I Asked for this Pain

July 18, 2014

The Chapter 9 first draft of L’Homme Theroux in the Coureur de Bois series is complete.  How in the world did it take this long to get to what was originally the second or third bullet point of the outline?  I realize I was starting from scratch for character development, story arc, and planting some of the sub-plots, but William H Macy, this was a lot of work.

Looking at the Project Plan, I am kicking the snot out of my projected timetable.  The fire of my hubris is stoked by the bellows of that spreadsheet, which frightens me because of past experience with it.  At the risk of become a slave to the spreadsheet, reviewing how far I have progressed in such a short time drives me forward in those moments I would rather sleep or watch television or anything other than write.  Luckily, the outline serves as my guide rope up the mountain side.

On a very positive note, the wife found the plot synopsis very interesting and recognized several archetypes and their story arcs.  Considering she typically has little interest in westerns (or Canadian western or northerner or northwestern, depending on who is doing the categorization), I am doing pretty well.


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