L’Homme Theroux First Draft Complete

CdBandIndianFor the nineteen people who have been following me on the various social media I use (Hint:  They are listed at the top), you already know I am writing a novel.  L’Homme Therouxa coming of age action/adventure story set in the wild frontier of the Canadian territories in the mid-19th century, is the first book in the Coureur des Bois series.

I finished the first draft yesterday afternoon.  Actual writing took 63 days for the first draft, not including the month I spent outlining it and the second book, Little Crow’s War.  I am shooting for publication no later than October 12, 2014, and will no doubt be reminding everyone between now and then.  The first stop will be Smashwords and their distribution network.  Followed by Amazon, as quickly as I can figure out their process, and anyone else who will have me.  My goal is to make it available on as many platforms and outlets as I can manage.

So now is time for the Shameless Self-Promotion Plug:

When a trade negotiation at the Theroux family trading post turns deadly, young Thomas finds himself forced into a role for which he is not ready.  With the help of his uncle, the Métis youngster must venture through the frontier wilderness of the Saskatchewan territory to the only slightly more civilized Cumberland House to complete his father’s work and return home to take his place as head of what remains of the Theroux clan.

Natural and man-made dangers stalk Thomas at every turn and bend of the North Saskatchewan as he negotiates the wild river, evades fellow Indians bent on repaying a Blood Debt, and sets in motion a love triangle which threatens to ignite an Indian war that would annihilate what is left of the Gros Ventre tribe.

This is what I have so far for the back cover blurb.  Any comments, critiques, or suggestions are always welcome.  Thanks for putting up with this bit of self-promotion.  A regular post will follow shortly.


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