Ambition is Dangerous

July 4, 2014

I began writing the Coureur do Bois series on June 2, 2014.  As I was outlining the first book, I began to feel the story arc had some real legs to it.  I worked out a quick timeline and story arc.  Then settled on a three book series.  As I began the outline for the second book, I began to think beyond the trilogy.  Plot points for books four and five began to take shape even though I had only the barest of guidelines for book three.  My goal is to publish the first book by October 12, 2014.

As it stand right now, the outlines for books one and two are complete.  I have plotlines developed for books four and five, but book three remains nascent.  The plan is to begin writing book 1 and let the outline for book three simmer for a bit.  I know how it begins and the general plot, but not much for scene details.

The series name is Coureur de Bois.  Book one is titled L’homme Theroux.  Book two is titled Little Crow’s war.  Book three was titled Blood Brothers in a flash of inspiration from a song title that flashed on my mp3 player while doing research.  Yes, I research my fiction quite heavily.  Non-fiction is easy, but a million little anachronism questions plague my mind as I write fiction.

I spend entirely too much time researching and gnashing my teeth over social media.  I think I have a plan that resolves all my concerns.


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