Goals, Jerks, and Reveals

I only worked my day job half a day over the past three, so being the annoyingly ambitions fellow I am, I decided to churn out 5,000 words over three days, instead of the scheduled 3,000.  After a rough time the first day where I missed the goal by a couple hundred words and failing abysmally yesterday with fewer than 500 (mostly due to blogging), I knuckled down today, worked like a cobbler’s elf, and banged out 2,700 words.  I have to say I am proud of myself and dead tired.  Maybe I’m a sissy and what I did wasn’t much of anything, but it was plenty for me.

Enough numbers.  They make my head hurt.

After yesterday’s screed about things that annoy me in movies and another post essentially calling those mourning for Robin Williams a bunch of pussies, I expected to have more venom hurled at me than an apprentice snake charmer with Parkinson’s.  I also expected to lose most, if not all, of my followers.  On the contrary the numbers went up, especially on Twitter.  I guess “Treat them mean to keep them keen” is true in social media as well as dating.

Now, I wish I had published them separately so I could attribute increases.  The Robin Williams post did OK, but had only a single “like.”  Perhaps I was ornery enough for mild offense and dismissal as a jerk, but just not enough to inspire anyone to leave a nasty comment.  Maybe they understand that it only encourages me.

The one notable exception is a delightful (and might I add very attractive) woman in Australia who seemed to pick up what I was putting down.  Hello, Christina!  You are my favorite person today.  Let me know if you have a blog you’d like to link to mine.

There was another exception, but it had nothing to do with blogging.  Some liberal-type took offense at a Twitter comment I made on a photo (originating from him, mind you) that allegedly showed the results of someone shot with a rubber bullet in the Ferguson, Missouri rioting.  For all I know, it was from last month’s paintball game, because both types of wounds look remarkably similar.  How can I put this without revealing too much about myself…I have analyzed enough evidence (photographs, witness statements, reports of investigation, etc.) in my career to never accept any assertion without corroborative evidence.  This is one reason my children hate me.

I responded along the lines of:

The chick got off lucky.  The other choice was a real bullet.  Now, she has a story to tell and a reason to rail against The Man.

Well, this cat went ape-shit, telling me to stay off his site and blocks me, but not before re-tweeting my comment.  That’s the part that baffles me.  Was the retweet an accident?  Did he change his mind because he realized it violated the “Must Remain a Liberal Idiot” clause in the lease for his electric car?  Or was the re-tweet a covert way to get me on a secret government enemies list?  I’m clearly missing something and would welcome some enlightenment.

Now, on to the part I should have put at the top for better SEO.  I’m in the home stretch of the L’homme Theroux mad dash to finish the first draft.  So, with a third left to write, it’s probably time I start plugging it.  The tease is ten seconds.

L’homme Theroux is a coming of age action/adventure story set in the wild frontier of the Canadian territories in the mid-19th century.

Young Thomas Theroux must learn to be a man with the help of his uncle as they navigate the natural hazards of the Saskatchewan Prairie to complete his dead father’s work while eluding vengeful Indians bent on settling a blood debt.

Due for publication: October 2014

That’s it right there.  Any suggestions for improvement of my Ten Second Pitch will be appreciated.

For the History Nerds out there like me, I’d like to plug the Museum of the Fur Trade in Chadron, Nebraska that sells through its website what looks to be an excellent book, When Skins Were Money: A History of the Fur Trade, relating to the subject and time period that is the setting for L’homme Theroux and the entire “Coureur de Bois” series.

When Skins Were Money: A History of the Fur Trade by James A. Hanson


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