My Heart Leapt. Then Fell Flat on Its Ass.

After a long couple of days wrestling with Chapter 14 of L’homme Theroux, I completed the first draft.  It was difficult because the whole time I was writing, I felt there was something missing.  The feeling kept nagging at me until I stopped everything and took a hard look at my outline.  Then it hit me.

This is where my followers on the various social media come into play.  I am torn as to how specific I should be in describing what I added, if at all further than saying I added something.  Whether you follow my blog, my Facebook page or profile, Google+ account, or subscribe to my Twitter feed (may the mighty and merciful God of your preference bless you with abundance, if you follow them all), now is you opportunity to influence something I write.  Leave a comment, tweet me, e-mail, send a carrier pigeon, note in a bottle, or scrap a paper tied to an arrow shot though my window telling me how specific you would like the reveal to be.

On the subject of revelation, I had a hubristic collapse last night.  Reading the latest post of a woman named Miriam, I found a reference to what, based on the verbiage being nearly identical to the title of one of my posts, I thought was mine.  My heart aflutter that someone who writes a blog I enjoy had thought enough of something I had written to reference it in her own work, I clicked the link the reveal……

a Wikipedia link.


Well, I fib.  There were a couple other more colorful four-letter words to describe my hubristic disappointment, but I will keep them to myself because Miriam does not seem the sort to indulge in the vocabulary of a sailor.  She seems like a thoroughly wonderful woman with all her shi…..

life together and a handsome family.  She and I have even corresponded about sauerkraut preparation because I am fascinated by food preservation technology.  Seriously, I am.  If you know a good homesteading blog, I would love to visit it.

I am certain she did not intend to burst my bubble.  She probably was not even thinking of my post when she wrote hers.  So Miriam, in all seriousness, thank you for the unintentional lesson in humility.


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