The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men

The first draft of Chapter 12 was put to bed a few minutes ago.  Somewhere in the past few days, I found time to launch my blog (  I’m reading the directions for once before I dive in, so it will likely change little bits at a time as I play with things and slowly add content.

These progress updates will certainly be available, as well as a references page for the series if anyone wants to separate the lies from the truth.  Historical fiction is a balancing act between the two.

Some other content I am considering is providing academic research resources for students.  I never went to the trouble or expense of publishing either of my Masters Theses (see my Author Interview on Smashwords or in the widgets for the gory details), and age is catching up with me.  The concept of leaving some sort of contribution appeals to me now.  Considering the arcane topics I selected to write about during my academic career, perhaps some other weirdos writing about black African participation in the Boer War or repatriation issues of US POWs in the Korea Conflict can benefit from either the conclusions or at minimum, use the Works Cited pages to direct their own research.  How they deal with the content not being peer-reviewed will be up to them.

I had to deviate slightly from my outline again.  As I was chugging along, I noticed some of the changes back and forth in setting really bogged down the pace with all the ping-ponging.  Incorporating one of the scenes into the next by relocating the action tightened up the rhythm nicely.

Somewhere over the past couple of chapters, two of the antagonists (that’s fancy writer talk for “bad guys”) have changed from how they were sketched out.  Their fundamental natures haven’t changed and ultimately neither have their actions, but their motivations have changed.  One went from reluctantly following an ingrained code of honor to using that honor code to satisfy a personal vendetta.  The other has backed off his militancy (for lack of a better word) in this one instance in favor of a more pragmatic approach.


4 thoughts on “The Best Laid Schemes of Mice and Men

  1. […] Today was a pretty good day writing.  The downside is I think I just added at least two more chapters and screwed myself on editing because I have to find a place to introduce some characters far earlier than I had originally planned.  Turns out they had a bigger part in the story than I budgeted for.  You know the saying about men, mice, and their plans. […]


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