Premature Release

Order L'homme Theroux
Order L’homme Theroux

I will admit the release of L’homme Theroux was premature.  It was due partly to impatience to unleash my first novel upon the world.  A big factor was the desire to challenge myself.  I like tight schedules and pressure, since I firmly believe that any project will take up however much time it is allotted.  My wife says I procrastinate.  I say I do my best work in a crunch.

We have all had moments (for some, entire decades) that are sources of regret in retrospect.  Much like my mistake of publishing #MooseKnuckleChallenge, I look back on L’homme Theroux as it currently is published and see missed opportunities.

By the way, how in the name of Bullwinkle J Moose did I become the “Moose Knuckle Guy”?  Seriously.  Google out “Moose Knuckle Challenge” right now, and you will see I am the first return.  It has by far the most views of any of my posts. This is not what I wanted to be known for.

Instead of a finished novel, I wound up with a solid first draft.  And for that, I apologize to everyone who has downloaded the sample chapters.  I am sincerely sorry to have mistaken what you saw for my best effort.

I’m a history nerd at heart, and I made the mistake of believing the entire world is like me.  They are not.  Most people hate history.  And historians.  And especially, historians that try to slip history lessons into their entertainment.  There’s a reason the History Channel has shifted into reality shows and historically based soap operas.Nerd

That is something I should have understood before.  It is something I keenly understand now that I see posts about “Me & Jake,” screeds about ISIS, and stories of Nazi Home Owners Associations see far more traffic than nerdy posts about archetypes and the Hero’s Journey.

They might be interesting to other writers, but we’re generally a surly, hateful lot who are not above stealing ideas from each other, calling it “research,” making a few changes, and posting it as something completely original.  Then we deny doing it.

We also pretty much only care about book sales.  It gladdens a writer’s heart to hear from a reader, but at the core, writers are literary dope pushers.  We want to get you hooked on our product.  We’ll work together and cross-promote to a limited degree with writers from different genres.  That’s because of limited overlap.  Bring together a group of aspiring authors from the same genre (and let’s face it, the vast majority of us are aspiring), if you want to see fireworks.  We play nice in front of company to avoid looking like assholes, but that’s just to avoid losing potential sales.  Few authors are compelling enough to overcome a bad public image.

Part of a public image is a social media presence.  Hidden in the “widgets” section at the top of this blog, you can find my various social media sites.  I try to vary the content on each one somewhat since I figure different platforms cater to different tastes and styles.  You’re free to follow whichever ones suit your fancy.  However, my sincere wish is for everyone to follow all of them (but so does everybody else on social media).  You’re an adult.  Do what you want.

Come Follow Me!
Come Follow Me!

My current favorite is Tsu.  Think of it as Facebook that does not extort you for money to have all your posts reach all the people who asked to receive them.  The site opened in October 2014, but since then has become the second largest social media platform.  I think it will overtake Facebook in pretty short order.

Did I mention you get a cut from the ad revenue generated from your posts?  Hell, I post everything from my blog to Facebook for free as it is.  Why shouldn’t I make a couple of bucks off the content I create?

I’m going to take a little time off from the blog.  Nothing significant.  Just through the New Year.  I have vacation time I want to spend with the family.  Fear not gentle reader, I shan’t be completely idle.  I will be revising L’homme Theroux for a re-release in early 2015.  If you follow me in any fashion, you will hear about it.  That’s part of my job as an author.  I don’t have a marketing team other than my six or seven fans, and that’s not enough to justify quitting my day job.

Until then, Feliz Natal e um próspero Ano Novo.  Please consider making a resolution to read L’homme Theroux and to introduce my work to a couple of your friends.  All the fine retailers who carry it offer a free sample and I’ve got the first few chapters here.

But don’t do it, just yet!  Let me finish the revisions first.


But wait!  There’s more.

As an added bonus, here is the roundup of my most popular posts for 2014, in case you missed them.  I have no clue if these are good numbers or not:

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6 thoughts on “Premature Release

  1. I think it takes big [ ] to admit to this kind of revelation. It’s fairly amazing to have this sort of revelation this close-in to the actual event (most of us, if we’re lucky, do this years later).

    As for history buffs, etc. I don’t really consider myself a buff, but I like learning things. Some of my favorite books are historical fiction and they are extremely spot-on with their history, the fiction comes in with so-and-so had “this specific” conversation with whose-it. So I wouldn’t be so quick with the dumb-it-down for the masses regarding the history.


    • I don’t think it’s so much a dumbing down. I use my wife as my benchmark for a typical reader. Her words were, “You’re giving me a history lesson when I came to be told a story.”
      She was right. There were parts where I had wandered into telling when I should have been showing. Some was excised completely because I couldn’t show it effectively. So, I hinted at that stuff figuring readers either know some of the historical background or are capable of learning it, if it interests them.
      For other parts, I took a page from “The Fifth Element” where instead of explaining what the future was like, they just showed it and let the viewer figure it out. Nothing confusing, just crafted in a way that was not an unreasonable mental leap.
      The wife has been reading the new and rewritten chapters as I finish them. She thinks it’s much better. That’s the important part. She’s the one I try to impress.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting,
      P.S. You would be shocked at some of the research I found myself conducting. I have a research page linked in this article. If you like, speculate as to why I needed to know some of the details I researched.


    • As you may have noticed, I’ve been taking some time off and in addition to all the “honey-do” projects, I found time to do some editing on the novel with my wife.
      She agreed that it was good information, but was clumped together too much. I managed to break much of it up into smaller, more digestible bites throughout the narrative. The down side was that I wound up adding a couple of chapters and introducing characters that become important to the story arc earlier than I originally intended.
      The universe of a novel has a nasty habit of quickly expanding during revision.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.


    • You are absolutely right. I’m in transit and will be mostly dark for a few days until I get there. But I’ve got one in the hopper (it involves poop, so you’ll appreciate it) and had a couple of adventures that just happened which might be good story fodder (No poop, but Nazi grandmothers).
      My second biggest fan will have her fix soon Sorry, but my wife is my biggest fan.

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