I Wonder If They Would be Angry

Today is day nineteen of working on L’homme Theroux, and I am a third of the way there by my reckoning.  I am at a tricky transition point that is giving me fits.  Then again, this queasy feeling might be dehydration, caffeine overload, and dipping too much Skoal.  Whatever the reason, I am going slower than I had hoped.  On the bright side, I do not think this part will require much editing because it is fairly solid.

I realized something last night as I beat the keys of my laptop into submission.  No fewer than three of the main characters have an actor I imagine playing the part as I write.  I will refrain from naming them publically so as to keep myself out of trouble.  They might not like the book or appreciate being connected with it.

So that is my Big Thought for today.  Would a well-known, established actor be flattered, upset, or indifferent at the idea of some hack, redneck writer who can barely spell (That would be me) imagining him, and in one case her, as a particular character?



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