L’homme Theroux Pre-Orders and Mustache Removal

I put L’homme Theroux to bed a couple of days ago.  Even though I spent longer formatting than I had expected, I seem to have things trucking along.  As of this moment, L’homme Theroux is available for pre-orders on Amazon and Smashwords.  There will be others in the next few days.  I’m toying with the idea of releasing chapters here, so if you have an opinion one way or the other, let me know.  My guess is that everyone likes free and sneak peaks, even if it’s only five days early.

Kinda looks like Steve Buscemi But it's Hitler
Kinda looks like Steve Buscemi
But it’s Hitler

But this brings me to my next problem.  The novel is done.  Complete.   Finished.  Fin.  Acabado.  And even though I have the outline for the next book in the Coureur des Bois series sitting next to me, I feel a little bit at loose ends.  Partly because I decided to take a few days rest before diving into Little Crow’s War.  I spent three months devoting every spare minute to my creation, and now that I have pushed it out into the world, I’m not sure what to do with myself.  Sort of an “empty nest” feeling.  Maybe I can fill my time Photoshopping out moustaches on historical figures?

Pre-order at Amazon and Smashwords. Available October 2014
Pre-order at Amazon and Smashwords.
Hits shelves October 12, 2014

I want to give a special thanks to my cover artist, Dydee Nichols.  She created the cover with only the vaguest of terrible concepts from me.  She took it a completely different direction from what I thought I wanted and created a cover far better than I had imagined.

One thing that struck me as odd was how long proofreading took.  It was a full three weeks.  I know that I am a slow reader, but Jesus-tap-dancing-Christ, it took forever for me to finish proofing.  I’m sure there will still be little things I missed.  And then the bugga-boo with formatting.  I had forgotten all the silliness involved.  Mark Coker at Smashwords has a pretty good guide for writers that makes the uploading easy.  Fortunately, once L’homme Theroux was in shape for Smashwords, it was also in shape for Amazon.  I literally replaced “Amazon Edition” for “Smashwords Edition” on the title page and licensing statement, and was ready to go.

I would suggest writers become familiar with how styles work on their individual version of Word before delving into the formatting for publication.  I spent a whole lot of time finding the functions in my particular configuration of Word.  Despite all the frustration over two days of formatting, it went through clean the first time, and that is what is important.  I’d rather put in the work on the front end than have to play cleanup later.

My Next Victim
My Next Victim

Now, where the hell is that photo of Joseph Stalin?  He’s next to get his mustache lopped off.


Free sample chapters of L’homme Theroux available on Smashwords.

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