’t have to resort to government for that to happen.
      Over on Tsu, I’ve had a couple of gay folks agree with the two of us. I was pleasantly surprised because that’s not what the people I’ve seen on TV are putting out. Perhaps there is hope.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. […] Most of the arrests are of teenagers getting their kicks scaring younger kids. It’s deplorable behavior, but pretty much what I’d expect from a teenage boy. Whom I really feel for are the honest-to-goodness, no-kidding, professional clowns, who spend years perfecting their craft, only to see their bookings evaporate. That’s the real crime, destroying someone’s livelihood. […]


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