Tricks of the Trade

July 10, 2014

Some of this book has been more difficult than I expected.  Some has been easier.  I did myself a real favor by deciding to use an outline.  Flying by the seat of my pants is not an option any more.  When I wrote short stores and magazine articles, I could get away with that, but not anymore.  It is just not possible with a project this big and intricate.  I am not sure I would have had the patience, self-control, or discipline to write a novel when I was younger.

This entry is taking a lot of discipline to write.  I’m tired and sore from a rough day at work, but I managed to double the word count over my goal for the day.  Using IA Writer on the iPad to write when I have downtime has doubled, and some days, tripled my output over the quota.

Character descriptions are pretty light.  About half of them are not adequately described.  Luckily, the other aspects of characterizations are going balls to the wall.  Right now, I have only the barest of distinctive physical features for many of them.  A couple have no description, but probably deserves something.  About once a day, I encounter an old photo where I have an “ah-ha!” moment where I realize I have found one of the characters.  That may be cheating.  I am unsure.

I intended for Standing Bear’s son to remain nameless until he earned his moniker to make a point that he did not really exist until the earned his moniker, but referring to him without a name for five chapters has become cumbersome.  Several characters have two names and it is culturally common, so I may change that.


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