Social Media Might Kill L’homme Theroux

I didn’t have use for social media until a couple of months ago when I began writing in earnest again after a decade long hiatus.  I understood a novel will not sell if no one knows about it, so I set about establishing an internet presence to connect with other writers, readers, and ultimately, buyers of my book.  I imagined instant success dredged out of the social media ocean just waiting for me to cast my net.  I created this blog, a twitter account, a Google+ account, and not one, but two Facebook accounts, one personal and a page.  I created the page because God knows I was going to max out on the number of friends I was allowed on the regular Facebook profile in no time.

And why not?  I’m charming, witty, have thought provoking and interesting things to say, and on top of it all, I’m easy on the eyes for the ladies.  At least, in a vaguely “bonk her over the head and drag her back to the cave” sort of way that a surprising high number of women really dig.

But alas, social media, thy name is “Hubris.”

As it turns out, there is effort involved in finding folks with similar tastes, interests, etc. and who think I am worthwhile to devote some of their time (All fourteen of you know who you are).  I say that without any spite or sarcasm.  A lesson I learned rather quickly was the time consuming nature of social media.  I thought I may have been onto something with my tongue-in-cheek Moose Knuckle Challenge to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer.  Another fun one I have been helping with is the Steel Trap Challenge originated from a Facebook acquaintance where we are showing that foothold traps are not painful and that the anti-fur/hunting groups are simply ignorant of what they speak.

Pushing myself to complete L’homme Theroux as hard as I have and trying to write for the blog have taken a great amount of effort and time.  Writing is my side hustle and has to fit around work, even though I would keep writing in the event I no longer needed a paycheck.  Luckily, I enjoy writing, so it is not a burden.  However, I find lingering for too long on social media an excellent way to end the day saying, “Why the Hell did I write so little today?”

Today was a pretty good day editing, but I always seem to expect too much out of myself.  You know the saying about men, mice, and their plans.

There is an element of social media that exists as nothing more than a marketing platform.  I can’t complain too loudly because that is part of the reason I am there as well.  However, a lot of folks seem to miss the social part of the term.  I have made quite a few connections with others, but a large proportion seem to be only interested in hawking their wares.  It saddens me.

There is another large segment dedicated to inanities.  I don’t mean to be a snob, but I really don’t care about the delicious doughnut someone just ate.  Send me something that makes me think.  Send me something that makes me angry.  Send me a photo of your boobs.  Just stop eating up my writing time and create something original.

I take part of that back.  It is my responsibility to prevent my writing time from slipping away.  So after you visit every single one of my posts and insist to all your friends that I simply must be followed, unplug the internet thingy and get back to work.  That’s what I’m doing right now.


8 thoughts on “Social Media Might Kill L’homme Theroux

  1. I understand this. I was absolutely certain I would crack the pimping my book thing on social media and instead ended up playing stupid apps and watching endless cat gifs! Now I have quit Facebook (nearly three months clean now!), never used Google+ and Twitter made my head hurt. I concentrate instead on Tumblr and my blog, Mojowritin’ (and my following has crept up slow and steady for the past month)… with the occasional sidetrip to Youtube for those cat videos 😉 Good post


  2. Agree that social media is distracting. My blog talks about how it can be overwhelming to have all the random information coming your way. I just started writing a blog about 2 months ago to experiment with my writing. I get distracted with reading who is liking my posts and some of them have been in it to sell something. But then it is lonely out there writing and not knowing if anyone is reading. So I am starting to think about the community part of the equation. It is nice to have some interaction with other writers.


    • I’m finding highs and lows, ebbs and flows as far as the participation. It probably has to do with time of the week and other life activities.
      I’m also surprised by what gets a reaction. It’s unpredictable. Thanks for visiting.

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