Nailed It!

Anachronisms and sloppy research drive me up a wall.  Unless you are Harlan Ellison and Kurt Vonnegut, you will be allowed little latitude on the issue.  I have become so intolerant of things like a Spencer carbine making an appearance in a movie set in the first year of the War of Northern Aggression or a Roman cavalryman using stirrups that I find it difficult to suspend disbelief.  Novels tend to violate my sensibilities less frequently, but it still happens.

In my effort to minimize anachronisms and maximize accuracy, I spend quite a lot of time researching goofy little details in my writing.  Even things I am certain about, I still fact check.  In the spirit of sharing knowledge, below are a few links for research I conduced last night.

Those following me on Twitter may have seen a lament I posted as I sifted through page after page until finding what I needed.


The History of the Square Nail

The History of Nail Making

Appalachian Blacksmith Association – All About Nails


Any guesses as to how this information will fit into L’homme Theroux?



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