Thrilled Beyond Words

I just received the cover art for L’homme Theroux and I am tickled salmon-colored.  The release date is October 12, 2014.  Mark your calendars and tell all your friends.  And fear not, I will continue posting.  I do not want to be one of those bloggers who only flogs his book.  Then again, perhaps I am already.  You have to make that call.

Follow me with one of the multiple ways available (Look at the top with those little chain thingies marked “connect”) for when the novel goes live.  I am currently working out how to organize release of sample chapters on this blog.  Kind of like dealing crack.  I give you a little for free to get you hooked.

A special thanks to my cover artist, Dydee Nichols.  She’s on Facebook.  You really should take a look at her work.

Available October 2014
Available October 2014

When a trade negotiation at the Theroux family trading post turns deadly, young Thomas finds himself forced into a role for which he is not ready.  With the help of his uncle, the Métis youngster must venture through the frontier wilderness of the Saskatchewan territory to the only slightly more civilized Cumberland House to complete his father’s work and return home to take his place as head of what remains of the Theroux clan.

Natural and man-made dangers stalk Thomas at every turn and bend of the North Saskatchewan as he negotiates the wild river, evades fellow Indians bent on repaying a Blood Debt, and sets in motion a love triangle which threatens to ignite an Indian war that would annihilate what is left of the Gros Ventre tribe.

The process of producing a product, such as a book, is fraught with self-doubt, and authors have to have particularly thick skins when it comes to taking criticism.  We create a product and lay it bare for the world to judge.  Like any artistic endeavor, we ask the consumers of our products to judge our work and validate it by handing over their money.  And for the few writers, artists, etc. who claim to produce their product for its own sake, I say “more power to you” and a blog is the place to do that.

However, I write with the profit motive in mind.  I like art in all forms, but I always keep in mind that while I enjoy writing, the product must be marketable.  Part of the process of achieving that marketability is taking my lumps when people do not like my work, either on its own merits or due to a personal dislike of me.

So as part of the process of feedback (really, a nice word for “criticism”), let me know what you think of the cover.


4 thoughts on “Thrilled Beyond Words

  1. Nice post, feedback is a better word for criticism, quite a pessimistic way of hurting our own idea, interesting thoughts were very well put in your post, enjoyed reading it budy, have a great day ahead 🙂


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